The Lover

The Lover Kensington launches an as yet unnamed erotic romance imprint with Robin Schone s The Lover in which a wealthy Victorian spinster pays an unusually handsome and well endowed man pounds in exchan

  • Title: The Lover
  • Author: Robin Schone
  • ISBN: 9780758204271
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kensington launches an as yet unnamed erotic romance imprint with Robin Schone s The Lover, in which a wealthy Victorian spinster pays an unusually handsome and well endowed man pounds10,000 in exchange for a month of sexual pleasure But the couple wind up with in common than love for sale when their contract blossoms into fullfledged passion and devotion.

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    1. USA Today Bestselling Author Robin Schone is the recipient of the Romantic Times 2008 Career Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Innovative Historical Romances She is published in thirteen countries, including China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and Spain Scandalous Lovers Kensington Brava 2007 was chosen by RUSQ Reference User Services Quarterly, the official journal of the Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association as one of five books to represent the wide range of historical fiction in romance Claims RUSQ Robin Schone writes sensual, explicit storiesabout characters who are frequently older and less beautiful than most romance protagonists Her history is impeccable the storytelling is straightforward but emotionally driven.

    2. 3 1/2 to 4 StarsThis book took me by surprise. I didn't expect such a dark, angsty, provocative, convoluted, and thoroughly engrossing tale. I did have some mixed emotions regarding the writing prose. I loved the overall clandestine feel of the book; however, I had to pay attention to understand the intent within the author's prose. Also, I didn't care for the authors continual use of technical terms (vagina, clitoris, penis, ect) during the highly erotic sex scenes. It felt odd, dispassionate a [...]

    3. Wow, this book was actually really good. Do I sound surprised? I suppose I am, a bit. I had no real basis for low expectations, I freely admit that, but for some reason I had them. I had been told this was dark, and that was what made me pick it up, but I really didn't expect the reality of it. I liked it! I liked it enough to order the next book, Gabriel's Woman, before I had finished this one. What can I say? I found him the most interesting character in the book. That's not a slur against eve [...]

    4. Holy cow I've got mixed feelings on this one! It was DARK and gritty and horrifying and sexy and sweet and romantic, all wrapped up into one crazy little package.What worked for me:*Male prostitute hero and a spinster heroine. Oh yeah, I'm a sucker for stuff like that*I would liken Michel/Michael to an Anne Stuart hero -- tortured, earthy, at times very cruel, while at the same time both resistant and deliciously befuddled by the feelings elicited by the heroine. I was especially reminded of an [...]

    5. Opening line: "Death. Desire. Michael did not know which of the two had brought him back to London."I have never read a book quite like this before. Robin Schone's style of writing is amazing. Extremely personal and without rush, with pages of deliciously drawn out foreplay. The intimacy of her words makes you feel as though you were right there in the room with our lovers. Voyeuristic, reader foreplay if you will. I was initially surprised that THE LOVER is a period piece, taking place in Victo [...]

    6. This is a strange book and hard to rate. In terms of love story it's a 3 star, in terms of orginality and brilliant writing it's a 5--so 4 stars it is :)I didn't really feel the love between Anne and Michael because I thought it lacked build-up and development. The whole non-stop "how can you love/be with a whore/spinster" thing got on my nerves after awhile. Yes she paid to be with him and he wanted to be with her and in the end they liked each other so move on and stop rehashing already.Anne's [...]

    7. 3.5 starsSo weird. I wasn't really sure what to expect and I'm kind of (very!) torn on how to rate the book. It's a very emotional read featuring two - or three, if you include Michael's friend, Gabriel - tortured souls. Michael and Gabriel especially are haunted and have survived some unbelievable things. This is the first book I've read where the hero was this old (they're both 40).Our heroine, Anne, is 36 - also unusual - and while she doesn't have the tragic history that they do, she is tort [...]

