Fugitive Prince

Fugitive Prince Where there is light there must always be shadow The fourth volume in Janny Wurts s spectacular epic fantasy now re released with a striking new cover design along with the rest of the series The sc

  • Title: Fugitive Prince
  • Author: Janny Wurts
  • ISBN: 9780006482994
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where there is light, there must always be shadow The fourth volume in Janny Wurts s spectacular epic fantasy, now re released with a striking new cover design along with the rest of the series.The schism began with two half brothers empowered to subdue a Mistwraith In revenge it cursed them to a life of perpetual conflict Each believes absolutely in his cause, and loatWhere there is light, there must always be shadow The fourth volume in Janny Wurts s spectacular epic fantasy, now re released with a striking new cover design along with the rest of the series.The schism began with two half brothers empowered to subdue a Mistwraith In revenge it cursed them to a life of perpetual conflict Each believes absolutely in his cause, and loathes the other for opposing it Lysaer, Prince of the Light a charismatic leader sworn to set humanity free from sorcerous oppression He claims divine power to safeguard his people from an enemy he is convinced will destroy them.Arithon, Master of Shadow a trained mage who wishes for nothing but to defuse war, and search out the vanished old races who hold the key to restore the world s shattered peace.When Koriani enchantresses join forces with Lysaer, new intrigues upset Arithon s hard won autonomy Faction is set against faction, heart against heart, and the scene is set for an explosive recurrence of war The curse of the Mistwraith echoes eternal

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    1. Janny Wurts is the author of War of Light and Shadow series, and To Ride Hell s Chasm Her eighteen published titles include a trilogy in audio, a short story collection, as well as the internationally best selling Empire trilogy, co authored with Raymond E Feist, with works translated into fifteen languages worldwide Her latest title in the Wars of Light and Shadow series, Destiny s Conflict, culminates than thirty years of carefully evolved ideas The cover images on the books, both in the US and abroad, are her own paintings, depicting her vision of characters and setting.Through her combined talents as a writer illustrator, Janny has immersed herself in a lifelong ambition to create a seamless interface between words and pictures that will lead reader and viewer into the imagination Her lavish use of language invites the mind into a crafted realm of experience, with characters and events woven into a complex tapestry, and drawn with an intensity to inspire active fuel for thought Her research includes a range of direct experience, lending her fantasy a gritty realism, and her scenes involving magic crafted with intricate continuity A self taught painter, she draws directly from the imagination, creating scenes in a representational style that blurs the edges between dream and reality She makes few preliminary sketches, but envisions her characters and the scenes that contain them, then executes the final directly from the initial pencil drawing.The seed idea for the Wars of Light and Shadow series occurred, when, in the course of researching tactic and weapons, she viewed a documentary film on the Battle of Culloden Moor This was the first time she had encountered that historical context of that brutal event, with the embroidery of romance stripped from it The experience gave rise to an awakening, which became anger, that so often, our education, literature and entertainment slant history in a manner that equates winners and losers with moral right and wrong, and the prevalent attitude, that killing wars can be seen as justifiable solutions when only one side of the picture is presented.Her series takes the stance that there are two sides to every question, and follows two characters who are half brothers One a bard trained as a master of magecraft, and the other a born ruler with a charismatic passion for justice, have become cursed to lifelong enmity As one sibling raises a devoted mass following, the other tries desperately to stave off defeat through solitary discipline and cleverness The conflict sweeps across an imaginary world, dividing land and people through an intricate play of politics and the inborn prejudices of polarized factions already set at odds Readers are led on a journey that embraces both viewpoints The story explores the ironies of morality which often confound our own human condition that what appears right and just, by one side, becomes reprehensible when seen from the opposite angle What is apparently good for the many, too often causes devastating suffering to the nonconformist minority Through the interactions between the characters themselves, the reader is left to their own discretion to interpret the moral impact of events.Says Janny of her work, I chose to frame this story against a backdrop of fantasy because I could handle even the most sensitive issues with the gloves off explore the myriad angles of our troubled times with the least risk of offending anyone s personal sensibilities The result, I can hope, is an expanding journey of the spirit that explores the grand depths, and rises to the challenge of mapping the ethereal potential of an evolving planetary consciousness explore free thought and compassionate understanding Beyond writing, Janny s award winning paintings have been showcased in exhibitions of imaginative artwork, among them a commemorative exhibition for NASA s 25th Anniversary the Art of the Cosmos at Hayden Planet

    2. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more gut-punching, Fugitive Prince comes along and destroys me. And that's a good thing. Things are bad coming into Fugitive Prince. The things Prince Arithon has had to do in his attempts to reduce the amount of lives lost are soul-searing. And yet his brother, the mistwraith-controlled Prince Lysaer continues to hound him. And now, Lysaer makes things thousands of times worse. He's threatened to turn those who support Arithon, the clans, into slaves. And [...]

