The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

The Art of Social Media Power Tips for Power Users From the bestselling author of The Art of the Start and Enchantment a no nonsense guide to becoming a social media superstar By now it s clear that whether you re promoting a business a product or

  • Title: The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users
  • Author: Guy Kawasaki Peg Fitzpatrick
  • ISBN: 9781591848073
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the bestselling author of The Art of the Start and Enchantment, a no nonsense guide to becoming a social media superstar By now it s clear that whether you re promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is near the top of what will determine your success or failure And there are countless pundits, authors, and consultants eager to advise you ButFrom the bestselling author of The Art of the Start and Enchantment, a no nonsense guide to becoming a social media superstar By now it s clear that whether you re promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is near the top of what will determine your success or failure And there are countless pundits, authors, and consultants eager to advise you But there s no one quite like Guy Kawasaki, the legendary former chief evangelist for Apple and one of the pioneers of business blogging, tweeting, facebooking, tumbling, and much, much Now Guy has teamed up with his Canva colleague Peg Fitzpatrick to offer The Art of Social Media the one essential guide you need to get the most bang for your time, effort, and money With than 100 practical tips, tricks, and insights, Guy and Peg present a ground up strategy to produce a focused, thorough, and compelling presence on the most popular social media platforms They guide you through the steps of building your foundation, amassing your digital assets, going to market, optimizing your profile, attracting followers, and effectively integrating social media and blogging For beginners overwhelmed by too many choices, as well as seasoned professionals eager to improve their game, The Art of Social Media is full of tactics that have been proven to work in the real world Or as Guy puts it, Great Stuff, No Fluff artofcial

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    2 thoughts on “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

    1. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1954 My family lived in a tough part of Honolulu called Kalihi Valley We weren t rich, but I never felt poor because my mother and father made many sacrifices for my sister and me My mother was a housewife, and my father was a fireman, real estate broker, state senator, and government official during his long, distinguished career.I attended Iolani School where I graduated in 1972 Iolani is not as well known as its rival, Punahou because no presidents of the U S went there, but I got a fantastic and formative education there Punahou is USC, and Iolani is Stanford but I digress I pay special tribute to Harold Keables, my AP English teacher.He taught me that the key to writing is editing No one in the universe would be shocked that I have written ten books or one book ten times than Harold Keables.After Iolani, I matriculated to Stanford I graduated in 1976 with a major in psychology which was the easiest major I could find I loved Stanford I sometimes wish I could go back in time to my undergraduate days on the farm After Stanford, I attended the law school at U.C Davis because, like all Asian American parents, my folks wanted me to be a doctor, lawyer, or dentist I only lasted one week because I couldn t deal with the law school teachers telling me that I was crap and that they were going to remake me.The following year I entered the MBA program at UCLA I liked this curriculum much better While there, I worked for a fine jewelry manufacturer called Nova Stylings hence, my first real job was literally counting diamonds From Nova, its CEO Marty Gruber, and my Jewish colleagues in the jewelry business, I learned how to sell, and this skill was vital to my entire career.I remained at Nova for a few years until the the Apple II removed the scales from my eyes Then I went to work for an educational software company called EduWare Services However, Peachtree Software acquired the company and wanted me to move to Atlanta I don t think so I can t live in a city where people call sushi bait Luckily, my Stanford roommate, Mike Boich, got me a job at Apple for giving me my chance at Apple, I owe Mike a great debt When I saw what a Macintosh could do, the clouds parted and the angels started singing For four years I evangelized Macintosh to software and hardware developers and led the charge against world wide domination by IBM I also met my wife Beth at Apple during this timeframe Apple has been very good to me.Around 1987, my job at Apple was done Macintosh had plenty of software by then, so I left to start a Macintosh database company called ACIUS It published a product called 4th Dimension To this day, 4th Dimension remains a great database.I ran ACIUS for two years and then left to pursue my bliss of writing, speaking, and consulting I ve written for Macuser, Macworld, and Forbes I call these the Wonder Years as in I wonder how I came to deserve such a good life In 1989, I started another software company called Fog City Software with three of the best co founders in the world Will Mayall, Kathryn Henkens, and Jud Spencer We created an email product called Emailer which we sold to Claris and then a list server product called LetterRip.In 1995 I returned to Apple as an Apple fellow At the time, according to the pundits, Apple was supposed to die Apple should have died about ten times in the past twenty years according to the pundits My job on this tour of duty was to maintain and rejuvenate the Macintosh cult.A couple years later, I left Apple to start an angel investor matchmaking service called Garage with Craig Johnson of Venture Law Group and Rich Karlgaard of Forbes Version 2.0 of Garage was an investment bank for helping entrepreneurs raise money from venture capitalists Today, version 3.0 of Garage is called Garage Technology Ven

    2. I attended a conference last month up north. One of the classes I attended was on social media marketing. Guy Kawasaki was mentioned in that class so when I saw this book was available on Netgalley I downloaded and read it.The version of the book I got from netgalley did not have any links in it. This would have been so much better if I would have had the ability to click the links and be able to visually see the pages and examples he was referring to. This problem should not occur from anyone b [...]

