Indebted Series 1-3: Boxed Set

Indebted Series Boxed Set Save Strictly Limited Time c for Debt Inheritance First Debt Second Debt New York Times Wall Street Journal USA Today Bestselling Series Seven books in total This edition contains the first

  • Title: Indebted Series 1-3: Boxed Set
  • Author: Pepper Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Save 5.99 Strictly Limited Time 99c for Debt Inheritance, First Debt, Second Debt New York Times, Wall Street Journal USA Today Bestselling Series.Seven books in total This edition contains the first three Debt Inheritance I own you I have the piece of paper to prove it It s undeniable and unbreakable You belong to me until you ve paid off your debts NilSave 5.99 Strictly Limited Time 99c for Debt Inheritance, First Debt, Second Debt New York Times, Wall Street Journal USA Today Bestselling Series.Seven books in total This edition contains the first three Debt Inheritance I own you I have the piece of paper to prove it It s undeniable and unbreakable You belong to me until you ve paid off your debts Nila Weaver s family is indebted Being the first born daughter, her life is forfeit to the first born son of the Hawks to pay for sins of ancestors past The dark ages might have come and gone, but debts never leave She has no choice in the matter.First Debt You say I ll never own you If I win you willingly give me that right You sign not only the debt agreement, but another one that makes me your master until your last breath is taken You do that, and I ll give you this Nila Weaver s family is indebted Stolen, taken, and bound not by monsters but by an agreement written over six hundred years ago, she has no way out.Second Debt I tried to play a game I tried to wield deceit as perfectly as the Hawks But when I thought I was winning, I wasn t Jethro isn t what he seems he s the master of duplicity However, I refuse to let him annihilate me further Nila Weaver has grown from na ve seamstress to full blown fighter Every humdrum object is her arsenal, and sexx is her greatest weapon of all.To keep up to date with new releases and sales please sign up eepurl 120b5

    • Best Read [Pepper Winters] ☆ Indebted Series 1-3: Boxed Set || [Christian Book] PDF ☆
      401 Pepper Winters
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    1. Pepper Winters is a NYT and USA Today International Bestseller She wears many roles Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head The tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters Oh, and sex her books have sex.She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends She s also honoured to wear the IndieReader Badge for being a Top 10 Indie Bestsellers, best BDSM series voted by the SmutClub, and recently signed a two book deal with Grand Central Her books are currently being translated into numerous languages and will be in bookstores in the near future.Her Dark Romance books include Tears of Tess Monsters in the Dark 1 Quintessentially Q Monsters in the Dark 2 Twisted Together Monsters in the Dark 3 Debt Inheritance Indebted 1 Her Grey Romance books include DestroyedUpcoming releases are First Debt Indebted Series 2 Ruin Rule Pure Corruption MC Je Suis a Toi Monsters in the Dark Novella Forbidden Flaws Standalone Erotic Romance To be the first to know of upcoming releases, please join Pepper s Newsletter she promises never to spam or annoy you NEWSLETTER eepurl 120b5Or follow her on her websitepepperwintersShe loves mail of any kind pepperwinters gmailYou can stalk her here Pinterest PepperwintersFacebook Pepper WintersTwitter pepperwintersBlog pepperwinters.wordpress

    2. ★★★★★! Indebted Series, Book 1-3 (box set). A dark & sexual tale of one man’s quest to collect a centuries old debt by getting an heiress to surrender to him!“You live in a fairytale, princess and I’m about to destroy it.”I have already reviewed this series individually. Here are my reviews:Book 1: Debt InheritanceBook 2: First DebtBook 3: Second DebtBook 4: Third DebtBook 5: Fourth DebtBook 6: Final DebtBook 6.5: Indebted Epilogue***Hero rating: 5 stars Heroine rating: 4.5 [...]

    3. ** NEVER TO BE REPEATED SALE **This is the cheapest way to get the Indebted Series. The books are too long to be in one boxed set. Grab the first three books for 99c for three days only and the final four for $9.99 (save $10.99 combined)INDEBTED BOXED SET 1-3Debt Inheritance, First Debt, Second Debt: $0.99 (strictly 4 day sale only) Save $5.99: amzn/1QX9FOviBooks: apple/266gHvEBarnes & Noble: bit/22w0sUcKobo: bit/1qJ2ODpGoogle Play: bit/1N9LrpoINDEBTED BOXED SET 4-7Third Debt, Fourth Debt, F [...]

