A Colder War

A Colder War A Colder War is an alternate history novelette by Charles Stross It follows a What If scenario where the follow up expedition in Lovecraft s At the Mountains of Madness has occurred and inexorably fu

  • Title: A Colder War
  • Author: Charles Stross
  • ISBN: 9781884612480
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Audio CD
  • A Colder War is an alternate history novelette by Charles Stross It follows a What If scenario where the follow up expedition in Lovecraft s At the Mountains of Madness has occurred, and inexorably fuses the Cold War and Cthulhu Mythos.

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    1. Charles David George Charlie Stross is a writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland His works range from science fiction and Lovecraftian horror to fantasy.Stross is sometimes regarded as being part of a new generation of British science fiction writers who specialise in hard science fiction and space opera His contemporaries include Alastair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, Liz Williams and Richard Morgan SF Encyclopedia sf encyclopedia entry enpedia wiki Charles_Tor uscmillan author charle

    2. WHAT IF there were numerous "gates" to other worlds, not of our making, located all over the world, and in places like Antarctica, Iraq, and a sub-basement of the White House?WHAT IF these gates led, not to rural Stargate SG-1 type worlds, but to horrifying worlds filled with various radioactive forces, abandoned alien cities, and, oh, the old Lovecraftian gods like Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth and the like?WHAT IF the world powers knew all of this, and came together in the first part of the twentiet [...]

    3. Note: This novella is available for free online here.The "nukes are too dangerous to be used" theme has been done innumerable times in science fiction, with different metaphors each time. It's not a new idea, but mixing it with the Cthulhu Mythos is a new take on it, and even if Cthulhu wasn't catnip to me I'd like this story just because of that. Stross is better known among Mythos fans for The Laundry series, but A Colder War has very little of the satire and humor of those books. It's a much [...]

    4. Stiililiselt on mõlemad jutud hakitud ja hüplikud aga sisult ideed väga viis pluss. Esimene on tuumapunk+Lovecraft ja teine uumapunk+võõrtsivilisatsioonidega kokkupõrge. Kiidaks ka suurepärast kaanepilti, mis kuidagi eriti maitsekalt välja kukkunud. Väärt ühe õhtune lugemine: Peamine miinus lisaks hüplikusele on liigne pealiskaudsus. Lugejal kütetakse huvi mõlema maailma vastu viimase piirini üles ja jäetakse seejärel lõpuni rahuldamata. Vot just ühest neist maailmaist oleks [...]

    5. This short story is available for free on Infinity Plus. It's an alternative history setting, involving several political enemies and allies, like the USA, Hezbollah, Saddam Hussein, etc. with a touch of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu creature. Oh yes, space (as in extraterrestrial) also plays a role.Personally, I found this one hard to get, hard to get through and not all that consistent. Or maybe that was just my impression. Technical, military jargon, not a smooth writing style (imho), I'd say: Foo [...]

    6. This was a wonderfully dark novella marrying two themes that, in a way, were meant for eachother: Ronald Regan and the Eldritch Dark. In my opinion, this, along with Gene Wolfe's "Lord of the Land" (from Starwater Strains) is one of the best modern Cthulu stories.###This seems like the perfect companion piece to Declare.

    7. Nauding, mis siin muud öelda, kui esialgne plaan mõned leheküljed lugeda muteerus plaaniks magamaminek paari tunni võrra edasi lükata. Kummaski lühikeses jutus loob Stross huvitavad maailmad, jääb vaid kahetseda, et nendega ei õnnestu pikemalt tutvuda. Külma sõja aegne konflikt on ühel juhul segatud Lovecrafti ideedega, teisel juhul peavad vaenulikud pooled hakkama saama võõras keskkonnas, kus senine status quo on oma tähtsuse kaotanud.

    8. This was the first of Charlie's works I came across, and I was bowled over. If, like me, you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, you start muttering, very early in the work, such original phrases as "Oh shit". If not, you soon pick up on the mood, helped by 'facts' such as LBJ's aloholism and Jimmy Carter's loss of religion.Mixed in with the Contragate and Irangate scandals, and the lurking menace of Mutually Assured Destruction, is Cthulhu and his drowned city, where he no longer waits dead and dreami [...]

    9. This interesting novelette which is set in a parallel lovecraftian universe creates a paranoid and provocative world order which tries to play with fire and harness alien technology to gain advantage over their respective cold war enemies. The "fire" being the old gods which the world leaders learn about after the incidents of the story"At the mountains of madness". They really messed with wrong aliens there!A quick, fun read.

    10. This was a surprise find via reddit. Mixing the Cthulhu mythos with the Cold War was incredibly engrossing. Check it out.

    11. This a menacing update of Lovecraft and cold war paranoia.ry grim and gripping. I thought this would be really goofyI was wrong.

    12. I loved the way this short story drip-feeds you tid-bits of information, allowing you to build up a slow realisation of the horrific situation the world is in. I really wish Stross expanded this into a full length novel, it's such a fantastic concept. My only criticism apart from the length, is when making the comparison to Lovecraft's work, A Colder War lacks a the quintessential Lovecraftian build-up of tension towards a final climactic reveal.

    13. 'In his shirt pocket, a crumpled, precious pack of cigarettes. He pulls a white cylinder out with shaking fingers, sniffs at it, then flicks his lighter under it. Scarcity has forced him to cut back: he coughs at the first lungful of stale smoke, a harsh, racking croak. The irony of being saved from lung cancer by a world war is not lost on him.'Easily the best paragraph of this story.