    8. 3,5Es lo primero que leo de Robin Schone y qué bien escribe erótica. No encontramos a los típicos protas y eso la hace llamativa. Para mi gusto le ha faltado más romance.

    9. I know people love the books this author writes.She sure writes with a passion, I can tell you that! Her syntaxes are good and she has no visible flaws in her text. She does not, like so many of the new authors, sound like a child trying to write. ButOh and what a but that is!her books sound so pretentious and cocky - it actually gets weird.Only a few chapters after I plunged in to this read - I have grown to hate the chopped up thoughts. It was tedious. It was horrorific. And most importantly - [...]

    10. Not a bad story--actually a pretty original plot, with the male prostitute and the 36 year old virgin spinster. I found the book more explicit than erotic; I just didn't feel the 'heat' between the characters, although I liked both Michael and Anne, and was rooting for them. Maybe it was the time period, or the author's style, but I just wasn't feeling it like I thought I would. I did want to keep reading to find out how/why Michael became in his words, "a whore". And the book really picked up a [...]

    11. Ok I was suposed to be reading something else but picked this up,read the first page and that was ithooked! So what makes this book special? Anyone who has read and enjoys Robin Schones books will know her writing is wonderful, she captures the atmosphere perfectly! This book is a dark,passionate, erotic, romantic tale between Michael (A whore ,whose life is dictated by a series of tradegies) and Anne ( A spinster,who has never been given a chance to live her life at all). They come together und [...]

    12. The StoryOnce a gorgeous prostitute renowned for his skills as a lover but now ravaged by burn scars on his hands and face, Michel de Anges aka Michael of the Angels seeks revenge against ‘the man’ responsible for pain. He will use Anne Aimes, a wealthy spinster, to attain his vengeance. As he teaches Anne the gratification of being his lover Michel also discovers a woman who sees beneath the scars to the vulnerable man within him. In the meantime, his enemy watches and waits to strike first [...]

    13. Unique, dark, sad story and highly erotic. It is the story of two souls lost to pain, loneliness, and torment, finding each other. The book is sexually graphic but similar to a painting of a naked woman rather than a naked woman in a playboy magazine. There is a very cryptic mystery involved and played out through the book. The “man” behind the mystery is what compels Michel’s thoughts, fear, and actions. The writing style of the author was different and the mystery elements were even more [...]

    14. Ni Anne ni Michel son los típicos protagonistas de los romances históricos, ni Robin Schone es la típica autora de erotica, dos cosas que son muy de agradecer. Le doy un 3,5. A pesar de lo mucho que me gusta la forma de escribir de esta autora, esta historia no me acabó de enamorar.

    15. DNFI didn't like the author's style, I found the story seedy/sleazy and the few sex scenes that I read repulsed me.

    16. I think I might possibly be one of the last people in the western hemisphere to read this book. Thanks to Kristen, who read it last week and recc'd it to me. She convinced me to move it up on my tbr and dive in. Here goes, I thought, and then spent the better part of two days scowling. Mostly at my Kindle as I tried to decipher the meaning in Robin Schone's prose, but sometimes at my husband, who insisted on chatting with me the whole time I was trying to read this. To be fair we ARE married, an [...]

    17. After reading this book two words are left in my head. WHAT? and WHY?WHAT is going on with the Character developement? Nothing!!! Schone has two great characters constantly labels them over and over again "The Whore and The Spinster" we never really get to know them any deeper than that. The sex scenes were just words on a page with no feeling for the h/h I really didn't care what happened in the bedroom and nothing went on out of it. Even at the end you get this "powerful trust me" banana scene [...]

    18. This book was so very weird I don't know why I finished it, because I certainly didn't enjoy it

    19. Miss Anne Aimes has spent her life looking after her elderly parents, but now her parents have passed, she finally wants something for herself, and decides that at thirty six, it is time she lost her virginity. But Anne knows all she has is her wealth, she is plain and far past the first blush of youth, so who better to introduce her to intimacy than Michel de Anges, a man renown for giving women pleasure a price. But Michael is hiding something and being with Anne puts her in mortal dangerbut i [...]