    3. This is a fairly good book for what it is. An overview of and a general guide to the different social media platforms and how to use them most effectively. More a 3.5 than a 3.Although this book may seem a tad mundane for those more digitally inclined, it served as a valuable book for me -- a person who is in the dark about social media and a bit shy about "online presence".This book offers good ideas and step by step guides for maximizing total exposure online by combining most or all of the pl [...]

    4. In The Art of Social Media, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick deliver valuable, actionable tips that will help you succeed in bringing value to your followers and making meaningful connections online.What I liked the most…It’s not a basic how-to. As the subtitle would suggest, this book is packed with power tips for power users. Tips for how you should link your content across platforms without being spammy and failing to consider the different rules of engagement and for perfecting your in [...]

    5. I absolutely loved APE and I still talk about it when someone asks about a good business read for marketers and budding authors.I keep seeing everyone say that this isn't a book for beginners, but I feel that everything said in this book has already been said and already said well (better) by others.There are a few gems by Peg, especially her process, but otherwise, I just didn't think the book added anything to the discussion.

    6. Manual indispensable y práctico de social media. Impresionante la cantidad de conocimiento que se ha concentrado en este librito. Especialmente indicado para escritores y otros creadores que buscan darse a conocer.No le doy más estrellas porque no me deja.

    7. The Art of Social Media is like a master class in social. I appreciate how Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitpatrick arranged the book and included the option to go deeper with all the hyperlinks. The easy to follow power tips make sense and really provide the insight and path to go to the next level. This is a reference guide that everyone on the social spectrum can benefit from. Not everyone will do everything but I think people will realize that social media is more than they realize. This is particula [...]

    8. The Art of Social Media is an easy read that offers tips and tricks on making social media work from a business perspective. It is aimed at the absolute beginner and so a few of the comments felt obvious to me. That said, I did pick up a few handy hints that I will try to incorporate into my own social media presence - particularly when I have a new book release coming up.If you are starting out in social media for business promotion, this book will be a good starting point to set you on the rig [...]

    9. Co-authors Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick are masters of social media, so expectations were high upon receiving my advanced e-book copy of The Art of Social Media. Thankfully, it lived up to the “no-nonsense” billing in its description: this straightforward nut-and-bolts guide to optimizing social media strategies and increasing one’s social media presence will be appreciated by power users and casual enthusiasts alike.I’ve been following Kawasaki and Fitzpatrick for years on Google+; [...]

    10. Là một người sử dụng internet bình thường, không có mục đích kinh doanh hay làm truyền thông xã hội chuyên nghiệp, nên tôi không tận dụng hết được những gì Guy&Peg chia sẻ trong cuốn sách này. Tuy nhiên, với tôi như thế đã là quá đủ. Đây là một cuốn sách hữu dụng, được viết gọn gàng, đi thẳng vào việc chỉ dẫn cách thực hiện một cách cụ thể và trực quan, không rườm rà. Với nh [...]

    11. I first became involved with social media in 2009 when I joined and it remains to this day one of my most favorite sites. I wish I had had it 50 years ago so I could have an accurate record of the books I have read. The second site I joined was LinkedIn which I am also a big fan of and wish I had it 40 years ago when I got into business. I have since joined Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare, YouTube, SoundCloud and Google+. I have written a blog since 2010. So I have been active on social media for [...]

    12. This isn't a book for social media newbies, but rather for those who have been in the online marketing trenches for at least a little while. Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick have provided excellent guidelines for taking your digital marketing to the next level in a very easy-to-understand format.This is a book I will turn to again and again as a reference. I like the no-nonsense approach and lack of fluff. You can tell these authors really know what they're talking about and they are trustworthy [...]

    13. This book failed to meet its purpose which was to enable me to rock social media. Well, the gotcha word is “enable” because I need to learn to follow all of the 123 numbered tips and tricks, some of which are just a paragraph long and lack any depth. Don’t get me wrong--I learned quite a few guidelines but some I questioned like: “If you’re not pissing people off on social media, you’re not using it right.”I was expecting a few more case studies and statistics to substantiate these [...]

    14. Good, straight-to-the-point advice for vastly improving your social media skills. However, most of it is just common sense. And I'm also doubting the "art" in the title; didn't find anything but technical stuff.

    15. This book is great for people who works with social media. I liked it because is easy and straight to the point.

    16. "Socialist" kelimesini sosyal medyacılar üzerinden tekrar tanımlamak gibi küçük bir hedefleri de var.

