World Enough and Time

World Enough and Time Anna Jones is an intelligent and spirited girl of whose everyday experiences of growing up are overshadowed by a rare condition called Goldenhar syndrome While Anna approaches her life with humour

  • Title: World Enough and Time
  • Author: Emma C. Williams
  • ISBN: 9781780881980
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anna Jones is an intelligent and spirited girl of 15, whose everyday experiences of growing up are overshadowed by a rare condition called Goldenhar syndrome While Anna approaches her life with humour and determination, she is haunted by the inescapable fact that she looks a little different from other girls.

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      147 Emma C. Williams
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    1. Emma C Williams is a teacher in a large comprehensive school as well as a writer She has written many articles for Humanist Life and Quillette magazine and published her first YA novel in 2012.

    2. 'World Enough and Time' by Emma C. Williams was 'recommended' to me by based on some books I'd read previously. The premise fascinated me and, seeing that I had it on my 'to-read' shelf, the author contacted me asking if I would like a copy to review. Of course, I accepted, and here we areAnna Jones is your typical 15 year old. Intelligent, sensitive and feisty she's got a lot going on. Firstly, there's Michael, a close friend who she'd like to be closer to, then there's the fiasco she's gotten [...]

    3. When you are an English teacher (as I am) and you read a lot of Young Adult novels (as I do) you begin to notice trends in styles. A mid teens female narrator? Hmmm. This must be a book that involves falling in love with the wrong boy and either running away before realising the terrible mistake she has made or convincing the adults in the novel that the unsuitable boy isn't actually that unsuitable. "World Enough and Time" bucks these trends however and gives us a narrator that simply isn't tha [...]

    4. If you are looking for a fast paced, action packed book then World Enough and Time is not the book for you. However if you are looking for a story that is full of reality, then you definitely can't go wrong with this one!!This is the story of Anna who was born with Goldenhar syndrome, which is a congenital birth defect which involves deformities of the face. It is her story as she prepares for, in her words, "the countdown to The Day My Life Changes". You see, Anna is about to undergo major surg [...]

    5. Copy obtained through Goodread's giveawaysI thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is aimed at YA's and is not your A-typical boy-meets-girl story. The story is based on a 15yr old girl called Anna who has a rare condition called Goldenhar Syndrome. It raises ethical issues, stereotyping and prejudices, identity awareness, and vanity. Each issue is dealt with sensitively and, considering the target audience, it has the ability to impart knowledge that would make one consider their own actions.As for t [...]

    6. I won this book from in return for an honest review.I know this book is aimed at teenage girls - but I loved it!The characters of Ashley and Anna were great. Although Anna had disability issues I didn't feel sorry for her or felt that I was expected too. She was a normal teenage girl who had a more to cope with than her friends, but did it with humour and the help of her family and best friend.I am 47 so a little out of the age range of this book - but I remember how awful being a teenage girl [...]

    7. This is the sort of book you read in one go. I enjoyed it very much and liked the main character - a feisty and brave girl who faces up to the challenges of her life with humour and spirit. Some interesting questions are raised too in terms of issues relating to genetic testing and abortion. Well written and absorbing.

    8. World Enough and Time was one of those quick books that I was expecting would just fill in space between longer books, but rather than this being a 'filler' book, this short book is so emotionally charged and meaningful that it stands out more than the longer and darker reads do.I learned so much from this book, I'd never heard of Goldenhar syndrome and now I feel more educated, but this book helps to show what's going on in the mind of anybody with a physical disability and I loved watching Ann [...]

    9. World Enough and Time follows the main character Anna in the months leading up to a life changing operation. Anna suffers with Goldenhar Syndrome, a rare congenital condition characterised by underdevelopment of the ear and jaw on one side of the face. Anna is a fantastic character. She's witty and sarcastic. She talks back, but in an intelligent and challenging way. She's frustrated but never lets this frustration boil over into bitterness. She surrounds herself with people who are good for her [...]

    10. I'm very confuses as to how this book got such great ratings, as in 4+ stars. I will say it was well written as in realistic because the the characters's ages. But this was, no other way of sayin it but a story. I'm an emotional basket case when it comes to stories. I can totally jump in and feel what they feel. This book had me not feeling anything. There were words as to how Anna described herself but I couldn't FEEL how she felt about herself. There was so real climax in this book, story. I w [...]

