Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider Fourteen year old Hannah is an orphan living with her cruel aunt Phoebe in Salem Massachusetts Hannah recently lost her mother and now her only comfort is her horse Promise But when her money hungr

  • Title: Midnight Rider
  • Author: Joan Hiatt Harlow
  • ISBN: 9780689870101
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fourteen year old Hannah is an orphan living with her cruel aunt Phoebe in Salem, Massachusetts Hannah recently lost her mother, and now her only comfort is her horse, Promise But when her money hungry aunt sells the horse and then indentures Hannah to the Boston family of a British general, Hannah vows to retrieve Promise at all costs, and join the fight for freedom IFourteen year old Hannah is an orphan living with her cruel aunt Phoebe in Salem, Massachusetts Hannah recently lost her mother, and now her only comfort is her horse, Promise But when her money hungry aunt sells the horse and then indentures Hannah to the Boston family of a British general, Hannah vows to retrieve Promise at all costs, and join the fight for freedom In Boston, as disagreements between the Whigs and the Tories run high and Americans prepare for revolution, not only does Hannah begin secret meetings with the Sons of Liberty disguised as a boy, but she is also reunited with Promise Together with her beloved horse, Hannah takes a bold step to join the fight for freedom and sets off on a dangerous mission Will she and Promise succeed

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    1. Joan Hiatt Harlow Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Midnight Rider book, this is one of the most wanted Joan Hiatt Harlow author readers around the world.

    2. I read this 366 page book in one day, not only because I had a book report due by monday(2 days away) but mostly because it is one fo THE BEST books I have ever read. I spent that whole day and night with Hannah, riding with her to warn Salem that the british are coming on her beloved horse Promise. It's about a girl named Hannah Andrews who gets sent away to Boston to work for the Gages as a servant for seven years by her cruel Aunt Phoebe. Secretly, since she's working for a British Genral's f [...]

    3. I read this book in class, and loved it a lot more than I thought I would. It was creative and told an interesting point of view of that time. When we were reading this book in class, I'd always skip ahead. I just couldn't help it. I always wanted to know what would happen next. The historical facts are accurate, so it isn't confusing. I would recommend this to my friends.


    5. This is the book that got me obsessed with reading. Before I wasn't interested at all in books. The story line and writing really pulled me in and I had to force myself to stop for the night and to not bring it with me to the dinner table. In other words I really love the book and appreciate it for introducing the realm of book-magic to me.

    6. I picked this book from "The Historical Fiction Books" section and is such a beautiful story about Hannah a young girl and her horse Promise that face a dangerouse adventure to save their town out from danger.Hannah had to face lot's of unregconized faces first but soon she got used to them and her fears past off except General Gage the ganeral of the mansion where Hannah was sent to be a maid.

    7. This is book ir really good and it is happening during the revolutionary war and its about a girl who gets send to work for a loyalist family called the "Gages" and i would recomend it to people who enjoy back in the day stories.

    8. This book is about the revoloutionary war and how a girl named "Hannah" is sent off to Boston by her rude aunt Pheobe.

    9. Overall, it's a good book.Hannah Andrews, an orphaned Puritan girl, gets shipped off to Boston - courtesy, her evil aunt. She is an indentured servant to the Thomas Gage household. (General Gage, ring a bell?) Oh yes. She has a horse. And she loves her horse. Her horse loves her. It's all hunky dory and a bit cheesy, as girls + horse = forever love and whatnot. You know what I mean? It's overdone. (Not to say I don't like horses - I do. I just don't appreciate how the girl is always like "I love [...]

    10. *SPOILERS*When I first started this book, I wasn't that excited to read it. I had had this book since I ordered it from a book order when I was in first grade and had been putting off reading it ever since. This book is about a young girl named Hannah, who is living in 1775 Massachusetts. Hannah is horrified when she discovers once she recovered from the pox that her Aunt Pheobe had sold her beloved horse, Promise. However, one day she sees a boy riding a horse that looks exactly like Promise. [...]