    4. A word of warning from someone who has read this entire series:-One dimensional villains who "chuckle" and "smirk" incessantly? Check.-Googling masked as research? Check.-Diamond mines in Africa 400 years prior to the discovery of diamonds? Check.-Unenforcable legal debts? Check!-Prime ministers like Winston Churchill & Margaret Thatcher, plus an assorted number of kings, queens and diplomats that have signed the death warrants of innocent women as late as the 1900's, just because the Hawks [...]

    5. #review @PepperWinters #JethroHawk #mustread #oneclick #indebtedseries #nilaweaver #pepperwinters #DarkRomance QueenZany 5 STAR REVIEWIndebted Series 1-3: Boxed SetPepper WintersGASP!!!I embarked on the Indebted Series 1-3: with the knowledge. That I would be plummeted, captivated, seduced, enthralled and basically mind fucked! Hell I didn’t know that it was going to be a 123 punch! A guttural slam dunk! Swift, all encompassing at some points. Which assaults your senses almost like a drug, a h [...]

    6. One of my favorite series ever. A must read. Well written and beautifully dark. Pepper is brilliant.

    7. I can't. Pepper Winters just does not do it for me. Listen, I'm here for the fucked up kidnapping novels. I'm here for the weird power dynamic relationships. I eat that RIGHT up. But this story sucked. We have Nila. She's got a pretty swanky life going on. She's making a name for herself in the fashion world by designing KILLER dresses. She has vertigo, her brother and dad never let her out of their sites so she doesn't date much. A couple of months ago, this rando number texted her something di [...]

    8. I swear the cliff hangers always kill me. For each of the book once it ends I just need more Kite and Needle need their justice and so much I just want it to end a happy ending

    9. I don't know why I took so long in beginning this series. I need to read on to know what happens because that ending just left me wondering and thinking what would happen next!

    10. WOWOWOWWI jumped on this box set when it was released, it was an absolute bargain, a gorgeous cover, and 3 of stories from this series in one.Although I have reviewed each of the books in this series individually, I'm also going to give a quick review on this box set, as it was what I read them from.This has fast become one of my favourite series, and authors. I've fallen in love with the world this dark and sexy story is born from. The background, history, detail and characters are incredible. [...]

    11. Pepper Winters has a unique way of writing her stories, there is no denying that they are not your typical romances or even a typical dark romance. Noooooooo she excels at writing twisted cleverly crafted stories.Indebted 1 did not sit well with me at all, I honestly hate Jethro, I didn’t understand him at all. Nila seemed meek and mild but she found her backbone fast! This first book set up the series well and give the reader an idea of what’s to come.Indebted 2 ramped up the story. Nila ha [...]

    12. I wish I could say 4.5 stars. I loved it but there were a few areas lacking. One that bothers me the most, and I see this with authors who apparently have to have a certain number of words, is padding the text with repetition. Nila Weaver is a character with unplumbed depths, which develop by Jethro's treatment. They both repeat their feelings too much and the book loses something when the reader begins to skip over "Oh not this again" parts. In every other way, the story is unique and intriguin [...]

    13. There's dark and then there's IndebtedWow! This series part boxed set was definitely bang for my buck. I'm new to Ms. Pepper's work but damn she does dark. Like dark you don't want a young impressionable teenager reading luckily that's no me.I'm invested. I need to find out what happens next. Is the story perfect? Nope. Is it pretty? Nope and even given that I want more.

    14. I literally could not put this book down! Pepper Winters is officially my new favorite romance author! The characters are so vibrant and have such depth and complexity, you can't help but want to read more about them so you can maybe unravel a little more about them. This is the second series of books of hers I have read and once again, I bought the next book in the series before I finished this one. I couldn't wait to start the new one!

    15. This is my second time reading the series and wanted to do it in this boxed set instead of the single one's! How fantastic and refreshing is read the story that you know but that you always find something new!Love, love, love it!

    16. Pepper Winters rocks the dark romance world with this one5+++++++ stars!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    17. I loved this series. It captivated me right from the start even though on many levels I was borderline horrified. I was on a road trip with my dad when I picked this up. I barely put it down the three days we were gone. My poor dad drove in silence most the way, because I was hooked!

