Rude awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict

Rude awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict Jane Mansfield a gentleman s daughter in England has long wished to escape a life in which career choices are limited to wife or maiden aunt But awakening one morning in twenty first century Lo

  • Title: Rude awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict
  • Author: Laurie Viera Rigler
  • ISBN: 9781408813065
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jane Mansfield, a gentleman s daughter in 1813 England, has long wished to escape a life in which career choices are limited to wife or maiden aunt But awakening one morning in twenty first century Los Angeles in the body of someone called Courtney Stone is not exactly what she had in mind Jane must quickly get to grips with a world in which no one knows her true ideJane Mansfield, a gentleman s daughter in 1813 England, has long wished to escape a life in which career choices are limited to wife or maiden aunt But awakening one morning in twenty first century Los Angeles in the body of someone called Courtney Stone is not exactly what she had in mind Jane must quickly get to grips with a world in which no one knows her true identity a dizzying world of horseless metal carriages, unrestricted clothing, tiny apartments, all manner of flirting, and unheard of liberties for womankind The only thing Jane appears to have in common with the lady in whose life she has landed is a love for the novels of Jane Austen But are the wise words of her favourite novelist enough to guide her through this bewildering new world And what is she to make of Courtney s attentive friend Wes, who is as attractive and confusing as the man who broke her heart back home As Courtney s romantic entanglements become her own, Jane wonders Would she actually be better off back in Regency England and will she ever be able to return

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    2 thoughts on “Rude awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict

    1. Laurie Viera Rigler s novels Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict both published by Dutton in North America and by Bloomsbury in the UK could have been considered semi autobiographical had they not involved time travel and body switching Her short story, Intolerable Stupidity, in which Mr Darcy brings charges against all the writers of Pride and Prejudice sequels, spin offs and retellings, appears in the anthology Jane Austen Made Me Do It Ballantine Laurie is also the creator of the Babelgum Original web series SEX AND THE AUSTEN GIRL, which was inspired by her Austen Addict novels and had over half a million views She is working on her next three novels.

    2. A lot of readers are calling this book a "sequel" but it is in fact a parallel storyline to Rigler's first book, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. In Confessions, Courtney ends up in the 1800's and hilarity ensues. This book tells us Jane's half of the story as she experiences life in a modern day world. I have to say that I did not enjoy this book as much as the first. I know! I am cringing as I type this but I think I know why. In this book, Jane has to learn how to live in OUR world. This [...]

    3. In 2007, Rigler published Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, the story of Courtney Stone, a present-day Los Angeles single woman who one day wakes up transported to Edwardian England, in the body of a young woman named Jane Mansfield.This book is the story of how Jane fares when she wakes up in Courtney's body in 21st Century Los Angeles. Like Courtney, Jane is very unhappy in her own life, and wishes she could be someone else. She shares this wish with a fortune-teller at a country fair, and [...]

    4. So we all know what happened to the real Courtney and if you don’t, check out my review here. But what happened to Jane Mansfield? Well, we get to find out in this parallel story to last year’s favorite - Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict.Jane Mansfield, a gentleman’s daughter from Regency England who inexplicably awakens in Courtney’s body in present day L.A. And although her apartment may be smaller than a dressing closet - she is enthralled by the lights that burn without candles, m [...]

    5. Wollte das Buch ja eigentlich gar nicht lesen, aber habe es günstig entdeckt und muss sagen: bin froh! Was für eine Steigerung zum ersten Teil! Hut ab vor der Autorin, dass sie mit zwei so verschiedenen Schreibstilen gearbeitet hat. (view spoiler)[Während Courtney im 1. Teil zu viel über ihre "Vergangenheit und Männerprobleme" studierte, ist es bei Jane genau das Gegenteil. Ab und zu vermisst sie ihre Familie, aber hauptsächlich kämpft sie mehr mit der Technologie des 20. Jahrhundert. Das [...]

    6. Much better than Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, this book offers the Courtney Stone/Jane Mansfield story from Jane's point of view in Courtney's 21st Century life, where she is very confused by just about everything.I think the writing has improved in this sequel. It's worth borrowing from the library or borrowing from a friend in paperback - I wouldn't pay for this one in hardcover, but it was still a good summer light read.I can deal with the not-very-well-discussed issues of time travel [...]

    7. I really liked the follow up book to her first one. She managed to make it a continuation of the first story yet one that could stand on its own. She kept enough of it similar but not so much that you felt like you were reading the same thing again just in a new setting. I found it quite amusing to see modern time and society through the eyes of someone who had lived 200 years before. I would recommend this book as well as the first one for anyone who loves Jane Austen.

