Phantom of the Auditorium

Phantom of the Auditorium LIGHTSCURTAINPHANTOM Brooke s best friend Zeke has just been given the lead role in the school play The Phantom Zeke s totally into it He loves dressing up in the grotesque phantom costume And scar

  • Title: Phantom of the Auditorium
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780590483544
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • LIGHTSCURTAINPHANTOM Brooke s best friend, Zeke, has just been given the lead role in the school play, The Phantom Zeke s totally into it He loves dressing up in the grotesque phantom costume And scaring the other members of the cast Brooke thinks Zeke s getting a little too into it.But then really scary things start happening A message appears on a piece of sceLIGHTSCURTAINPHANTOM Brooke s best friend, Zeke, has just been given the lead role in the school play, The Phantom Zeke s totally into it He loves dressing up in the grotesque phantom costume And scaring the other members of the cast Brooke thinks Zeke s getting a little too into it.But then really scary things start happening A message appears on a piece of scenery The Phantom Strikes A stage light comes crashing down.Is someone trying to ruin the play Or is there really a phantom living under the stage

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    1. Robert Lawrence Stine known as R L Stine and Jovial Bob Stine, is an American novelist and writer, well known for targeting younger audiences Stine, who is often called the Stephen King of children s literature, is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series.R L Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children s author in history In the early 1990s, Stine was catapulted to fame when he wrote the unprecedented, bestselling Goosebumps series, which sold than 250 million copies and became a worldwide multimedia phenomenon His other major series, Fear Street, has over 80 million copies sold.Stine has received numerous awards of recognition, including several Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and Disney Adventures Kids Choice Awards, and he has been selected by kids as one of their favorite authors in the NEA s Read Across America program He lives in New York, NYcmillan itsthefirstda

    2. Wow. This was a great horror-mystery!They say that the playThe Phantom is cursed. 70 years ago a boy was cast in the lead role but he disappeared on the night of the play and was never found. Now the drama teacher, Mrs. Walker, has found an old copy of the play. Everyone is excited about performing it.Until some weird things start happening. A mysterious phantom sometimes appears during rehearsals. Messages are scrawled in red paint. Who is doing this? Why? Could there really be a phantom?This w [...]

    3. I guessed the ending and i'm not sure if it was from remembering it as a child or if it's just because it's Goosebumps, but either way a solid Goosebumps book.

    4. Νομίζω πως το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο της σειράς "Ανατριχίλες" είναι το αγαπημένο μου. Βέβαια, δεδομένης της αγάπης που έχω για "Το φάντασμα της Όπερας", και του ότι η ιστορία αυτή είναι σαφέστατα επηρεασμένη από το κλασσικό αριστούργημα του Leroux, αυτό δεν είναι ιδιαίτερα περίεργ [...]

    5. I'm tired and stressed and my finals start Friday and end next Wednesday. So, I need a bit of nostalgia and humor to take my mind off the stress, all right? Don't judge me.Classic Goosebumps, all I can say. Cheesy plot and characters. All of it very similar. Outgoing main character, a best friend. All on the lame and unpopular side so they aren't believed when they make crazy claims. Typical Stine, honestly. I've read so much of his stuff, that it just doesn't surprise me any more with his older [...]

    6. -I read this book in participation of the goosebumps-a-thon Richard Denny is hosting, this is the first book on the list and I am so happy I chose to do this-I loved this book so freaking much, RL Stein is a freaking genius and I love him so much. As I read the last sentence of the book I screamed out loud “I knew it”. I am going to continue to read the goosebumps books and make it my lifegoal to collect them all. I would recommend this book for anybody it was just fantastic & well done [...]

    7. Read with Brent (for his HW)I'm proud of myself for correctly predicting the phantom at the beginning of the story. I knew something was fishy with Brian when he arrived at the school keen to audition for the play even though auditions where closed. My suspicion was confirmed when Zeke's dog was barking at Brian with distress. Also I'm pretty sure every school has a a 'Tina.'

    8. The book Phantom of the Auditorium by R.L. Stine was an ok book.So, these two kids who have been best friends forever try out for the school play and get the two leading roles. On the first day of rehersals, the teacher tells the students about the first time the play was suppost to be put on. The phantom dissapeared the night of the performance and was never seen again. Brooke, the main character, was the only one who was not startled by her friend's sudden apperance as the phantom. He was tryi [...]

    9. Nu stiu daca este din cauza ca sunt obisnuita cu stilul autorului sau pentru ca deja am crescut, dar mi-am dat seama aproape imediat cine este fantoma. Asta m-a dezamăgit putin, dar stilul alert si personajele simpatice au îndulcit totul.

    10. Phantom of the auditorium by R.L.Stine is a horror book from Goosbumps series about a phantom who hunter to auditorium.The story starts with strings “A mysterious phantom haunted our school”. The main character Brook talking about the event, which scared her and her best friend Zeke. Both of them got main roles in the school play about phantom. Their teacher Ms.Walker sad to them that play was cursed, but nobody believed them. Brook and Zeke was first who meet the phantom face to face. The n [...]

