The HomePort Journals

The HomePort Journals Fleeing New York City and an abusive partner would be writer Marc Nugent finds work at HomePort the Provincetown mansion of Lola Staunton a fabulously wealthy recluse Aided by an attractive but una

  • Title: The HomePort Journals
  • Author: A.C. Burch
  • ISBN: 9781925313031
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fleeing New York City and an abusive partner, would be writer Marc Nugent finds work at HomePort, the Provincetown mansion of Lola Staunton, a fabulously wealthy recluse Aided by an attractive but unattainable artist and an all too available cross dresser, Marc investigates accusations of rape and murder that have estranged Lola from a childhood friend for than sixtyFleeing New York City and an abusive partner, would be writer Marc Nugent finds work at HomePort, the Provincetown mansion of Lola Staunton, a fabulously wealthy recluse Aided by an attractive but unattainable artist and an all too available cross dresser, Marc investigates accusations of rape and murder that have estranged Lola from a childhood friend for than sixty years Past and present converge when a long lost journal reveals tales of infidelity, adultery, and passion that mirror the life Marc has recently abandoned When his ex lover arrives in search of revenge, Marc must confront his past, his notions of family, and his capacity for love.

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    1. A C Burch writes LGBT Fiction with an emphasis on characters who face life changing circumstances with courage, passion, and a sense of humor He s always been fascinated by moments where a single decision can change a person s life for better or worse The family we create, or as Armistead Maupin calls it, the logical family, plays an important part in many of his stories A C s literary icons run the gamut from Agatha Christie to Walter Mosely, Patrick Dennis to Thomas H Cook, and Jane Austin to Bart Yates.A.C s debut novel was The HomePort Journals Wilde City Press 2015 , set in his hometown of Provincetown, Massachusetts This tale of marginalized characters who unite to form a family of their own received rave reviews and was Authors Talk About It ATAI grand prize winner for 2016 His book of short stories, A Book of Revelations HomePort Press 2016 was a 2017 International Press Awards Distinguished Favorite A Provincetown resident since 1987, A C lives in 130 year old Cape with commanding views of the harbor and is seldom found without Dori, a young golden retriever who keeps him company in his writing shed He s fortunate to be able to split his time between Provincetown, MA, and South Beach, FL, two beautiful places that never cease to inspire him.Learn via his website at ACBurch.

    2. I was recently contacted by Authoramp, asking me if I would review a new title from my good friends at Wilde City Press. I’ve met the owner, Ethan Day, at GRL in Chicago last year, and I’ve found Ethan to be the sort of person I trust. Therefore, to read and review a new book from his publishing house would certainly prove to be an interesting read. I was not disappointed.The debut novel from A. C. Burch, The HomePort Journals, is a novel that eludes me in terms of genre:There are elements o [...]

    3. I honestly don't know what to write here. The book was recommended to me as an m/m fantasy, but it is so much more d less. Let me explain some of the tags I used or came close to using: - cheating: mentioned, implied but never really shown.- non-con: described briefly yet efficiently (a couple of paragraphs), without much feelz. Occasional quickie of a reference occurs throughout the book.- abuse; violence; pity fest: everyone, save for the very few lucky souls have endured some kind of abuse or [...]

    4. Review can be read at It's About The BookOne of the things I love best about the experience of writing blog reviews is coming across books I may not have discovered otherwise. The HomePort Journals is one such book. What a flawless gem! I believe this is the first published book for this author… who now goes on my auto buy list.The HomePort Journals is one of those books that sucked me in from the get go, and surrounded me with a mesmerizing atmosphere . The Provincetown setting, in particular [...]

    5. 3.5 starsCharming. That's the best word I can think of to describe The HomePort Journals. In a way it puts you under its spell, spinning tales of present and past that have you enchanted. At points it's almost as if time has stopped for you to simply enjoy the beauty of what once was. It gives you a reason to forget all the complicated ugliness of life and simply live.A.C. Burch writes this story in present tense, and I feel it gives it somewhat of an etherial quality. There's almost a dreamlike [...]

    6. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Marc longs to be an author, but the words never seem to come to him in the city. After he breaks up with his abusive partner, he flees to Provincetown, where he's taken in by an old woman and her enigmatic companions.The novel is well realised, with scenery which I can vividly picture right now. There was only one inconsistency towards the end of [...]

    7. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 4.5 starsMarc goes to Provincetown looking for a place to get away from his abusive ex and some peace and quiet to write and indulge his muse. When he arrived it's nothing as he expects it to be. An encounter with an elder woman named Dorrie results in Marc being set up with a job and a start to his new life. Although he forges new connections his past continues to haunt him. He also find himself wanting to help those around hi [...]

    8. The Homeport Journals in one word: “WOW”. There are so many wonderful stories in the one book. The lives of so many wonderfully unique characters’; both past and present, are shared with readers at the deepest of all levels. There is so much emotion in this book, it makes a high school girls bathroom at lunch feel like watching grass grow. We hear the captain’s story of the past through his journals, while experiencing the dramatic life of its readers in modern day. The good kind of dram [...]

    9. THE HOMEPORT JOURNALS: A.C. BURCHAcceptance, forgiveness, understanding and being able to find a place where you belong are at the core of this novel and the essence of each character’s being. Abusive relationships are the center of what each one has encountered in the past and when a group of ill suited people is drawn together what happens will change their lives forever. Mark Nugent finds himself in the Provincetown and becomes engaged as a Gardner, all purpose man and conversationalist for [...]

