青の祓魔師 14 [Ao no Exorcist 14]

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  • Title: 青の祓魔師 14 [Ao no Exorcist 14]
  • Author: Kazue Kato 加藤和恵
  • ISBN: 9784088802824
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
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    • ↠ 青の祓魔師 14 [Ao no Exorcist 14] || Í PDF Read by ô Kazue Kato 加藤和恵
      338 Kazue Kato 加藤和恵
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      Posted by:Kazue Kato 加藤和恵
      Published :2019-04-03T04:08:21+00:00

    2 thoughts on “青の祓魔師 14 [Ao no Exorcist 14]

    1. Kazue Kato, , is a Japanese mangaka.See also authors with similar names.

    2. RENZO SHIMA IS IMPORTANT. (view spoiler)[I keep waiting for him to just turn around and kick some villan ass and just be like nvm guys don't worry we're solid but IT'S NOT HAPPENING AND I'M JUST OVER HERE CRYIN. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>

    3. This volume is not enough, I already ordered volume15 The arc is killing me in pieces, the pig-face scientist is freaky as hell, she was like "you experiment on pigs why humans any different" I mean. That line explains how sick she is. And the fact that the leader of the illuminati is somehow the only one who can kill Rin? What does that mean?I feel like Satan has more than one spring off. But the while Izumi's mother thing just put me to tears (not actual tears but I was sad)

    4. I am glad the action took a more positive turn as in the characters were not just getting their butts kicked and trapped, but they came together as a group to fight.

    5. Besides being purely enjoyable, there is so many good lessons and extrapolations i can make from it as well. The strength of the friendships make my heart feel so full and reading it I am continually reminded of Jesus. A lot of the things in it are sinful and there is no knowledge of the true God, but some knowledge of His scriptures. Even so, Rin fighting to escape who he is, the son of Satan, and choosing good over evil. And on the particular volume a character realizing that they aren't who t [...]

    6. This book is another part of a no ending drama and conspiracy's Without the knowledge of yukio and rin and their classmates. So many things happening so many betrayal that they themselves don't know what to do. I like this book shows a lot of character development, some new friendship building too. Slowly the real reason about what is going on will be shown. Manga's like this are amazing. I use this manga to replace a manga that disappointed me but this one doesn't. Clear main topic and storylin [...]

    7. Ends the multi-volume arc focused on Izumo, her background, her relationship to the team, her personal character arc, and her/the team's battle with Dr. Gedoin. There's not a ton of big-picture stuff here, but the character work with Izumo, and in so far as it relates to her, with the team is well-done. And hey, Kato always handles the action sequences well. So, you know, there's awesome fights too.

    8. THE GOOD Izumo; She not only came to terms that she does indeed love her friends, despite how callous and cold she can be, but she also had a few moments of pure badassery at the end that really improved her character for me.Shiemi: This girl is getting tougher and tougher each book, and I love it! THE BAD Gedoin: Oh am I not glad to see this annoying guy go.

    9. Um pouco confuso mas no fim termina como sería expectável. Vamos ver o que vem de novo no próximo volume.

    10. On top of zombies, ghouls, demons, and exorcists (in a shopping mall)We've added weird zombies that "expand" and look like hentai monsters, and the spirit of the nine tailed fox.What.

    11. Creo que no hay nadie que ame tanto a Yukio y a Rin como yo.Y mi corazon esta destruido por Shima, pero bueno, no dejo de shippearlo con Izumo, sorry not sorry.Me encanta ver a Izumo como la chica increiblemente fuerte que es, adoro a este personaje.

    12. This almost brings Izumo's story arc full circle, though it doesn't make me like her any better. She's very prickly but at least now we know some of the reasons for her to be that way.We learn nearly as much about Bon as we do Izumo in this as the exorcists fight against Professor Gedoin's zombies. We see him as a gangly little boy working hard to become the driven young man he is now. Almost everyone gets their time to shine a little in this one and Shima's betrayal deepens even further.Izumo's [...]

    13. ~4/5The group gets out of their locked rooms and meet up, going to save Izumo. Gedoin has a very bad plan going on, with a couple extra surprised under his sleeve. Izumo is trying to save her mother and sister, martyring herself for them. It gets really bad for her for a minute there, but I think that it makes sense, the way it ends.I like Izumo, and I like that she’s learning to lean on her friends here. She needs them, and they’re there for her. Gedoin is insane, and he deserves what he ge [...]

    14. Omg this series is getting even better!! The stupid doctor needs to die, like seriously!!! We saw a little bit more about Bon/Shima/konekomaru when they were kids and Izumo finally admitted her feelings towards her friends which is seriously awesome. I would've loved to see her take control of the nine tails tbh but 0.8% compatibility is basically suicide. She almost lost herself to it before she was rescued by her mother, that was one of the best scenes I have ever seen in my life. I'm so glad [...]

    15. The group is still fighting zombies in order to make their way to where Izumo is and reach her in time to save her. Rin finally reaches her but she rejects his help but in the end realizes that she needs to trust people and ask for help once in a while. This was an interesting volume about sometime needing other peoples help in order to save yourself and trusting in other people. Overall a decent volume. Hopefully Shima's betrayal will be explored more in the future. I received this advanced cop [...]

    16. This manga is up there in my top 10. Action, adventure, a smidgen of romance. The character designs are all quite unique which I appreciate. As an aside, the manga and anime are so far removed from each other one you get past that first story arc that they could be 2 completely different stories. They are both quite good, though. Do both.

    17. I hate Izumo and her behaviour. "Nobody help me"? Your mom died in order to protect you, and your friends are fighting by your side even though you said that you don't need them. STUPID GIRL! Anyway, I admit that I smiled when finally she used her power and killed Gedoin. I love Uke and Mike :3

    18. This was a pretty good one. You know how it takes, like, five volumes of a series to get through a major battle or whatever in these manga series? This is totally like that, but at least in this volume things are moving along in an interesting way.

    19. This volume was awesome, it has a lot of feeling and the battles well they're fantastic, I still wonder if Shima doesn't have any hide reasons to be with the illuminatis, I really would love to see a romantic development between Rin and Izumo.

    20. Wow, Izumo. Just wow. This is such a major turning point for you. I'm impressed.Reread: I just love seeing everyone grow so much. Whoa. Everyone is gaining some wisdom. This is so exciting!

    21. This volume begins with Chapter 58-62.That's all for now until I hit editing modeTa-ta Pretties!

    22. Probably still a favorite of mine and that I look forward to reading every time there's a new volume. And this was a really good volume. Love the cover.

    23. The grotesque characters and depictions rather repulsed me, and the lackluster climax did nothing to distract from them. Hoping my interest will be rekindled when they return to the school!

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