Kindness for Weakness

Kindness for Weakness A fifteen year old boy from an abusive home desperately seeking his older brother s love and approval starts pushing drugs for him and suffers the consequences

  • Title: Kindness for Weakness
  • Author: Shawn Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780385743242
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fifteen year old boy from an abusive home desperately seeking his older brother s love and approval starts pushing drugs for him and suffers the consequences.

    Kindness for Weakness by Shawn Goodman May , Kindness For Weakness reminded me a lot of Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers Each book is centered around a teenage male protagonist who s incarcerated in a juvenile detention center And each is a good kid, smart and focused enough to himself out of his situation, if he can just resist the bait put in front of him by the brain dead future cons Kindness for Weakness Barnes Noble Kindness for Weakness is a daring, dazzling leap into the dark passage that is the journey to manhood Paul Griffin, author of The Orange Houses Gripping action, gritty dialogue, vivid characters, and palpable tension permeate the brief chapters of James s powerful, honest, compelling narrative School Library Journal TOP KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS QUOTES A Z Quotes Kindness for Weakness Shawn Feb , Kindness for Weakness is a daring, dazzling leap into the dark passage that is the journey to manhood Paul Griffin, author of The Orange Houses Gripping action, gritty dialogue, vivid characters, and palpable tension permeate the brief chapters of James s powerful, honest, compelling narrative School Library Journal Kindness For Weakness Quotes, Quotations Sayings haystak kindness for weakness YouTube Aug , kindness for weakness by haystak kindness for weakness by haystak Skip navigation Sign in Search Loading Close This video is unavailable Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue. Kindness for Weakness Kindness for Weakness is a studio album by American rapper Homeboy Sandman It was released by Stones Throw Records on May , Music videos were What is the Don t take my kindness for weakness quote Nov , I will tell you a recent example of mine regarding this quote If I werent a very friendly and open minded, kind person, then something like this would not happen to me So, I travel by train a lot, and I usu meet a lot of various people Recently Quote by Al Capone Don t mistake my kindness for Global Ship Orders Internationally

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    2 thoughts on “Kindness for Weakness

    1. Shawn Goodman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kindness for Weakness book, this is one of the most wanted Shawn Goodman author readers around the world.

    2. Review originally posted at YA LoveShawn Goodman’s sophomore release, Kindness for Weakness, made me feel an array of emotions: hope, grief, dismay, and more. I absolutely loved Something Like Hope, so when I featured Kindness for Weakness on Waiting on Wednesday, Shawn offered to send me an ARC of it. I had requested a copy via NetGalley, and hadn’t received a response yet, so I accepted his kind offer. Regardless of how I received a copy of this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wa [...]

    3. Initial reaction:  Probably somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars. I'm not sure, I don't think I've quite recovered from the ending and how the book really took a dark turn after some time, though it was dark to begin with in this story of a boy who was caught in a very tough lifestyle, made terrible choices, had some glimmer of hope in stages, but ultimately, I think I'll leave that for my extended review.I thought this book was very well done. Really wish I'd read it sooner. Full review: I think [...]

    4. A strong 3.5, especially because of its potential boy appeal and reluctant reader appeal. Always nice to have those qualities for the recommendation arsenal.James tells his story in first person, a story of poverty, isolation. He subsists in a home with a weak mother who bends to the will of her meth-head abusive boyfriend and has already lost one son because of it. Louis simply left, remaking himself as a bodybuilder and a drug dealer to gain some control. He has cut ties with his family even t [...]

    5. " I smile inwardly, thinking that maybe there are such things as second chances."There are, James, and I wish you would have realized sooner that strength isn't just a bodily measure. I wish you could have been the one to rise up against the tide of hate and fear. You should have gotten that second chance.Review of SLJ Teen:"Kindness for Weakness follows the story of James, a teenager who has lived his whole life surrounded by a lost and broken family. With an alcoholic mother and an abusive ste [...]

