When I Fell from the Sky: The True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Survival

When I Fell from the Sky The True Story of One Woman s Miraculous Survival The author was years old when she survived an airplane explosion Her survival is unexplainable and considered a modern day miracle For days she crawled alone through the jungle fighting for he

  • Title: When I Fell from the Sky: The True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Survival
  • Author: Juliane Koepcke
  • ISBN: 9780983754701
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author was 17 years old when she survived an airplane explosion Her survival is unexplainable and considered a modern day miracle For 11 days, she crawled alone through the jungle, fighting for her survival She then went on to live an inspiring life as a scientist continually drawn back to the terrain that threatened to take her.

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    2 thoughts on “When I Fell from the Sky: The True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Survival

    1. Juliane Koepcke Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When I Fell from the Sky: The True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Survival book, this is one of the most wanted Juliane Koepcke author readers around the world.

    2. I struggled a bit with this one. It is of course, a fascinating story - how a 17 year old girl suvived a fall from a plane 2 miles in the sky and made it through the jungle back to safety on her own. But the writer's style is jarring. For example, she has a peculiar and annoying habit of starting a sentence at the end of a chapter and leaving it incomplete; it is only in the next chaper, after its title, that the author finishes the sentence. This felt contrived and unnessessary.Furthermore, ve [...]

    3. Trigger warnings: plane crash, loss of a parent, horrifying descriptions of wounds and maggots. 3.5 stars. I found this story surprisingly compelling and interesting, but it definitely wasn't what I expected based on the title. Basically, Juliane Koepcke grew up in Peru with her naturalist parents. As a teenager, they moved to a nature reserve in the middle of nowhere. She subsequently returned to Lima to attend high school. On Christmas Eve of 1971, she and her mother were flying to the closest [...]

    4. The true story a the German/Peruvian 17 year old who was the only survivor of a plane that crashed in Peru while crossing the Andes at Christmas time. She lost her mother in the accident which also claimed 90 other lives. Juliane tells her own story 40 years after the crash and her amazing eleven day journey out of the Peruvian rain forest. It is also a story of her love of the jungle where she had been raised with her German zoologist parents and her struggle for survival of the ian rain forest [...]

    5. Story is about a woman who writes about how she survived 11 days in the jungle when the plane she was on crashed. It is told like she is speaking to you and jumps from the present day to the time when she was in the jungle. At some times it seems awkward but by writing in this way, the reader is able to get an understanding of what her life was like before the crash, background on her parents, what she did in the jungle for those days, after the crash, and the present. I thoroughly enjoyed the b [...]

    6. Juliane after her 11 days in the jungleI finally finished it last night. Wow this one took me ages to read but I do think it was not just the book but also my state of mind or lack of mind is the better expression because I was just too tired to read. One negative thing was the annoyingly the constant jumping around in time. In one example she had told us her grandmother had died and the next chapter she was staying at her grandmother.The story about what happened during the crash and the 11 day [...]

    7. Bereits als Kind übte diese einzigartige Überlebensgeschichte der damals 17jährigen Juliane Koepcke eine große Faszination auf mich aus. Am 24. Dezember 1971 gerät das Flugzeug, in dem sie gemeinsam mit ihrer Mutter sitzt, in schwere Turbulenzen. Es stürzt ab und Juliane trudelt festgeschnallt an ihrem Sitz tausende Meter in die Tiefe, um im peruanischen Dschungel bruchzulanden. Verletzt und ohne Kontakt zu anderen Passagieren und Menschen sucht sie den Weg zum Fluss, um dort auf Hilfe zu [...]

    8. There is no doubt that Juliane Koepcke has an incredible story to tell. To survive a fall from 10,000 or so feet by landing in a thick, uninhabited jungle in ian Peru is, by itself, a true miracle. But then to survive 11 days in that jungle, and finally to find her way back to civilization, is yet another truly miraculous event and one that makes for a great story. The descriptions of her fears and shock at discovering that she was the sole survivor of the 1971 plane crash, and the sad loss of h [...]

    9. On Christmas Eve 1971, Juliane’s plane flew into a thunderstorm that was so great that the plane broke up in mid-air. Still strapped into her seat, she fell two miles, crashing through the dense jungle canopy into the rainforest. Waking up alone and injured, she spent the next eleven days fighting her way through a “green hell”, desperately hoping that, as she had survived, then so must have the others. “When I Fell From the Sky” tells the story of how Juliane gained the skills that e [...]

    10. This is a memoir of a gripping account of survival by a seventeen year old girl. On Christmas Eve 1971, seventeen year old Juliane Koepcke and her mother were flying from Lima to Pucallpa, when the LANSA Lockheed Electra, LANSA flight 508 commercial airliner with ninety passages on board broke up in midair. The plane was struck by lightning during a freak storm and tore off one side of the plane. There was only one survivor. Turned out that plane should have never flown near the Andes. Lockheed [...]

    11. Juliane Koepckes Geschichte ihres Flugzeugabsturzes und ihres Lebens im und für den peruanischen Urwald ist einerseits interessant und bewegend. Ihre wissenschaftliche Faszination und Herangehensweise lassen ebenso eine tiefe Liebe und Hingabe zu Land, Leuten und Natur durchscheinen. Sie macht auch deutlich, wie verzerrt und sensationalistisch ihr einschneidendes Erlebnis medial ausgeschlachtet wurde und wie unverschämt und übergriffig wildfremde Menschen mit einer belehrenden und einnehmende [...]