    8. I became hooked on time travel stories watching Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Then I read Jude Devereux’s Knight in Shining Armor and fell so in love with the characters and improbable plot that I began to actively seek out time travel novels. I discovered from reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander and watching the recent television presentation of Lost in Austen that I prefer stories that take a character back in history over those in which a person is transported [...]

    9. do not know how I have come to be in this time, in this place, in this body. But I do know that any place where there are six novels by the author of "Pride and Prejudice" must be a very special sort of heaven.— "Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen AddictMy favorite read of last summer was Laurie Viera Rigler's novel, "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict." I admit right up front that I read it straight through, read it again immediately and then bought it for a friend. Courtney Stone, the Austen [...]

    10. A Cheeky comedy with a messageIs there always another chance at happiness? Are we bound to our past, or do “we all have the power to create heaven on earth, right here, right now?” Important questions heroine Jane Mansfield must come to acknowledge and understand in Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict, Laurie Viera Rigler’s parallel story to her best selling novel, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. This time around, it is Jane Mansfield a gentleman’s daughter from 1813 who is tran [...]

    11. I really, really hated Rigler’s first novel, which this book is a sequel to. So why, you might reasonably ask, did I read the follow-up? The answer “I am a glutton for punishment” might, likewise reasonably, be provided. In truth, the answer is perhaps sadder: I am desperate for time travel stories in which a person from the past travels to the present, and this novel, unlike its predecessor, is one such tale. It was also, thank the god of poor, goofy, don’t-know-what’s-good-for-them r [...]

    12. I have faith that Rigler could be a fine writer - some day. She's like the girl in the back of the choir who's got strength and emotion, but can't find the damn tempo. She just needs a few lessons & everyone will be clamoring to have her baptize their new stadium with her personalized rendition of the national anthem.So I didn't enjoy this companion book as much as Confessions of A Jane Austen Addict - probably because I read this one after the first, and so I knew the the story before it ha [...]

    13. Obviously I'm a glutton for punishment. Even though I was bored by the first book I still read this. Maybe because it required very little mental exertion on my part to get through? Maybe I'm just a masochist?The thing that annoyed me most about both books is that neither character seems hugely disturbed after finding themselves in completely different time periods and cultures. There's the obligatory "this must be a dream" and some idle curiosity following the realisation that it's not but noth [...]

    14. This is my first Austen-based book, never read one before, only the original novels by Jane. So I’m not an expert of the genre. RUDE AWAKENINGS is the sequel of Laurie’s first novel, CONFESSIONS OF A JANE AUSTEN ADDICT, which I didn’ t read. What was this first experience like? Great pure amusement which reminded me the same kind of hilarious reaction I had after skeptically approaching LOST IN AUSTEN when the DVD got to me last September (or was it October?). I mean, I studied Jane Austen [...]

    15. Such a fun book! I actually liked it even better than the prequel. It's an easy read in the chick lit genre, and especially fun if you are a Jane Austen fan. Very creative to have someone from Jane Austen's time wake up in modern-day Los Angeles. Add in a little romance, and you have a delightful little book.

    16. Benvenuta nel XXI secolo Miss Mansfield! Jane Mansfield è una Jane Austen Addict, ma ancora non sa di esserlo: nel suo tempo questo termine non è stato inventato, anzi, dal momento che proviene dal 1813, ha potuto leggere solo i due primi romanzi di Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility, scritto by a Lady e Pride and Prejudice, scritto dall’Autrice di Sense and Sensibility… E non si capisce come sia possibile che conosca Orgoglio e Pregiudizio così a fondo, dato che ha giusto avuto pochi mes [...]

    17. I'd like to start out by giving you the context of my reading of Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict. I bought a paperback copy of the novel with the above cover in Toronto airport on the way to Venice. I proceeded to read it during my entire summer trip from Venice, to Hungary, to the Italian Lakes. I read it here and there, so I did not get much continuity from the novel. I do remember finishing it poolside on Lake Garda, and the ending of the novel will always bring me back to that partic [...]

    18. If you have read Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, you know that Courtney Stone, a modern California girl, somehow wakes up in Regency England in Jane Mansfield's body. Jane Mansfield is a gentleman's daughter and very different from Courtney. This book focuses on the other side of the story, which is told from Jane's point of view when she wakes up in Courtney's body and is living in modern day Los Angeles. Readers will laugh out loud as they watch Jane navigate through this contemporary wor [...]

