Gorgon Alex Hunter has been found sullen alone leaving a path of destruction as he wanders across America Only the foolish get in the way of the drifter wandering the streets late at night Across the world

  • Title: Gorgon
  • Author: Greig Beck
  • ISBN: 9781486213009
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Alex Hunter has been found sullen, alone, leaving a path of destruction as he wanders across America Only the foolish get in the way of the drifter wandering the streets late at night.Across the world, something has been released by a treasure hunter in a hidden chamber of the Basilica Cisterns in Istanbul Something hidden there by Emperor Constantine himself, and deemedAlex Hunter has been found sullen, alone, leaving a path of destruction as he wanders across America Only the foolish get in the way of the drifter wandering the streets late at night.Across the world, something has been released by a treasure hunter in a hidden chamber of the Basilica Cisterns in Istanbul Something hidden there by Emperor Constantine himself, and deemed by him too horrifying and dangerous to ever be set free It now stalks the land, leaving its victims turned to stone, and is headed on a collision course with a NATO base The Americans can t let it get there, but can t be seen to intervene There is only one option send in the HAWCs.But Alex and the HAWCs are not the only ones seeking out the strange being Uli Borshov, Borshov the Beast, who has a score to settle with the Arcadian, moves to intercept him, setting up a deadly collision of epic proportions where only one can survive Join Alex Hunter as he learns to trust his former commander and colleagues again as the HAWCs challenge an age old being straight from myth and legend.

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      265 Greig Beck
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    1. Hi GoodReaders, I m an Australian author residing in Sydney with my wife, son and oversized German Shepherd we rescued named Leyla My novels are now available globally, also in Large Print and now in full AUDIO format.I grew up spending my days surfing at Bondi Beach before entering a career in Information technology which took me around the world After completing an MBA, i was appointed both an Australasian director of a multinational software company, and tasked with setting up the USA arm of the organisation.Today, I spend most of my time writing with plenty left over for surfing.More information about me and my works can be found at either greigbeck, or join me on FaceBook Greig Beck Author.

    2. I must admit, the Alex Hunter series is fast becoming one of my favourite series of all time, absolutely my favourite adventure/action series. I love the characters, I love the story and I LOVE the narrator of the audio versions Sean Mangan! Even though it wasn’t my favourite of the series so far, I still enjoyed the action-packed Gorgon!Alex Hunter is back… He has had enough of wandering the country, and contacts Jack, who convinces him to come back to work for the Hawc’s. Meanwhile over [...]

    3. Best Aracadian novel yet.Beck is certainly a favourite writer of mine, but with this book he has completely cemented his place as one of the great authors of military thrillers with a tinge (a strong tinge) of horror of our time.The damaged soul that is Alex Hunter is seeming both more and less human at the same time, and the story of his internal struggle is nicely reflected in the external struggle he faces.The science is, as usual, believable and impeccable (at least to this layman), and the [...]

    4. I enjoyed the first couple books in this series but the cheesiness is catching up with me. It's a decent action adventure story with a supernatural element but seems to be geared for a YA audience.

    5. 4 Stars I love Alex Hunter, the Arcadian. Gorgon is the fifth book in the series by Greig Beck. In this one the story centers on the Greek legendary creature, the Gorgon. This is not about Medusa as she is dead, but it sure could be. Beck writes each new story in such a manner that even though it is led by an amazing man, a super hero named Alex, the story itself takes the center stage / character / plot. Beck writes non stop action novels that are smart, well written, and impossible to be put d [...]

    6. I don't exactly go into one of these books expecting emotional depth or deep introspection from the characters. I know I'm in for pages of technical weapons talk, totally OTT action scenes and some extremely extrapolated science. I got all this in spades in this instalment of the Alex Hunter series. What I didn't get was enjoyment.I don't know. There was just something missing from this story. Possibly it was credible intelligence from supposedly smart people. I mean, how many times does the ave [...]

    7. I have just been gobbling up everything I can get my hands on by Greig Beck, namely anything in the 'Arcadian' series. The fast pace, impossible action scenes and bizarre science combined with a military edge have thrilled me to no end and while the last book before this one was a littleum, domestic, the Arcadian aka Alex Hunter is back in form in this book. The adversary in this book (there is always one from a natural disaster, to mythical beast, to killer alien life forms) is based off of the [...]

    8. This was book 5 in the Arcadian/Alex Hunter series, and after reading Black Mountain (№4 in the series)I personally don't feel that this book measured up. The characters are ones that we have grown familiar with throughout the series, and once again sees Hunter up against Uli Borshov, the huge Russian, at various stages in the story. The pacing of the plot seemed a bit off, as the start seemed to plod along and missed the normal drive and tempo.Once again something from the realms of mythology [...]

    9. 1.5 extra star for being very very addicting. I couldn't unglue myself from the pages and finished the whole thing in one evening. Slept only 2 hours that night x.x Please note that this book is ridiculous and too dumb to live. It's literally atrocious and the whole ending is a big pile of bullsh*t.It started good enough - Gorgon released from ancient prison, turning people to stone. So many mysteries! How does it do that - not magic, because it can be transmitted *gasp* electronically. Why is i [...]

    10. Enjoyable again. Good story and no crappy characters and as a bonus, fit perfectly into a challenge I did, so yay for that. :)

    11. Thanks to the publisher for allowing me to review a novel from one of my favorite authors. This Alex Hunter series is of the science fiction thriller genre. In my opinion there are not enough authors writing within this genre, so I anxiously await each Greig Beck novel.If you haven't read the other books in this series, you will want to go back and read them after finishing Gorgon. But it is not necessary to read them first to truly enjoy this wild ride of a story. Once again Greig Beck seamless [...]