    17. How to become a social media superstar? Just starting this out of sheer curiosity and the fact that it was free on NetGalley. Unconvinced that there will be no fluff between the covers.

    18. Дори човек да не обича социалните мрежи, то само заради стила на изразяване на Гай Кавазаки си струва да се прочете книгата. Изключително забавен, на места откровено груб, но право в целта удря. :РКнигата е от 2014 година, но въпреки това определено може да се приемат доста от н [...]

    19. Довольно неплохая книга по SMM и контент-маркетингу. Есть лишь два "но" Во-первых, многие каналы продвижения (вроде заблокированных Роскомнадзором LinkedIn и SlideShare) для России мало актуальны. Во-вторых, множество полезных сервисов, рекомендуемых автором также бесполезны для Рос [...]

    20. True, there's not a lot of fluff here, but I would also argue with the cover copy claim that the authors assume you're familiar with the basics. Maybe helpful for someone who has never managed a page or used social for business at all.

    21. The Quintessential Guide to all Things Social MediaWhether you are a housewife, pastor, enterprise marketer, business owner, student or individual user, chances are you use a social network. And the social interactions we have where we create, share and exchange ideas, pictures and videos is what we call social media. If you want to rock social media, then look no further. The Art of Social Media is a no nonsense guide portraying valuable first hand knowledge from the trenches, by Guy Kawasaki a [...]

    22. Guy Kawasaki has been in the forefront of effective promotion of products, services, and one's own skills and talents since his days as the Chief Evangelist for the Apple Macintosh, when personal computers were the exciting new toy and not an appliance we all carry in our pockets. Instead of being left behind by the rapidly changing world of online computing and social media, he has remained a leader, and has become of a great teacher of how to use the same skills and tools for your own benefit. [...]

    23. For a book with the subtitle "power tips for power users" I found the content to be quite basic. It also has too much content about google plus for my liking.

    24. The Art of Social Media is filled with a practical and easy to use information. Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick have given us a map to social media, as it is right now. Whether you are new to social media or you are looking to fast track to the next level with your existing social media strategy, you will find useful up-to-date and step-by-step guides, tips and tools in the Art of Social Media.Reading the Art of Social Media was like sitting down with a mentor and getting the inside scoop. Guy [...]

    25. Guy is smart and knows how to create a good book with a solid backbone on most any subject. What makes this book really good is the partner he picked to collaborate with. This seems to be Guy’s m.o. in writing books, and he picked a great co-writer in his prior book APE as well.He and co-writerPeg Fitzpatrick have created a book that spells out how to use social media for beginners and more advanced users. I consider myself an advance user and yet learned a lot of good tips and how to develop [...]

    26. In this book, Guy and Peg, as they refer to themselves spell out that this book is not the "be-all, end-all" book on social marketing. Instead they essentially discuss all that they would recommend someone in social marketing do, then they show how the publicized this book using all of those techniques. Its a great way to talk the talk, then walk the walk.I have bookmarked all the pages during my initial read, will now go back and read over the bookmarked ideas. So many great ideas for Facebook, [...]

    27. The Art of Social Media is like a great workout at the gym -- you might find it tough to really embrace all the hard work the authors recommend here, but if you do, you'll be a buff, strong power user of social media. I see some lack luster reviews here, so I wonder if these folks actually read the book. It's so full of good stuff! It will get into into perfect shape to go out there and kick some serious social media butt. I loved APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur) and this will be a companio [...]

    28. I've been a big fan of Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick and have followed them on social media for a while now and this book doesn't disappoint. Small business owners, marketing professionals, and individuals wanting to raise their social media game to the next level will find this book invaluable.I actually found myself going to the index and clicking through the different examples for the different social platforms and going, "Did that…didn't do thatgoing to try that." Even if you've been in [...]

    29. I don't feel like I am a social media wiz - although I'd love to be one, or I would have chosen another reading - but i haven't found anything i didn't know already. Or maybe i did find between the lines something that's not that obvious: to rock social media you need to be persistent and patient, something you don't always have the luxury to be. Nonetheless, the ebook version has the perk to have linked in a lot of useful resources, a really nice plus.

    30. This book is very accessible, is oriented to be useful and practical in building our online strategy, personal and professional. It is an essential guide for anyone starting in Social Media and an essential reference for anyone who is promoting itself online presence!This book reflects the authors' experience, through suggestions and practical tips easy to implement. Was thought to with clear guidance for action, namely: Do it yourself!

    31. Great tips for someone trying to understand which social media avenues to focus on and how. It's not a fun read, but shares great resources so seems more text book-ish.I couldn't make the most of this book because I had a printed copy. Kawasaki shares a lot of links to explore so would recommend that anyone wanting to read gets hold of an ebook. Would recommend reading this with Gary Vaynerchuk's Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

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