    19. 1.5Well, I didn't hate it. Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict was certainly better than Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. As a companion/sequel/coinciding novel it didn't do a thing to answer my unanswered questions in Confessions, but it was okay. Jane was a lot more likable than Courtney and their blending/duo personalities wasn't as confusing. I still think Courtney is in the running for Most Annoying Female Heroine of 2015, even when her presence is more felt than experienced. The th [...]

    20. After reading Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, I knew I should read this sequel right away because it tells the flip side of the story: Jane Mansfield, from 1813 Regency England, wakes up in 2009 Los Angles in the body of Courtney Stone. Jane/Courtney is certainly at a disadvantage - she doesn't know anything about the future, where at least Courtney/Jane had studied up on the time period she ended up in. I thought at first that I would enjoy this side of the story more than the first book, [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book more than Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, but that's still not saying much. I did enjoy the writing style and the dialogue, as I did with the other book, however. Laurie Viera Rigler is good at writing what the thoughts of a nineteenth-century gentleman's daughter might be. And she certainly knows Jane Austen's works well. Having read a lot of them myself, it was a treat to see some Austen quotes pop up in random places within the plot.I generally take more interest in s [...]

    22. This is a companion to Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. In this book, 19th century lady Jane Mansfield awakens in Courtney Stone's body - in 21st century Los Angeles! Naturally, modern L.A. is quite a shock and Jane wonders whether she's in hell, until she discovers her favorite author, Jane Austen, wrote six novels in her lifetime, then Jane wonders whether she's in heaven! Poor Jane has to deal with Courtney's opinionated friends, loser ex-fiance, and terrible job. Soon Jane/Courtney learn [...]

    23. I listened to this audio book immediately after fininshing "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict", which I didn't especially like. However, I was intrigued about the different adjustments Jane would face, taking on Courtney's life, since Courtney had the benefit of knowing (and forgetting or disregarding) ettiquette and history through her own readings of Austen. And in some ways, this didn't disappoint. Jane's struggle was far more frustrating than Courtney's, and I think for that reason we were [...]

    24. This was a cute book that I just breezed through. Honestly I just opened it and then suddenly I had read it. I think I needed an easy book that was all sweet and fun.And we all know I love Jane Austen. And in this one a woman called Jane Mansfield loves the author too. I do like a fellow Janeite. But the best part was of course that Jane is from 1813 and wakes up in another body in 2009. What is a fridge? A Computer? Why do women wear so little clothes? She must be ruined since she called of a w [...]

    25. In a reversal of time travel, Jane Mansfield moves from the 19th century into Courtney Stone's present day life. Trapped in this modern day, Jane is exposed to the remainder of Jane Austen's work (and loves them as much as the rest of us), learns about cellular devices, and finds that men and women associate alone? Shocking! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this 19th century character, with the actions and behaviors of a time long gone, learn about the wonderful freedoms of this modern era. I won't [...]

    26. I was intrigued by the premise - a young woman living in LA in 2009 wakes up one morning but she is no longer the same woman inside - inside she is a young woman of privilege from 1813. She is shocked to find herself living in the future, and in the body of a woman who seems to be in the middle of some messy love affairs. Good, huh? Well, not in practice. I kept wanting to skip ahead but since this was a book on tape, I couldn't skim through it. Sigh. I would be stuck listening to all 8 damn dis [...]

    27. A gentleman's daughter from the Regency period gets transported into the body of a modern day woman living in Los Angeles. Jane explores the tech, mannerisms and sensibilities of her new world. It's all astoundingly banal for a time-travel novel. There's a romance that makes no sense--if Wes was so deeply in love with Courtney, then why on earth would he be in love with someone who looks like her but has a completely different personality? There is no plot at all. Reading my way through this mad [...]

    28. Définitivement mieux que le premier, même si plusieurs disent le contraire. Au moins, dans celui-là, il y avait une raison pour que le personnage principal soit clueless : elle venait du passé. J'ai même trouvé qu'elle s'en tirait mieux que Courtney dans le précédent. Par contre, ce que je ne comprends pas, c'est que dans le dernier, on avait laissé entendre que Courtney revenait dans sa vie moderne alors que ça ne semble pas être le cas ici. Je suis confuse. Dans tous les cas, le per [...]

    29. In her first novel, Ms. Viera Rigler transports modern Courtney Stone to Regency England. In this outing, she does the opposite: Jane Mansfield is transported to modern day Los Angeles. Of course, misunderstandings, romance, and hilarity ensue.Though it starts a bit slowly, this novel is as charming as the first one. Jane trapped in Courtney’s body is sweet and lovable, and you cannot help but to cheer for such a heroine. Plus, the dialogue is so much fun.

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