    20. Finally, after all the dull books I read lately, this one was a definitely good purchase ! It was totally gripping, very hot but not only.I was originally looking for a steamy story, with lots of sex and dirty talk (yes, this is my way of relaxing from life, sue me).But I got more. The characters were original, by their age (40 and 36), the female lead is said to be plain, have greying hair, be a little too full on the hips. Even though Michael/Michel is said to have been a very handsome man, he [...]

    21. This one got a great moodiness to it and nice buildup to a memorable ending. Not afraid of discomfort, the author relishes difficult situations. Heroine's strength of character in going through with such a drastic decision was well presented, and hero's reluctance in opening up to her is well done. But, same insecurities are rehashed over and over again, and there is an intruding gloominess, plus I got bored of being cooped up with them in the bedroom learning french words for sex stuff. I thoug [...]

    22. The Lover by Robin SchoneI loved this book he first time I read it a long time ago and when an opportunity came up to do a buddy read with it’s recent e-book release, I jumped at the chance to talk about it with friends. It was as wonderful the second time as it was the first. That’s not something I can say about many things and certainly not books. I’ve changed as a person and my tastes in reading have changed too but this story is classical Historical Erotica and has stood the test of (m [...]

    23. Premise seemed interesting but somehow the characters seemed rather cardboard. Also it took place over only 3 days. I would have liked it better if it had actually been a former street urchin male prostitute and they had actually had a month's worth of falling in love over the course of the contract. I also think that authors who try to convince me that someone with burned but fully funtional hands and a burn scar on one cheek that doesn't touch his eyes, lips or hair would be considered too ugl [...]

    24. The first book in Robin Schone's The Lover series. Something a little different. More erotic and a little dark than my normal fare. It has an "Across The Tracks" theme, featuring a gigolo. May not appeal to everyone but I did like it with reservations. There were elements that were not my particular taste and more erotica than romance.

    25. 47%Y mirá que a mí me gusta este género, pero hay algo en la escritura de esta mujer, en su forma de narrar las escenas de sexo que me hastía. Los personajes no me llenan lo suficiente como para seguirla por ahora, algún día me dará curiosidad y volveré, pero hasta este momento

    26. This has been one of the darkest, creepiest, most compelling novels I have ever read. It was so disturbing I had to keep putting it down and going back to it but at no time did I contemplate not completing it. It needs the reader to concentrate as it swings back and forth between Anne's and Michel's inner thoughts and at times seems confusing but all becomes clear eventually.Michel des Anges.Michael of the Angels a renowned male whore, women pay highly for his sexual prowess, his notable attribu [...]

    27. I really like Robin Schone as a writer. Her style is definitely unique to the Historical Romance genre. In this story Ms. Schone delves into the dark side of the usual but unusual aristocratic love affair, featuring the lonely and headstrong spinster, Lady Anne Aimes, and the emotionally and physically scarred gigolo (for lack of a better word) Michael des Anges. Both of these characters have a past that leaves them emotionally bruised and unable to trust the intentions of the other. When Anne s [...]

    28. „The Lover“ is a book by Robin Schone. After reading “The Lady’s Tutor” I wanted to read more by her because I was fascinated by the novel. It’s the story of Anne Aimes and Michel des Anges. She’s 36 and still a spinster. Not even a year ago her parents died whom she had nursed over the years because she was an only child and felt responsible for them. Soon she realizes that they never had needed a daughter but a nurse because they were quite old when they got her. So now having he [...]

    29. This was a fairly good historical romance that came with some steam I loved the way the author slowly but surely involves the reader, in a world of seduction, sexual freedom, retribution, and redemptionAlthough there was some lag, this was a worthwhile read that will stay with me for quite some timeGiving this one: 3 stars

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