    18. Book 1Why on earth did I wait this long to start this series?? Actually, I know why, because if I was left with THAT cliffhanger, I may be losing my mind!! I can see an endless night and a caffeine filled day at work tomorrow, because I can't get enough of Jethro and Nila. This book as me running through all sorts of emotions. I shouldn't like Jet, but I can't help it. This is dark, this is not for everyone, but it's definitely going to keep you up until you've read the final book. Loved every d [...]

    19. Incredible!What a heart pounding story! Holy cow! This book is beyond words. It's not like anything I've read and it amazed me and captured me from the beginning. I can't get enough of this story, it's twists, it's power, it's soul.

    20. One of the best book i have read so far. Recommended to all dark romance lovers, however this book goes far beyond than that. It captures your soul and may leave you speechless sometimes. its a melancholy. I have read the whole series(1-7) in four consecutive days and even when i was sleeping i dreamt of the book. Pepper Winters I love you. Thank you for such an awesome book.

    21. This series is complete.This is DARK reading material. If you have you may want to heed any and all warnings.I read these book as they were published. You all are so lucky to have them now with no cliffhanger. I will say hold on tight, you are in for a bumpy rollercoaster ride.This story is told in alternating POV between our main character's Nila and Jet.We have Nila, aka Needle. She's a seamstress and designer for her family. She's loved by her father and twin brother, who also help in the fam [...]

    22. PW Put The "U" in F#cked #P!Have you ever done or liked something going against what you were taught knowing it was wrong?Pepper Winters indeed if it is your real name has waved the proverbial carrot. I know how much I should hate these books and I probably do but I keep going back to Nila Weaver and Jethero Hawk. Couldn't you have selected a sexier name other than Jethero? It alone lost you a STAR! You even have him the nickname KITE for Pete's sake. Doesn't make any difference what part of a d [...]

    23. Wow! This is an amazing series of books. I bought it because the first three books were on sale for 99 cents. You can't beat that price. The story is interesting, fascinating and had me spellbound from the beginning. It is a dark story though but the love that develops between Nila and Jethro is amazing. I ended up purchasing the last four books and blew threw the rest of the series in three days. I had to see how it all ended. It was worth all the ups and downs. This story will have you on the [...]

    24. 4.5 stars. I had no idea what to expect going in to this series, other than it was going to be dark maybe too dark for my tastes, and for a while, I feared that was the case. While I liked Nila right off, it took me a long time to warm to Jethro, though by the end of these first three stories, I really started to feel for him. He's had a horrific life, and he's forced to be someone he isn't -- and that someone is a very hard, cruel man. Parts of the story were tough to read, but as I learned mor [...]

    25. Omg, this book series is outstanding. You cannot put it down. I just fell in love with Nila & Jethro even as the fell for each other. The struggles and the redemption are amazing. These final books were a struggle to get through because the reality for Nila & Jet was such a struggle. Can't say enough good things about this series. I am so happy with the ending. Things needed to happen, changes needed to be made, wrongs had to be righted. Loved the twists, turns, and complete surprises. A [...]

    26. I'd heard so many amazing things about this series so had to buy them.In a way i'm glad i've read the first 3, but i'm also disappointed too. Yes it was dark and twisted but there was just something, i don't know what, that stopped me from loving the series so far. The basis for the storyline is a brilliant idea, i just feel though as if something is missing.

    27. This series is just so melodramatic! I had previously read books one and two, but re-read them, and read book three for the first time. Still hate the name Jethro, and still have a bit of a hard time with the premise of the story. I purchased the whole series while on sale though, so I'll definitely finish it. Don't love it, don't hate it.

    28. So far I'm loving this series! It begins darker and fades a little to grey as you get to know Jethro and Nila finds her strength. I would highly recommend this series even though I want to jump ahead and read the ending to make sure all turns out well.

    29. This is definitely a dark romance. The first 3 books of this series show how broken the hero is and how the heroine learns that her life of freedom was actually a gilded cage. This story is an example of how people find freedom in the places they least expect.

    30. Indebted SeriesVery enjoyable series. It was great to see how Nila and Jethro react to each other and she brings out his strength.

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