    3. Remarkable installment of the Wars of Light and Shadow series, this one sets the markers even further as the conflict around the half-brothers widens and ramifies in devastating chains of cause and effect, deepening and widening the range of tensions and schemes, counterploys, twists of fortune, intrigues and quests for survival.The Koriani enchantresses, resolute in their “charge to restore civilization to lost grace” and descendants of an Order ancient beyond the boundaries of Athera, take [...]

    4. After rereading this book recently, I'm revising my rating to 5 stars. It does slow down from the pace of the first three, but now that I have the full story of the 3rd Arc, I have to give it 5 stars as every element in this book is essential to the completion of the whole story.4.5 stars. I'm not really happy with any of my reviews of this series, so I'm putting this in every one: Mistwraith is an incredibly compelling, action filled, gut wrenching, heart stopping adventure with one of the most [...]

    5. Fugitive Prince is the fourth novel in THE WARS OF LIGHT AND SHADOW by Janny Wurts, but because of the series' unique structure, it's actually the start of a brand new "arc" inside the overall story: book 1 comprises the first arc, books 2 and 3 together are the second arc, and the third arc consists of books 4 through 8 (the first of which is Fugitive Prince). Looking forward, the forthcoming 9th novel, Initiate's Trial, will be the first of 2 books in the 4th arc, and the 11th and final novel [...]

    6. The opening installment for the third arc of the Wars of Light and Shadow satisfied through multilayer revelations yet drove my yearning for more to even greater heights of tantalization. I felt less connected to the characters this time around, but fully entrenched and sated with the world building discoveries - the history, the magic, the conflicts across the ages. I thrive on the whisper of near-forgotten legends and thrill to the song of mystical cosmic resonance. In anticipation for an in-d [...]

    7. I am less than half way through The War of Light and Shadow by Janny Wurts, have not reviewed the prior books, but feel a need to say something on finishing Fugitive Prince The War of Light and Shadow has been the second best epic fantasy I have ever read. (For more on what I mean by that, see Spider Robinson's introduction to The Middle of Nowhere by David Gerrold.)Fugitive Prince is the 3rd or 4th book in this series depending on whether you are reading hardcovers or paperbacks. I strongly rec [...]

    8. Fourth book in the (to be eleven book) series, and first book of the middle five book arc subtitled "The Alliance of Light", Fugitive Prince is more about setup than reward. In many ways it doesn't offer anything new: Arithon plans some scheme to save the lives of those who look up to him while trying to avoid active conflict, while Lysaer tries to rally the world behind him to eliminate the evil of his brother. Arithon suffers greatly due to his overzealous compassion whenever anything goes wro [...]

    9. The fourth book in the Wars of Light and Shadow. Also the first book in the Alliance of Light, which is Arc III. Another ride with Arithon and Lysaer as they battle each other and the curse that has pitted them against each other. In this volume Arithon continues to try to carry out his plan to save the clans from extermination. His plan of stealing the new ships goes awry when the Koriani intervene and create a trap for him as well as an alliance with Lysaer. Arithon has to run in order to try [...]

    10. The War of Light and Shadow Book 4.Epic fantasy with a wide cast of characters in a sprawling landscape filled with pitfalls and betrayals and hopeless plights. Two half-brothers, both poisoned by their encounter with the Mistwraith, their gifts twisted and turned to destruction of everything they care about. Arithon, trained as a mage, at least knows what’s happening and has training enough to fight against it. Lysaer has no such protection and is totally under the Mistwraith’s spell.By boo [...]

    11. This is my fourth or fifth time through Fugitive Prince and it still stands as an excellent episode in the series.The machinations of the Koriani and Morriel Prime are the central focus of the book while Lysear moves Athera to a religious bend of the Mistwraith's curse.The stand out scenes of this book are Dakar's unswerving and at the same time reluctant friendship to Arithon. But the pivotal moment is the expression of friendship and love shown in later chapters between Jeiret and Arithon.I of [...]

    12. Lo so che Janny sta cercando di farmi provare pietà anche per Lysaer, ma non posso, non riesco a perdonargli quello che ha fatto a Talith.

    13. (A reminder) Need to read the first three volumes of Wars of Light and Shadow series to really get the background. In one terrible hour the War Host in Vastmark falls to the forces of Shadow. A scorched-earth campaign of burnings sweeps the land to burn out the practice of sorcery. This is where the new series starts from. As well the Shadow Master is important to the Fellowship of Sorcerer's future affairs -and thus the key to their return to power.The Koriani enchantresses, resolute in their [...]