    10. This is a sensitive and extremely well written book that chronicles the life of Marc Nugent. Marc is gay and is fleeing his abusive partner in NYC. He finds himself in Provincetown with no place to stay and no means of support. He helps an older woman pick up groceries that have fallen into the street and is directed to go to another woman's house where she knows there may be a job and a roof for over his head. The only caveat is that he can't tell who sent him there--or he may not get the job-- [...]

    11. I picked this book on a whim and finally read it over the last couple of days. The story kept me interested and I liked the characters but one thing annoyed me above everything else. The book is written in the present tense which seems to be coming a popular trend. I don't know if it is a ploy used to add urgency to a situation but it is one which is definitely not called for here. Perhaps the author wanted to differentiate between the book that I was reading and the journal that the main charac [...]

    12. Don't know how I feel about "The HomePort Journals" by A.C. Burch. It was good and interesting but in a strange way. I did not always know what was going on but half the fun is trying to figure out who to trust and who not to trust. There're many colourful characters in this paranormal romance, mystery set in Province town, Massachusetts. Not a genre I would normally read, so after wading through the first third I was surprised to discover that I really wanted to know what happened to these char [...]

    13. There aren't many books I read and decide should be turned into a movie or television show, but this is certainly one of them! I fell in love with Helena and Dorrie right off the bat. The characters are all so witty and don't even sound as though they are from this world. This book made me both laugh and cry, I will highly suggest everyone read this book!

    14. I loved this book. I fell in love with the characters and story. When I finished the book I could not start another book for a while, I needed to linger in the joy of the story before starting something new.

    15. The HomePort Journals by A.C. Burch: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

    16. Read this review and more on my blog at [Roxie Writes].‘The HomePort Journals’ by A.C. Burch⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5Finished on February 13, 2018GIVEN A FREE PAPERBACK COPY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW$2.99 on Kindle | $11.47 in PaperbackBOOK DESCRIPTION:After suffering terrible abuse by his partner, Marc Nugent runs to Provincetown and finds a home and job in the mansion of Lola Staunton called HomePort. Lola is an eccentric, wealthy, recluse who provides a place for displaced [...]

    17. 3.5 star review by VickiWhat an odd book! I’m not sure how to do this…The Homeport Journals stars Marc Nugent, who has run away from his psycho boyfriend in New Yorks, and has ended up in Provincetown Massachusetts. He has no home, no job, nothing but a car and dreams of being a writer. He’s hoping this will be the place to hide and start over again. He is enjoying a cup of hot cocoa in a coffee shop, when he sees an old lady losing her groceries and runs to help. This charitable act chang [...]

    18. (I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I was actually a bit confused about what genre this book fit into before I started reading it. Even having finished it, I'm not completely certain there are so many different aspects to this book.I liked Marc's character a lot. I felt a lot of sympathy for him with the way he was dragged into helping Dorrie, but Dorrie's character did grow more on me as the book went on. I enjoyed reading the hints [...]

    19. Marc is the new guy in Homeport. Running away from an abusive relationship he is there searching for inspiration and a place to start new. He will end up in a mansion full of peculiar people. His curiosity will make him learn about and old conflict between Lola and Dorrie. He will make his mission to unveil the past and make things right.With a steady rhythm, the story moves on as Marc completes the puzzle with the help of his new friends while finding love on the way. The writing is very good a [...]

    20. IncredibleThe characters are amazingly multi-dimensional, and very charismatic. The environment was also a major characters, as it was not just the people in the book. It's an incredible suspense and dramatic story, and I will drawn in. Burch writes this story well, so much that it becomes more than just a story. This is definitely not a one-size-fit all genre, and I love that there is more than just a thrilling mystery, it also has hints of romance and excitement. Provincetown is a place that I [...]

    21. This is one of those books that you start and think it'll be OK but as it goes on it draws you into the story, invests you in the characters and you want to know what happens and shed a little tear at the end.Funnily, the main characters Marc and Cole are ones where I didn't feel we knew too much about, as with Helena. Maybe this is deliberate by the author so that the focus is on knowing Lola and Dorrie.I enjoyed the investigation into the Staunton's - a lesson that sometimes the story is bigge [...]

    22. I was provided a free copy of this book by Authoramp in exchange for an honest review.I am obviously in the minority here because this book didn't work for me. There was a lot to recommend it. It's a sweeping southern gothic of a novel, even though it doesn't take place in the south. Full of quirky people and family secrets, including the requisite missing family member.So why didn't I like it? I felt as if I was being told how to feel, being pulled in this direction or that, instead of discover [...]

    23. I received a free copy of this book for my honest review through First reads. I enjoyed reading The HomePort Journals by A.C. Burch. The author paints beautiful pictures with his words used to describe Provincetown and the HomePort mansion of Lola Staunton. Provincetown, The place that Marc escapes to after leaving an abusive lover, is full of quirky characters and lots of mystery. The reader is taken on a journey of two stories, The present journey that Marc is experiencing and one journey tha [...]

    24. If you’ve ever lived in Provincetown, or even just visited there, you’ll love this book. The characters are quite unusual and very memorable. There’s an intriguing subplot based on the past interwoven into the main plot, which gives the story more depth overall. It’s basically a very upbeat tale, with some very funny parts, plus a totally unexpected surprise near the end.The author, who lives in P’town himself, gives us a realistic view of this magical town. I have my own happy memorie [...]

    25. A home in my own heartWhat a wonderful way to experience a town I know so well from our yearly trips for the past 15 years. The characterizations were perfectly wonderful and in keeping with the spirit that is P'town.

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