314 book 3

book Alma Harper and her friends have been struggling to figure out the puzzle of lies weaved in the town of Widowsfield They ve escaped the grasp of The Watcher but now The Skeleton Man is free as well

  • Title: 314 book 3
  • Author: A.R. Wise
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  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alma Harper and her friends have been struggling to figure out the puzzle of lies weaved in the town of Widowsfield They ve escaped the grasp of The Watcher, but now The Skeleton Man is free as well, and no one s certain what he s capable of The Watcher in the Walls is forced to craft new lies, and weave a new nightmare in Widowsfield, but he longs for the return of theAlma Harper and her friends have been struggling to figure out the puzzle of lies weaved in the town of Widowsfield They ve escaped the grasp of The Watcher, but now The Skeleton Man is free as well, and no one s certain what he s capable of The Watcher in the Walls is forced to craft new lies, and weave a new nightmare in Widowsfield, but he longs for the return of the Harpers As his world crumbles, he knows that the ones he s influenced will return, and that everything can begin again As the clock ticks down, and March 14th approaches, all will be revealed The true conspiracy will come to light, and each player will learn their role The Skeleton Man will have his revenge.

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    1. A.R. Wise Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 314 book 3 book, this is one of the most wanted A.R. Wise author readers around the world.

    2. I think I'm going to have to go for a psych evaluation after reading these books.A lot is explained in the final book of the (Widowsfield) trilogy, which is good, as I didn't know what the hell was going on half the time. There are a few more time-lines to contend with - and the one of most interest is 1943. At the end of book 2, a Navy World War 2 Battleship was mentioned as being the source of what was happening in Widowsfield in 1996 - and in book 3, we find out how the "Watcher in the Walls" [...]

    3. Alma Harper and her friends have been struggling to get rid of the evil that surround the town of Widowsfield. The watcher in the wall has create new lies and the skeleton man is loose. No one knows what powers the skeleton man has. Can Alma and her friends defeat the evil that awaits them? This was a great series! A. R. Wise makes you think twice about the ending and leaves it open for your interpretation. You need to read the first two books in this trilogy to be failure with the town and the [...]

    4. Wow! This was an impressive end to a great trilogy. I think it will take a while for all the little bits of storyline to come together in my head and I find myself having random parts from the book pop into my head as something clicks together in my memory. As to describing the book I think I'm just going to say it was very much in line with the rest of the series gore, horror and suspense wise. There were twists I didn't see coming, characters that I shouted at in anger and triumph. The plot wa [...]

    5. I loved this conclusion to The Widowsfield Trilogy. Wise really pulls out all the stops in the final volume. The pace in book 3 is much slower than the other two volumes. 314 Book 3 did not have as many twists and time shifts so I wasn’t constantly scratching my head wondering where the next twist was coming from. I really liked the way Wise fills in back story in 314 Book 3 and things start to make sense. I really liked finding out what really happened in Widowsfield sixteen years before. I a [...]

    6. ***DISCLAIMER*** I have an imagination and am easily entertained Review of 314 Book 3 by A.R. Wise as experienced by Amy Beth Burke.I must say this book did not disappoint. I was so involved with trying to figure out what the hell was going on that new and unexpected information kept slapping me in the face and forcing me to rethink the path my mind had been wandering!I absolutely adore this series of books and while I was saddened by the death of at least one character that I had grown to like, [...]

    7. This series was good but overly long. I found that I was forcing myself through this last book with the idea that all of the story would make sense in the end. A lot did get wrapped up but quite a bit was left hanging too. I really liked the authors blurb at the end of books 1 and 2 but felt like this one was an attempt to justify leaving parts of the story unresolved. Overall, though, the series was very good. The premise was creative and encourages the reader to really consider possibilities a [...]

    8. These books aren't necessarily complicated, it's just that the author tried to over-complicate them to make them seem more complicated than there really were. This leads to long passages devoted to explaining what's going on, and since the information is released incrementally, characters periodically reexplain what's been explained before, which tends to bog down the narrative.