    14. So Fugitive Prince is the initial volume in the next section of The Wars of Light and Shadow, called "The Alliance of Light" and consisting of five books. Apparently like many other readers, I definitely felt like the pace slowed considerably from the fantastic action and high emotion of Warhost of Vastmark; however, especially when compared to Curse of the Mistwraith, Wurts's capability for keeping exposition/set-up/etc. relatively intriguing shows definite improvement. Of course, it helps that [...]

    15. I've loved Janny's writing since a first discovered one of her books years ago. I usually go for voice first of all and her voice is one that as a reader I can easily fall into. The other thing I like is a complex character, and Janny certainly manages this."Fugitive Prince" of course, is only one of a whole series which puts Arithon and Lysaer through the proverbial ringer, but the reasons behind their actions, including the smarmy Lysaer, are always feasible. Often heart breaking, but understa [...]

    16. In Fugitive Prince, we learn just how overwhelming the Mistwraith's curse is for the half-brothers. Years have passed, and to Lysear's great disappointment, Arathon is still at large without a trace. With the absence of the Prince of Shadow, Lysear's desperation intensifies to the point of justifying deplorable acts. Arathon's strategies are ingenious, but may not prove to be quite clever enough to stay ahead of Lysear's new alliance with the Korianni. And as if Lysear's growing obsession to des [...]

    17. Well! It's going to let me do another review, even though this is my third reread.In this book, Wurts carries the story deeper than one bloody battle after another, showing us more about the planet, the interconnectedness of everything on it, the depths the curse carries the brothers to, from Lysaer's depraved treatment of Talith to Arithon's curse driven battle with Caolle, his friend and protectorHeart rending. Intriguing. Passionate and stirring. It makes me hate Lirenda and her misguided and [...]

    18. I think this book was the hardest in the series to read to date. It was bleak in placesa lot of places. So, I'm clinging to hope as hard as I can. I definitely think I discovered more of the layers in the book this time around, but then I'm a different person to that young girl who first picked this series up.For those who love a complicated - in plot and writing style - fantasy I would definitely recommend this series, but I firmly suggest starting at the beginning. The author's style is not fo [...]

    19. this book tore my heart out and made me want to say fuck hatred, fear and hesay.The dicotomy of emotions have wrung me dry. Her whole series all eight books have left me wanting.I want to make lysear real flesh and blood to slap the crap out of him. I want to give Arithon a bracing hug and a slap on the back of the head. I wish i have fate forging visions like him.

    20. These books are well written withinteresting characters, but her story is too huge, there is endless time between books and there is no way to keep track of the books. She had a single set of books then she devolves into a mini series in between the other series adn its just too much

    21. Janny Wurts' seried Wars of Light & Shadow is the best fantasy series I have ever read! I have no words to cover how much I like this series, it is one that I can read over and over again. If you haven't read it, READ IT!! The way it is written is beautiful. The story is amazing. RECOMMENDED!!!

    22. Not a bad continuation of the story.The archaic and flowery mode if speech with continual emphasis is tiring.

    23. Third in the Wars of Light and Shadow series, this has it all - magic, star crossed brothers, curses. it is an awesome series for fans of fantasy.

    24. Before I started the Wars and Light and Shadow series, I thought I was perfectly content reading dense writing, but that was before.These books are not simple to read and are not making me want to burn through them to find out what happens next. I find that the author's language gets in the way of understanding what exactly is going on in each scene - and this is made especially worse in scenes when subtle emotional impacts are meant to be conveyed.My major problem revolves around Arithon. I can [...]

    25. Janny Wurts is as far as I know unique among contemporary fantasy writers in so far as she deviates from the standard High Fantasy model in the opposite direction from the authors of the “New Grit” – while Martin, Abercrombie et al. do their best to make their protagonists appear less heroic and cut them down to a more human size, Janny Wurts, in her massive series The War of Light and Shadow, makes her characters even more Epic, painting them larger than life.[return][return]Which is not [...]

    26. Lysaer hunts while Arithon runs/hides.Due to arrogance/denial/pride and the strengthening curse, the war escalates. Lysaer is turning his cause into a holy war to stop not just Arithon, but all magecraft in Athera. He is also starting to claim origins of divinity. Threatened by prophecy, the Koriani join the fray on the side of the Light, with the Prime Matriarch involved in a high stakes plot to ensnare Arithon.Lysaer finally goes off the deep end in this one. His need to kill his brother at an [...]

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