Summer Loving

Summer Loving Elise Waterford is a struggling writer when an article she wrote about the perils of internet dating lands on the desk of Taylor Stone editor of the most influential magazine in Europe Impressed wit

  • Title: Summer Loving
  • Author: Rivka Spicer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: ebook
  • Elise Waterford is a struggling writer, when an article she wrote about the perils of internet dating lands on the desk of Taylor Stone, editor of the most influential magazine in Europe Impressed with her style, he offers her a challenge she can t refuse 6 guys, 6 weeksn she turn around their hapless internet dating history and blog for the magazine while she doesElise Waterford is a struggling writer, when an article she wrote about the perils of internet dating lands on the desk of Taylor Stone, editor of the most influential magazine in Europe Impressed with her style, he offers her a challenge she can t refuse 6 guys, 6 weeksn she turn around their hapless internet dating history and blog for the magazine while she does it Confused by her deliciously dishy boss and swept off her feet by the local librarian, Elise sets out on an emotional journey with her projects, only to discover that the path to love is dark and sometimes painful Who is the mysterious Mr X leaving love letters on her blog Who knew that life in the city could be so complicated Sometimes it s not about who s out there, it s about who s looking.Packed with humour, emotion and lots of cake, this is a book for anyone that s ever looked for love and been surprised where they found it.

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    2 thoughts on “Summer Loving

    1. Rivka Spicer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Summer Loving book, this is one of the most wanted Rivka Spicer author readers around the world.

    2. I got this book for free and was super shocked it was so good. I took away a star because there needed to be more interaction between Taylor and Elise. There was not enough sexual tension between them for you to believe that he was in love with her. I gave the star back because this book made me lol a few times. Lost a star because Nate was super nice and that was it. You didn't really know if he was hot or cute or just a plain dude. Gained a star for the emails at the end!Honestly this author h [...]

    3. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS (not intentional but it happens) do not read ahead if you don't want to know bits of story :) This story is definitely Cinderella with a twist. Elise gets a chance to write for a big magazine company down in London and the editor of said magazine, Taylor Stone is let's say.dishy. Elise and Taylor strike it well together at the beginning, there's a bit of a snag but they become friends and she moves to London for 3 months. Whilst there she meets Nathan, a librarian who falls [...]

    4. I'm not the type of person who goes out of my way to review books (in fact this is my first review), I'm just fine rating them as I go. But I was scanning the amazon top 100 contemporary romances and saw this book for free. Now, I know that I don't ever review books, but when looking for new books to read I ALWAYS look at the ratings and reviews of a book. But unfortunately this book did not have any ratings or reviews on it at the time of "purchasing" it so I was just content enough to read t [...]

    5. Without giving the plot away, this novel is an emotional rollercoaster of laughter, sadness, empathy and much, much more. This author is well up there with the likes of Sophie Kinsella, De-Ann Black and the like.If you like romcoms, you HAVE to read this book - seriously!!!

    6. What can I say about this book, it was absolutely fantastic. I picked it up and literally couldn't put it down until I finished it. If you like rom coms, then you will LOVE this book. I can't but thoroughly recommend it.

    7. I took a chance on this months ago as a freebie and really wished I had not put it off so long. It was a sugary sweet romance - zero sex - barely any angst but it was so damn cute that I have images if kittens dancing on rainbows and cupcakes falling from the sky covered in frosting. Did I leave out puppies? Can't leave out the adorable puppies!Elise Waterford is a writer with some quirks. She has published a book in her youth and written columns, but it is her musing on internet dating and her [...]

    8. I recently re-read this book, and realized I never reviewed it here on . I don't believe I've ever read a book like this one. I sometimes felt I was reading two different stories--but in a good way.Taylor, an editor of a popular magazine, reads a blog written by Elise. He arranges an interview which takes place over the course of a few days at his chalet in the mountains. The idea he has for a series of blogs and articles is based on Elise's blog about online dating. She's to contact some men on [...]

    9. Well The email exchange at the end made me smile, but other than that? It was a nice, quick read for a lazy saturday afternoon however I couldn't really relate to the characters. On one side I did want to find out how it'd end, on the other I didn't care that much which guy she'd end up with of if she ended up with one at all. Maybe it's just me but if a guy I barely know takes my hand and leads me around that way I wouldn't be too impressed to say the least. And Elise (yes I just had to think a [...]

    10. I was about to give up on all the books I had gotten for free on my kindle. The ones I had read previous to this one were mediocre at best. Once I started this one, I could not put it down. I actually would have given the book 5 stars but basically it ended too soon and there was one other thing in the book that I was not happy about. I am unable to explain that thought without giving away the ending of the book. If you read it, you will see what I mean about it ending too soon though. I just lo [...]

    11. This is my first ever time of writing a review so I hope I do you justice as you deserve it. I downloaded this as a free book and openly I have found that some free books haven't been all that. But I LOVED this one. When I read a book it's because I want to have time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and this book gave me that. I would love to read a sequel or maybe another spin off story in which they are featured just to see where their life took them. I can't wait to read more [...]

    12. This book was just a fun and light read.I thought Elise's blog posts were humorous and also some situations she was brought on. I also found endearing how she helped the 3 different men and how they became friends. And most of all i LOVED the Mr X emails and epilogue.However i find many sides of the story lacking, from that sudden relationship with Nathan to how Anton interfered in her relationship with his brother. It just seemed so off.

    13. This book had me swooning and laughing. Elsie had some very interesting blog posts, and highly entertaining too. I already knew who the secret admirer was, Mr X. Plus the love letters and the emails they sent each other, were so adorable reminded me of Fifty shades of grey. It was so emotional and deep at some points, too much feelings, in the end the guy I was rooting for actually got the girl. Loved it, definitely worth my time.

    14. I mean that in the most flattering way. When I purchased this book for free on amazon, I thought it would be a quick read. I was so wrong. It was funny, loving and the story line drew you in immediately. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK. Keeping this book in the archives to read in the future. Read it!

    15. So the other moms in the carpool line must have thought me crazy I was laughing out loud reading this book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked both of the men and kept hoping one of them would prove to be a terrible villain so I could throw my support behind the other one - whichever one that was. Very cute, quick read.

    16. This was a freebie on i always reckon i can delete a book if i dont like it and its free well this one is a keeperYes its chick lit. i dont normally read chick lit but after a heavy read sometimes its nice to just read something nice and lightCracking little book, funny and emotional loved it from beginning to end


    18. really liked this story but even though I liked the emails at the end I just think it could have ended better

    19. There are not many books out there that can make me chuckle but this book definitely did it is a clever mix of serious and humorous with some clever twists thrown in.

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