    14. One (long) sentence review: So this is a mixture of lovecraftian mythos (mostly after the events of Mountains of Madness) with cold war era and overweponising with mass destructive power, tere were some chunks of text that could be cut otu, besides of that, nice short story and must read for alternative history/ universe fans.

    15. An interesting take on the Cthulhu mythos: an alternativ history where the presence of the Elder Gods is a significant (and disastrous) factor in cold war history.

    16. A nice conceptual mashup, but it's a shame it's just a short story -- I wanted something longer to really flesh this out.

    17. Here's the author:[In 1998] "I’d published a short story titled “A Colder War” which got some attention, but its tale of a 1980s cold war updated with Cthulhoid horrors was too bleak to expand into a novel." Source:torforgeblog/2017/07/1-- which is a cool little essay on the publish biz.Bleak indeed, but well worth reading. Free copy online atinfinityplus/stories Love the cover art for the chapbook!

    18. I very much enjoy checking out the Tor website on a regular basis, and often read articles about books or stories I don't really have any intention of ever reading myself.One such series is the current look at books that inspired or were inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's works. This is something I've never really read myself, beyond once reading At the Mountains of Madness for a book club read. It really wasn't my thing, the prose isn't my kind of writing and Lovecraft is one of those problematic pe [...]

    19. First off, A Colder War is available onlinehere. I heartily recommend it.A Colder War is the Cold War except the Soviets have invested deeply in harnessing eldritch monstrosities like shoggoths and Project Koschei. The United States has responded with ramping up their nuclear arsenal to counter Koschei includingProject Pluto. (view spoiler)[Things go downhill from there. (hide spoiler)]My favorite thing about this story is the ambiguity. For example, Project Pluto is never explained in story. It [...]

    20. Pean esmalt ilmselt vabandama oma ebakompetentsust, kuid pole seni veel Lovecrafti teoste lugemiseni paraku jõudnud. Arusaadavalt tuleks see viga esimesel võimalusel parandada, et mõista käesoleva teose alltektsti ning muid viiteid.Minu ebapädevusest tulenevalt aga erineb just seetõttu ka minu arvamus sellest raamatust teiste arvustajate omast, kel on kõik eeldused täidetud. Mulle nimelt meeldis just raamatu teine lugu, "Raketikeelutsoon", palju rohkem, kui esimene, mis jäi minu jaoks l [...]

    21. Didn't do the audio file but actually read the book instead. Well it left me wanting. There was SO much potential and it just wasn't delivered. It's Cthulhu around the fringes and interesting. The execution is good but there isn't any meat to it. And Stross's political leanings stick out - a lot! Which is one of two things that I have problems with in the work of his I have read. One is when he chooses to do 'experimental' things in his writing (like using a constantly shifting POV in 2nd person [...]

    22. 1980's Cold War paranoia meets the Cthulhu Mythos in this novelette by Charles Stross. Unsurprisingly, the Great Old Ones and the Reagan era mesh seamlessly, providing fertile ground for Stross to extrapolate a "present" (circa 1984) in which the events of H. P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness actually happened, making the late 20th Century a far, far stranger era. Loaded with detailed references to Cold War politics, military hardware, and, of course, Lovecraft's pullulating pantheon, " [...]

    23. With frequent allusions to both Dr. Strangelove and At the Mountains of Madness, this novelette covers much of the same thematic terrain as The Atrocity Archives, which I read a couple of years ago. Marrying Cold War-era existential angst and paranoia to Lovecraftian existential angst and paranoia seems chocolate-and-peanut-butter obvious in hindsight, but (AFAIK) it was Stross who thought of it first and his insight serves him well.The story is gloomy, claustrophobic and unsettling: it feels li [...]

    24. Charlie Stross is a master of alternative realities, with a touch of humor.This particular novella isn't very funny - it's pretty bleak and pointed.However, the story very effectively marries together the Cthulu mythos with the (darker in some ways) Reaganesque "manifest destiny" of the 1980s. It is brilliantly done, with an edge of satire. As one other commentator wrote, this is a perfect companion piece to Tim PowersDeclare.

    25. A scarily successful alt history novella that blends two parts Cthulhu and one part Dr. Strangelove. The world is peppered with portals to other worlds, and other -wheres the world's super powers are aware of this and ban the use of any eldritch tech but, of course, as the years march on this is chipped away at until something is awakened and unleashed. The bulk of the tale is around the furtive efforts of back room spies and secret science experiments all trying to know more, gain an edge, or c [...]

    26. This is a novella, and my all-time favorite work by Charles Stross. It's also a work where identifying the genre constitutes a spoiler.It's my favorite work by Stross because it's beautifully written. IMHO, most of his other work is "merely" well-written.Stross followed it up with a number of other stories that were collected in two fixups, The Atrocity Archive and The Jennifer Morgue. These stories are fairly light-hearted, and not as "serious"--except for the book afterwords, which are excelle [...]

    27. A Colder War is an alternate history novelette by Charles Stross, a modern sequel to one of the most famous Lovecraft's stories (At the Mountains of Madness): a follow-up expedition to the pole has occurred, and the Cold War is fought with monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos.This story pre-date the atrocity archives, the first of the laundry series books, by 4 years, but it contains many of the ideas and themes that will be expanded in the series that catapulted Stross to fame.

    28. 4.5 starsThis was an incredible journey into an alternate history. It blends CIA black ops with cthulu mythos in a way I was plesantly shocked by. The way the author brought in a lot of past events and tied them to the mythos was a lot of fun to read. The description of what aliens themselves was fascinating and fun to follow.Be warned, this is NOT a happy story. This is a descent into madness and depression, but it is an absolute must read for mythos fans.

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