    11. An outstanding novel! World Enough and Time is a coming of age story of an intelligent witty teenage girl, Anna, who has a rare condition that results in some physical deformities. The story is about her coming of age, but it's also about the life of any other teenager. The underlying story line is engaging and clever and reminds us that while we're all different, we are also all the same in the fundamental humanity that binds us.The characters are well developed and likable. The plot is engagin [...]

    12. This was definitely one of those books that pulls you in from page one and makes it difficult to put down. I enjoyed the story and felt that the characters were very easy to relate to. The one thing I will say is that I think certain parts of the story were glossed over or moved through too quickly, I'd have liked more information. It also ended rather suddenly and I would have liked a more gradual descent into the ending. I would like to have had more to the story too and know what happened wit [...]

    13. This is one of those books you can read in one sitting. Although it’s a quick read it is a powerful story. When we first began to read this story non of us had ever heard about Goldenhar Syndrome by the time we finished the book we felt like we knew what it is like to live with this condition. We love how Emma C. Williams combines Anna’s life with her doctor appointments to show the reader how difficult it is to be her. However, for all the struggles Anna has to go through she is very strong [...]

    14. A great book you could sit and read in one sitting. A powerful moving story about a teenage girl with a rare disfiguring illness who like all teenagers is trying to find out who they are and how they fit into the grand scheme of life. I found that the main character of Anna really likeable, feisty and witty. I thought the book was well written with a good understanding of teenage angst but I found the language used between the characters a little too precise for the way teenagers actually talk.O [...]

    15. Being a teenager is never easy but when you have additional problems to worry about, life can seem even harder. Anna is a likeable main character whose story is written in a sympathetic way yet is not patronising at all. I started reading this book and was totally hooked, I can't remember when I last read a book so quickly but I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read the next book by this author.

    16. first time ive read one of your novels and i realy liked it can realy empathise with the story good all rounder 4/5

    17. They say when the student is ready the teacher will come. Well, this is how I feel about this book. This last year, really these last many years has turned so many of my hopes and dreams upside down. I still want to write. No, I must write, but with all the upheaval I've gone through I question exactly how to go about it, I question where it would be best to spend my limited time. But this book seeped into me and calmed me and helped me realize what was important to me. And it also helped me rea [...]

    18. It was one of those books that you get off the library shelf without much prior thought but can't put it back because something in it compels you to read on For me, it was partly due to the nature of the story_it's about a young girl, suffering from Goldenhar Disease, finding her self and her place in the world and in certain people's heart. But what makes it special is that the realisation at the end, that at times we are judging the love around us with other people's eyes and not letting our h [...]

    19. I thought this book was really interesting, full of Anna's emotions about everything; her normal life and relationships to the big surgery she has decided to take. I would say that this book is for 12+.

    20. Despite my seemingly low rating I thought this book was a lot more enjoyable than I had first expected. However I felt that the lack of character development and the abrupt (and dare I say slightly boring) ending let it down.However if you are looking for a light and very quick read this is a great choice as it could easily be read in one sitting. I loved Ashley's character! She was bubbly, funny, realistic, helpful and such a good friend to Anna. She was one of the most relatable characters I h [...]

    21. Reasons Why I Loved World Enough and Time:Anna Jones: Of course Anna has to be the main reason why I loved this novel so much. She has intelligence, wit, and maturity beyond her fifteen years. In short Anna has sass to spare, but she also exudes a sense of sensitivity and vulnerability. She is a wonderfully complex character who drew me completely into her equally complex world.Friendship: The relationship between Anna and her best friend Ashley was one of my favourites throughout the whole nove [...]

    22. Read this in just half a road trip home. Quick and good read. The author took a tough subject and made it light and refreshing. It is listed as YA and I most certainly feel it is relevant for any age, I think this would be good for a younger audience as well. I felt a string connection with all the characters. The story was never dull and it kept my attention the entire time. I'd give this one about 3.75 stars!! Overall good novel.

    23. truly original and a thoroughly enjoyable story. A great addition to anyone's home bookshelf.I would recommend this book.Thank you for choosing me to receive a free copy via giveaways.

    24. I absolutely loved this book. I had a very hard time putting it down. This book grabbed my attention from the very beginning. The issues that she deals with are very relatable. I wish there was more to the story. I really wanted to know what happened when she finished all the treatments.

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