    11. It is again so easy to remove the supernatural element from this book because, as with the previous one, nothing ~scary happens until the end (view spoiler)[when it's revealed that Brian, who has been telegraphed to be a ghost since he showed up, is a ghost (hide spoiler)].The entire book is just Brooke and Zeke running around and experiencing weird coincidences. From the moment the play is announced to be cursed, things start happening, but again I say it's all just (well-timed) coincidence. Ev [...]

    12. The book that I read today was about a girl named Brooke and her friend zeke. There is a story that goes around the school saying that a phantom is haunting their school auditorium. None of the students know where he lives and none of the students ever saw him. The curse said that he haunted their school for more than 70 years. When the school had a play for the phantom the teacher said that the play was cursed, but no one believed her. Brooke and zeke saw the phantom going under the auditorium [...]

    13. davidasantos/Well this was interesting. I love exploring buildings. I used to explore every church I went to, so when the kids did it in this book I connected with them and it kept my interest. This is probably the most realistic book so far. Meaning that there aren't any ghosts or weird creatures. No magic blood (Monsters Blood) or anything like that. Just kids performing a play and everything goes wrong. It's a fun book, I read it in less than a day. You should know by now that I am no fancy d [...]

    14. Brooke and Zeke have nerves of steel. Nothing can scare them. So when their school decides to perform an old horror play that hasn't been played anymore since 72 years ago, both of them are chosen to play the main characters. However, The Phantom has its own reason to not be performed anymore for such a long time. It's because 72 years ago the boy who played the Phantom had been lost mysteriously and it is said that the ghost lurks in the auditorium since then. Now that the play is going to be p [...]

    15. Brooke and Zeke are two best friends who LOVE horror films! When they start rehearsing for the school play-The Phantom (Basically Phantom of the Opera) strange things start to occur. They hear the story of 70 odd years ago, a boy disappeared while doing this play. Brooke and Zeke, with their new friend Brian, have to investigate. But will they like what they find?This story was basically the story of people performing Phantom of the Opera but less extreme as it's for kids. I kind of liked it tho [...]

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    17. Phantom of the Auditorium was a terrific book. It's a book about a girl who is trying out for a play and when her and her friends are messing around in the auditorium she finds a door that leads her to clues about the phantom.

    18. I don't even want to write a review about this one. Its basically a youth version of Phantom of the Opera but with a dead kid and a ghost. Ugh. You could have done better with this one Stine!

    19. Another disaster from the Goosebumps series. The books should have been much more horror. This is very plain and seems like a mystery book. Not much of a mystery which gets uncovered at the last line of the book with no history and reasonable reasons. I don't like the characters much, just that of Zeebe. Even the dialogues and descriptions are boring. Half of the book is covered with false frightening cliffhangers that aren't very much scary. Most of the time our "detectives" go IP and down the [...]

    20. Phantom really doesn't expect much from its readers, as it begins with a paragraph basically explaining the entire plot to the book and what's going to happen. Hope you weren't reading this for mystery!Our hero is Brooke, and her friend Zeke. People judge Brooke for being friends with a boy, because that's not allowed in polite society. Brooke claims Zeke is cooler than any girl she knows, which we will eventually find out is not true. Brooke and Zeke are excited because today they're revealing [...]

    21. I've read many of Goosebumps books but not like this one! Brooke's Best Friend Zeke gets the role of the Phantom in the school play but howevr the Play was cursed! Zeke slowly gets into the role only to find out there is a real Phantom living Inside the Auditorium Trapdoor! The new kid Brian Joins the play. The trio make a good team and sneak in the trapdoor! The fin A backstory about a kid playing as Phantom 30o years ago dissapeared and so no one played that role. At the time of the perfomence [...]

    22. Growing up, I didn't read much of R. L. Stine, because I was an easily frightened child. I found this in the Lending Library and wanted to see what my adult self thought of it.I'll start by saying it's not scary. It's a bit suspenseful, but for the most part the chapters end with a cliffhanger that then turns out to be nothing at the start of the next chapter.The plot was a bit predictable and horribly corny.I did really like that Zeke and Brooke were just friends and there was no weird secret l [...]

    23. The book was exciting, but then lost its momentum at one of the reveals. The final ending was satisfying, but the book could have been better given the good set-up. Also the book is a rather unapologetic retelling of the phantom of the opera. I'm generally not a fan of retelling. Still, I really liked the characters in this one. R.L. Stine has a lot of repetitive character traits (i.e. boy who likes to scare, kids that disobey parents, girl who likes to be the best). These characters felt fresh. [...]

    24. I really liked this book because it is very descriptive and I into it so much that I almost finished it in one sitting. This book is kind of a thriller to me still to this day because it describes what the person is seeing and what they feel. I think R.L. Stine does a great job at almost making the reader like they are in the situation and I can picture myself being in the book! R.L. Stine does a great job for these "scary" books because they are not too gory or too much, I think they are age ap [...]

    25. I recently starred in the Phantom of the Opera and I was tempted to read this book when I found it. I really enjoyed it and finished it in under a day. The writing lacked depth for me (its a kids book, what did I expect). I really enjoyed the twist at the end, I'm quick to pick up on predictable endings but it took me a while to figure this one out!

    26. This book could be better. It is simply just boring. If you were to read it, the recommended reading age is 7+. The book is based on a girl named Brook and her friend, Zeke who perform in a haunted play. Should they perform?

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