    6. I was really rooting for this one. I loved the beginning, it's very strong and exciting. It starts with a flashback and then we learn about where it sort of began.But after awhile, James's story starts to get boring and at many times, he feels like a brick wall, only relying on books and other people to build his character up.There are many book references in this novel! Too many for my taste. I can deal with one or two but Kindness for Weakness has around four book references which I found t [...]

    7. Goodman's heart wrenching account of boys trying to become men gives readers a glimpse into the darkness that takes over without the proper guidance during this critical journey. I have a fondness for books that reference other books, exposing the layers and connections a reading life can offer, and this one is filled with literary references that serve as anchors during the storm. Sadly, I see too many of my students within Goodman's characters; boys who believe in the "kindness for weakness" p [...]

    8. Personal Response: I gave this book five out of five stars. I really enjoyed reading this book and it kept my full attention throughout its entirety. I loved the way the author told the main character’s story. I could really feel what the characters were feeling. I felt like I was actually a part of the book; just another one of the characters. I liked how the author started the last chapter with the first chapter so that the book came full circle. I would definitely recommend this book, and I [...]

    9. Kindness For Weakness reminded me a lot of Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers. Each book is centered around a teenage male protagonist who's incarcerated in a juvenile detention center. And each is a good kid, smart and focused enough to himself out of his situation, if he can just resist the bait put in front of him by the brain-dead future cons trying to drag him down. An authority character in Lockdown compares it to a bucket of crabs - that rare individual with a chance of reaching the top will b [...]

    10. Good book. Its about a young man who is looking for someone to show him how to be a man. His mother has remarried a man who treats her like dirt. His older brother moved out of the home leaving him there by himself. The stepfather hits the mother and the young man. The older brother wants nothing to do with the family nor his brother, except when he gets his younger brother to do something illegal that changes both their lives forever.

    11. Read this entire book in one sitting. Was left pondering the takeaway messages from it for quite a few hours before I organized my thoughts enough to put together a review. Fifteen year old James serves as a likeable, sensitive narrator. James comes from a broken home- his father left, his mother has given up on life, her drug-addict boyfriend beats him, and his older brother (whom James idolizes) moved out and left him to his own devices. James has been forced to look out for himself- ducking f [...]

    12. I'm torn on this book. While I did really enjoy the writing and the characterization, this book was just SO hard to read and was incredibly depressing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hard-hitting contemporaries (in fact, I'm not a big fan of light/fluffy contemporaries) but usually, every book with this tone at least has SOME silver-lining, but this didn't. I'm giving it a 3-3.5 star rating because of the overall depressing reading experience and just some pacing issues I had with it, personally.

    13. This was SO DEPRESSING. I mean, obviously it was depressing, but seriously. Depressing. All the more so because it's based on true events.

    14. Kindness for Weakness was an amazing book! It is about this boy named James and he has no friends, nothing to do and a really bad family situation. His brother moved away and he is living with his mother and abusive stepfather. All he does is go to school, wish he had a different life and walk. He walks to forget about his life and think of what he could have instead. His brother calls him up one day and asks him to do him a favor. him and his brother go and sell drugs because his brother lost h [...]

    15. Kindness For Weakness by Shawn Goodman is about a kid who finds himself in the middle of family troubles and just wants out. His father left when he was just a little boy and his mother has been in and out of relationships ever since. She has found ways into cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. Her latest boyfriend has abused the family and ruined the relationship James and his mother did have. James has an older brother named Louis that has moved out and so they think, has started a great life. But [...]

    16. I didn't enjoy this book. I feel like the plot wasn't exactly what i was expecting at the beginning. The author did a good job giving us descriptions about the main character but i feel as if the they could of given more background about the other characters. I wouldn't recommend this book. I feel as if the plot continued to change and i couldn't get interested to the book.

    17. I wasn't sure what to expect from Kindness for Weakness, since the blurb is very vague. What I got was a really dark story about a boy who has no one but himself, and is trying to survive a difficult situation while finding connection. James has a terrible home life, and he's just trying to get by. He starts working for his brother as a delivery boy. James has no idea what he's delivering, but he wants to do well for his brother. Then he gets arrested and thrown into juvie where he needs to toug [...]