    12. I had been waiting for this book to be released, having heard about Juliane's story from a friend. Really great book, slightly repetitive at times, but overall well written and very well translated into English. What surprised me most was that I was most interested in reading about the crash and her survival, but actually found my favourite part of the book was the first 5 chapters where she described growing up in Peru, both in the city and the jungle. Her passion really shows for both the coun [...]

    13. Although repititive, this book does entertain and inform. The author's passion for the "jungle" and for saving Panguana is obvious and contagious. Told mostly from the perspective of the adult Juliane, the recounting of her fall serves mainly to link the past with her present drive to preserve this biosphere. It's interesting to see the family connection to science and how that has obviously passed on to her as well as her parent's qualities of endurance. Read this book to be inspired to more gr [...]

    14. The actual story of the crash makes up only a portion of this book, but the background of Koepcke's family and childhood, the aftermath of the crash, and her subsequent return are also interesting aspects of her story, so I didn't mind. The fact that she survived a fall of 2 miles, and didn't immediately get eaten by some wild animal was apparently story enough for me! Though, I am happy that I learned something, just in case I am trapped on the floor of the rainforest - follow fast moving wate [...]

    15. Brilliant book. I totally get where she was coming from with many aspects of her life. Growing up in a remote area, check, moving for parents work, check, Loving nature due to parental influence and growing up in it, check, Dad who can't show feelings, check, not needing/missing modern conveniences, check, witing months for supplies or mail, check. The only part I can't relate to is the actual crash and the loss of a mum both at that age and in that way. This book made me laugh, cry, nod in agre [...]

    16. Always a sucker for a good survival story and this one fit the bill. An astounding story of a woman who while still strapped to her plane seat fell through the air two miles and landed in the middle of the . Her survival of the fall itself is incredible but from there she had to find her way out of the rainforest. For eleven days she crawls and walks alone through the jungle, fighting for her survival again with hunger and despair. Almost as good as "Touching the Void"

    17. Incredible story about a 17-year-old sole survivor of a Peruvian plane crash. Her parents were famous and ground-breaking German zoologists who raised Juliane in both Lima and the rain forest before the accident. This auto-biography is a talented weaving of a current-times visit back to the rain forest in order to ensure her parents' study area as a national reserve with her childhood, the crash, her unbelievable survival, and eventual rescue.

    18. Not only is this the story of the author's incredible survival after falling 2,000 feet into the rainforest, but it is also a story of her life and her love of the rainforest until the present day. It is a wonderful plea for conservation of this priceless ecosystem as well. It is organized to go from present day happenings to the memories they bring forth.

    19. I enjoyed this book a lot once I got past the first 2-3 chapters. I love real adventure stories set in other countries.Juliane describes her childhood before the crash and her life after the crash. It is a very clear dividing line in her life. I could identify with the shutting off of feelings and finally dealing with the crash emotionally years and years later.

    20. A truly amazing, heroic and challenging story of survival. I can't imagine going through such a traumatic event, let alone losing a mother, being the only survival and managing to survive in such a harsh environment combated by a number of injuries. Thank you for sharing your story.

    21. There's some bait and switch in the marketing and title of this book. I was looking for a survival story, but this isn't really what this is. The actual survival is barely mentioned in the book; this one is really more about the author's life and the preserve in Peru that she is trying to save. A noble cause, but I was bored with the book. The survival story itself has so little detail. I got up, looked around, found a river and followed it. That's about how interesting the detail gets. The life [...]

    22. I will read this book again and again.This is not only a story of a young girl's survival from a plane crash, it is also an amazing look into part of the Peruvian rainforest. Brilliant descriptions of life in this rainforest including the flora and fauna, contribute to the important task of rainforest preservation. I hope the author's efforts to make Panguana a nature preserve succeeds for generations to come. Many thanks to Juliane Diller for her efforts in bringing this area to life for this r [...]

    23. This book is not just about Juliane surviving the plane crash but that's a good thing. She tells her life story, before and after the crash. Her life before the crash helps you understand how she survived. Without her background I doubt anyone could have survived the trek through the jungle. The story after the crash is very interesting as you realize how deeply and permanently a person life is changed when they have part of such a tragedy.

    24. Juliana erzählt nicht gerne viel über ihr ganz besonderes Ereignis, denn eigentlich gibt es darüber auch nicht viel mehr zu berichten, als das sie unglaublich aber wahr einen Flugzeugabsturz als einzige überlebt hat. Viel mehr erzählt sie vom Leben im Urwald, ihre Arbeit dort und ihre Eltern. Ich finde das Buch mehr als gelungen. Die Titelstory ist eher Blickfänger für etwas das viel bedeutender ist - Natur(schutz). Ich würde mir mehr Bücher über ihre tolle Arbeit wünschen.

    25. Difficult to follow! The writer takes you on a journey that is often difficult to follow. The main interest about the plane crash itself is briefly touched upon. Most of the book is about saving the rainforest and how the crash has facilitated this. The writer jumps from one time to another with little warning.

    26. True story of a lone survivor of a plane crash in the Peruvian Jungle. Interesting, miraculous, sad, but unfortunately, often slow moving.

    27. Well, I needed to know how she did it and I do now. Glad it is over. Needed a map, but maybe they do not publish on purpose. ??

    28. I have 2 copies of this book. Both ebooks. I have the English version which i just finished reading a few days ago and the Dutch one. No need to re read

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