    12. I downloaded this author's first Alex Hunter book about 4 years ago when it was offered for free and finally got around to reading it recently. As soon as I was done, I was hooked and immediately went and bought all the other books in the series and read them all in 2 weeks. I loved everyone one of them, and this one was no exception!This one had it allck-ass military soldiers, cool weapons, nasty bad guys and a Gorgon! We see an ancient myth come to life and the good guys trying to take it down [...]

    13. I'm so sad that I've finished this book and have to wait for him to write another. Exciting and scary. The brutality, lethality and unreality makes for pure horrification awesomality.

    14. A deadly Minoan fable is accidently released in Istanbul. As it scythes it way through Turkey on its way home, all who see it die. To stop it, it you have to know what it is, but it leaves no survivors to tell. They have to be able to see it to stop it, but to see it….Alex is back in action, but can he keep from losing himself to the ‘Other’. With him are Matt, Sam, Casey and a SAS team.Footnote: 1) I love it when the stories geography descriptions actually fit the real world map. So many [...]

    15. Big FanI recently found this author and the Alex Hunter series. The storylines in all of the books have been great, edge of the seat, page turners. I have lost a lot sleep as I can't put any of the books down. I finish one and immediately have to start the next one. The cast of characters are believable and human. While Alex learns to live with his demons, he is saving the world and his team from horrors from the deep and from myths. I can't wait to start the next book

    16. Good Beck style, kept me interested until the end, which was disappointing and not satisfactory.

    17. Excellent book #5 in the series!!!This book never lets up. Great story, good character development and a little history/mythology lesson. I can't wait to read the next one.

    18. Alex Hunter is back. I definitely like it better when Alex is part of the HAWC team instead of being on the run. Well, as you might guess from the book blurb the book starts of while he is still on the run but he is quickly brought back. At the same time a treasure hunter releases what is to be the main subject of the books story.In general the book starts of fairly well. There are plenty of wtf/wow moments when then monster ravages the countryside on its way to its destination. The re-integrati [...]

    19. Not my favourite of the series and at times I found it a struggle to get through. Storyline was interesting and I loved all the HAWK gadgets.

    20. I loved--and I mean LOVED--every other book by Greig Beck. But this one was just short of awful. To start with, it was very slow, with too much action of the explosive variety and not enough plot action. It also would have been better if we didn't know right away who/what the creature was based on the title. I think if this had a different title and I was trying to figure out what was happening with the characters, it would have gotten a third star. And seriously, gorgons? It's not exactly a ver [...]

    21. ARCADIAN GENESIS and GORGON are the first two books I've read in author Grieg Beck' s Alex Hunter series, but I enjoyed both so much that I plan to pick up the entire series quickly. Hunter is a member of Hotzone All-Warfare Commandos, the "ultimate" special operations group. Ultimate, that is, until a combination of bizarre circumstances, a "pick-up" mission to bring out a Chechen scientist-defector, and an unidentifiable recently uncovered artifact, and a deadly psychopathic former Spetsnaz ki [...]

    22. Well written and interesting. One really wants to know what comes next in this book and doesn't want to put it down.We meet Alex Hunter again in this book. After his dramatic past experiences he lives rough, but comes back into the fold of the Hawks to battle yet another beast/phenomena that is causing a lot of trouble for mankind. All the while he knows he has to face his long time enemy from Russia. I like the idea of putting new technology into the book.A little bit like old 007 the Hawks get [...]

    23. Horrification is Greig Beck's signature stamp in his Arcadian series.In Gorgon, Beck manifests the primal fear, and the exquisite horror of their reality. Once believed to be myth & legend. A treasure thief employed by the black market, has unsealed a hidden chamber of the Basilica Cisterns in Istanbul, originally sealed by order of The Great Emperor Constantine. Releasing something from ancient times long forgotten. The US military send in one of their top secret weapons- Alex Hunter codena [...]

    24. Another great entry into the Alex Hunter series. This began as a horror series, pitting a super-soldier against a monster in a harsh environment. The last book saw a lot of backstory on Alex Hunter, here we go back to the roots. This time around, the legendary Gorgon from Greek mythology is unearthed in modern day Istanbul, causing death and destuction as she makes her way across Turkey. Alex Hunter, the Arcadian, and his team are dispatched. The author does a great job of tying together various [...]

    25. Hands down, this is the best entry to this series. It's been a while since anything managed to get a 5 star rating from me but this is worth it.The story progressed well, dialogue also. A few unnecessary reiterations but not awful enough to lose a star.Alex's character showed growth, the ability to show weakness to listen and to learn. Having a final showdown with Uri was great as it's been in the making since he shot Alex. Joshua wasn't too great a surprise but I'm guessing that that avenue wil [...]

    26. Weakest of the series, I think. A fun premise--what if the Gorgons really existed and one somehow got loose in the modern world--squandered by an absurd turn to the extraterrestrial (by way of The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror," no less). Why does everything have to bloody well begin 'out there'? Why can't our supposedly mytho-historical past simply turn out to be a bit more real than previously believed. Plus, Alex Hunter and the super-soldier idea is right out of Simon & Kirby, so do we re [...]

    27. As always, Grieg Beck puts his research into his work. Going more with a mythological bent rather than a scientific one, he weaves another Alex Hunter escapade with some fantasy elements and some good ol boy stuff: guns and bombs and blowing shit up, now with ALIENS!!It's a good romp, well written with some growth for the main character, which is good. I was thinking he was getting a bit stale, the super soldier, but now some doubts are coming into his life and mre than just his strengths are be [...]

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