    9. WowWowWhat a trip. So much mystery and intriguing twists and turns. If you enjoy supernatural mysteries, you must read the trilogy.

    10. Excellent conclusion to a thrilling series!!I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Widowsfield trilogy. Couldn't have asked for a better ending than presented in the third book. Love how most everything came to be revealed in the conclusion. An edge of your seat thriller that you don't want to put down till you have completed it. Keep up the awesome work AR. Looking forward to reading more of AR's fantastic writings.

    11. Hated it! The first book great got me hooked on the second one which wasn't all that good of a read. This one, I just wanted it to be over with! So much back and forth from one timeline to the next. I couldn't figure out who was who.

    12. I haven't finished this book. The other two were impossible for me to put aside. That being said this one just isn't cutting it for me. It could be that it's too much back and forth because I'm really not good with that kind of stuff. But it's taking me an impossibly long time to read.

    13. The final book in the series wrapped it all up wonderfully with still leaving bits to the imagination. Though I'm sorry to say goodbye to Alma Paul and Jacker, I will be looking forward to reading more by A.R. Wise.

    14. I’ve come to the end of my Widowsfield adventure having read all three books in a row. Whilst I may now never be free of the Watcher’s grasp I would definitely recommend doing the same if you have enough patience to read a whole trilogy straight through. For me at least, there was no choice involved, I had to see what would happen to the characters and what A R Wise had in store for me in the next book.We all know that feeling of “just one more pageok chapter” well for me it was “just [...]

    15. A great conclusion to the horror trilogy with equal parts nightmarish gore and puzzling web of lies. After the mind bottling second entry, Part 3 sought to untangle all the lies and mysteries created and introduced in the previous two novels. It achieves that goal in a very satisfying way that kept me wanting to stick with it through the climactic ending. The characters were really established in the first novel, and as a result character development isn't a focal point of the story. While the c [...]

    16. After reading the first two books in this trilogy…I couldn’t wait for the third and last book to be released. I wanted…no I HAD to know what had really happened in the town known as Widowsfield on March 14th at 3:14 PM and I knew AR Wise would not disappoint his faithful readers by writing this final book and leave us hanging. Oh no…Mr. Wise did not leave us hanging at all. He answered all the questions I had from the previous books in such detail that I felt as if I too were in the nigh [...]

    17. And so it endsI read the first 314 book for only one reason. It was free and I figured why not? Imagine my surprise when I was completely hooked within a few pages. The storyline was fresh, different, and exciting! I was disappointed to reach the end. I was so excited when the second book was released! I abandoned a book in favor of book 2, and finished it in a little over a day.So you can imagine how excited I was a few days ago when I discovered that book 3 was out. Just over a day and I have [...]

    18. An enigmatic puzzle but not as good as the first or second.After reading the first two books in Wise's trilogy, I was a little disappointed in the lack of development of some of the key players. Granted, these characters don't take up much space or time, they still deserved more clarifying. Where books 1 and 2 had me so glued to the pages, to the point where I basically read them straight through, I didn't feel the excitement I expected with this. However, I still think Wise is a talented writer [...]

    19. I enjoyed this 3rd book in the 314 trilogy more so than the 2nd book. Probably because it answered all of the unanswered questions I had, but also because there was more 'Paul and Alma' being together more too. POSSIBLE SPOILER BELOWIt had a very happy ending for Alma and Paul and the other characters I liked the most. I also liked how Terry's character turned out to be a good person and was the one who helped souls cross over to the light. I'm going to miss this group of people now that the ser [...]

    20. An excellent conclusion to this intriguing horror story, where familiar characters deal with the inexplicable yet believable 'haunted' town.I liked the way truth mixed with fiction and history was tweaked to fit alongside the author's imagination.It is difficult to say too much because I don't give spoilers, but will say that this is a well written and developed tale that includes creative characters such as The Skeleton Man and The Watcher in the Walls and deals with sensitive, as well as compl [...]