    18. I began reading with a completely misplaced assumption that this novel belonged in the same genre that Sarah Dessen might fall into, that being short, uplifting, girly, young-adult books that fly by in a tornado of page turning. Though I can assure you most of all of those categorizations are untrue,the latter still stands; while the story of this 15-year-old underprivileged boy's trials and epiphanies while doing time in a youth correctional facility will always be a good story, I was not expec [...]

    19. If you are kind, then certain people think you are weak. In the world James lives in, he is considered weak and that is a liability. He is a lonely teenager living a life amongst lowlifes and criminals and he wants something better for himself, to become a good man. How does he go from where he is now to where he wants to be? James decides to help his brother, Louis, by selling some drugs for him as a favor. Of course, James gets caught and is thrown into juvie. This place is tough, but there is [...]

    20. Although Kindness for Weakness isn't your typical "happily ever after" story, be prepared for a seriously eye-opening experience. Expect to be educated, and while you may feel terrible throughout the process, you will likely have a new-found appreciation for your life. After discovering what the title Kindness for Weakness means, you will have a better understanding of a broken system and broken lives. Author Shawn Goodman has insider knowledge of New York's juvenile justice system as he worked [...]

    21. dnf @ 48%i wanted to like this book a lot, i really, really did but for some reason, i was just bored as hell. maybe it's because i've been reading too many adult books for the mindset of a fifteen year-old boy with no life experience whatsoever to do much more than irritate/bore me, but everything this main character said or did felt whiny to me, personally. the whole point of this book, however, is that he's decidedly "not a man" and he's trying to, in a The Sea Wolf fashion, "become a man," s [...]

    22. You guys, I just recently gobbled up Kindness For Weakness by Shawn Goodman which really hit my intellectual sweet spots. I mean, I started this book the same day that I DNFed a contemporary book and basically read all of Kindness For Weakness in a single sitting – including about 88% of the book while I was on the exercise bike. Goodman’s book has a stellar main character and then actually made me think deeply about issues in our society AND made me want to read this classic Jack London boo [...]

    23. Wow. This was hard to put down; and when I did, I couldn't stop thinking about it. A powerful story of a young boy with no guidance or support who winds up in Juvie. Ironically, he learns to become a man, but also torn apart by violence and brutality around him. This books sheds light on too many areas we turn a blind eye to in society; especially for those young men most at risk living in a world where "kindness is a sign of weakness."

    24. Even if this book wasn't one of the Eliot Rosewater nominees for 2107, I'd want to read it because Ruta Sepetys, one of my favorite new YA authors (who also has a book on the Rosie list) has a cover blurb claiming this book is a meeting between "Monster" and "The Catcher in the Rye." To me, this is an intriguing combination, so I snapped it up. I found the story of James, a 15 year old kid who has been abandoned by his father, neglected by his mother, abused by her boyfriend and all but forgotte [...]

    25. HOW DID THE CHARACTER CHANGE OVERTIME ? WHAT DID HE OR SHE LEARN ABOUT LIFE? Kindness for Weakness main character changed through out the book. At first James (main character) is a innocent kid that has been through a lot with his parents and his brother. the story all turned around when his brother left from their house and decided to do drugs. Little by little Louis starts invoving his brother James into the drug dealing and gets caught. Eventually getting James to go to Juvinal and switch his [...]

    26. A gritty, real look at one of the many screwed up systems that kids have to go trough in this country. The contrast of terrible people and glints of hope really showed what these kids go through, especially since it was written based on true stories by someone who witnessed things like this for years. Not the kind of book I would normally read but I was pleasantly surprised. Raw and well-written, I was impressed.

    27. I'm doing some volunteering at a lockdown facility for teens. I don't see violence from staff but hard to shake the tough guy attitudes these young people carry. I think the title and theme are accurate. We have to walk as if we are in other's shoes to better understand a world unfamiliar to us. This book does that.

    28. This book reminded me a lot of a mix between The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger and Monster by Walter Dean Myers. The beginning wasn't something I was really expecting although as the book progressed, it was okay of a read.

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