    21. This book felt really long to me. I think it was because of all the descriptions the author used to get the reader "into" Widowsfield. After book 2, though, I was over that. I mean, we get it, this place is terrifying and gross and confusing and gory and, did I mention gross? I'm glad that there was kind of an explanation of how/why everything happened, but it wasn't quite satisfying. If this was supposed to be a story based on the Philadelphia Experiment, then I could have used a little more ab [...]

    22. Awesome trilogyAs a big fan of horror in all forms, I can be too critical of anything I pick up or watch before I've even started.Any hesitation I had going in to the 314 series were instantly forgotten once I started reading this immersive and well-weaved supernatural thriller.My favourite was the second installment, and the characters all served the story fantastically.Will definitely be going back for a re-read sometime in the near future.Do yourself a favour and get stuck in the Watcher's We [...]

    23. Ok, this is the final novel if the 314 series. The series really got me hooked and I read it in 4 days. I liked the story line and the crazy structure if the books. I also enjoyed each creepy moment and loved the vividness of the writing. Sadly I have to say that this final novel did not convince me. I liked the ending and every twisted moment, but sometimes it was a bit boring and lost its drive. The explanation for the supernatural occurrences was ok, but not everything was solved. Did they re [...]

    24. NOOOOOOO!!!! It's over, dammit. This has been an great trilogy to read. What a cool way to wrap it up. Most of the questions get answered, at least the ones that, if unanswered, will wake you in the middle of the night to go 'what the heck caused that?!'. The remaining, as Mr Wise put it in his author's note 'remain to encourage active discussion', or to make you go 'wait a minute!!!' and go tearing back through the book. Widowsfield is a nasty little place, but I'm sad to leave it behind. It to [...]

    25. I devoured this series! While the pacing of this book was slower than the others, it did a good job of answering previous questions, bringing up new questions, and answering most of those (leaving something to be discussed for those that have read it). Some of the plot twists were obvious, but like with his other books, some of them were decoy plot twists for what was really going on. For those that don't mind gore, this book has a good balance of necessary unpleasantness!

    26. Well, I finished the trilogy. I don't feel nearly as insane as after the second book, but I'm still not sure that I liked the conclusion. Some sci fi books can be read because they are so far fetched that you can live in that imaginary world while reading. This book, was, however was trying too hard to be believable and I ended up being a skeptic. Entertaining, but no where near a favorite read.

    27. Great ending to a fantastic book. The author did a great job with ending the book and leaving it open for interpretation. For a day or two after I finished I would think back and try to figure it all out. When I thought I had it I realized something else happened so it couldn't be what I thought. Very thought provoking and extremely entertaining. I will be reading the entire trilogy again soon.

    28. I really give this book like 3 1/2 stars. It was a fun read, but it got super confusing at times and I'm still not really sure that I understand what happened. To me it kept jumping around too much, between the different timelines and different people and different versions of reality, it was just too hard to follow at times. I think it ended a bit abruptly as well, I think there needed to be an epilogue that maybe tied everything up.

    29. It's been a while since I've read the first two books, so at first I had trouble piecing everything together, but eventually the story came together. It's a little hard to follow due to so many different timelines, but I loved the gore, creepy details, & was pretty happy with the ending. The only part of the ending I wasn't fond of had to do with Stephen. If you like horror books with plenty of gore, this series is for you!

    30. And so it goesThe trilogy is complete, questions answered (mostly), and yet, I want more! I want a fourth book, a fourth dimension of this series to fully complete it. After all the cycles and spirals that the characters, the format, the plot, and the setting have muscled through, I need to know how the characters return to normal, if they return to normal, if normal has changed for them more, please!

    31. Loved this trilogy. I would recommend reading all three in close succession since it's easy to get lost since the book jumps between several different time lines and several different characters. Book 3 did a good job of explaining the first two books and although it left some open questions, not so many that it was disappointing. Overall, really, really liked this horror trilogy.

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