    11. It’s Battle of the Books Friday. Today’s title is another book recommended for the 2010 – 2011 Pikes Peak Region Battle List.After 14 year-old Hannah’s parents die in a pox epidemic, her cruel Aunt Phoebe sells Hannah’s horse and contracts Hannah out as an indentured servant to General Thomas Gage, the royal governor of Massachusetts. Set on the eve of the American revolution, the story chronicles Hannah’s story as she struggles with her affection for some members of the Gage househo [...]

    12. Summary: 1775: Hannah's parents died of smallpox and now she must live with her cruel aunt, Pheobe. Aunt Phoebe sells Hannah's horse, Promise,a gift from Hannah's father. Hannah is very upset. She finds out that a young boy named Will, about her age, now has the horse. She and Will meet and Hannah rides Promise a lot. Aunt Pheobe finds out about Hannah riding and sends her to Boston to work for a british general and his family.Hannah meets some friends at the general's manor. She hates living th [...]

    13. This is book is a great book, and it mixes with your emotions. When you read it, at one point you'll be crying another you'll be laughing. This book is about a girl who works for the British General Thomas Gage. She is sent away by her selfish aunt after her mother dies to work for him. Hannah (the girl) loves her horse promise, she rides promise dressed as a boy so she has the right to ride at night. At night Hannah pulls pranks on the British. Her friend Will, who had bought the horse after he [...]

    14. A book about the Revalutionary war. All the things you will learn in this book will tye up all the facts with a young girls life. She really doesn't mind too much on how peopel treat her because she knows no one can bring her down when she really puts her mind to it. This book has young love tyed in with a hard life of moving and determination to get back to what she loves and is hers. She will never let anyone tell her what to do with out having her way in it. She will help the patriots even if [...]

    15. I really expected to like this book. It's set in pre-revolutionary war America and features a female Paul Revere type. While the historical details that made an appearance were good, the overall writing was poor. Things were inconsistent, characters would make a statement or think a passionate thought and then changer their minds in the same paragraph. The plot felt rushed or forced at times and I never connected with any of the cast. These characters go through events that should make you nervo [...]

    16. This book is about a girl name Hannah who has a horse . She lives in Massachusets as you could knoe ofcourse is in Boston . She has a horse name Promise . Her mother and father had been passed away so she has to stay living with her aunt i think her name is Phoebe and her horse Promise . Times passes and Phoebe Hannahs aunt decides to sell the horse Promise everything hannah will ever had and love so her aunt sells it as you can see it was for money everything people like . So every night Hannah [...]

    17. A great bit of historical fiction with a female protagonist. Hannah, a 14-year-old orphan, is contracted out as an indentured servant by her cruel aunt. She ends of working for General Gage and becomes involved in the events leading up to the American Revolution. She has a special way with horses and is devastated when her aunt sells her beloved horse, Promise, to a neighbor. She finds a way through a secret tunnel to get outside Gage's compound so that, disguised as a boy, she can ride Promise [...]

    18. Midnight rider, Joan Hiatt Harlow This book is about the revolutionary war. This girl named Hannah was living with her aunt after her mom passed away. Hannah's only comfort was her horse promise. Her aunt throws her out of the house and forces her to work as a servant in Boston. She meets a stable boy named Caleb and they end up being close friends and going on many adventures together. I really like this book it was boring at time but it was still pretty good. I recommend this book to people wh [...]

    19. This was a reread for me. I read it aloud for our Revolutionary Thinking unit. It was a perfect fit. The kids loved it again (I read it aloud several years ago). Hannah is a young girl in Boston in 1774. She is indentured to the Gages (General Gage was in charge of the British military in Boston). However, she was a fierce Patriot. Hannah aides the Patriots by listening in on conversations she overhears in the house where she is working. She and her friends must decide if they can remain loyal t [...]

    20. Midnight Rider by Joan Hiatt HarlowIt's 1775 and 14 year old Hannah Andrews is thrown into it all when she is driven out of her home by her guardian aunt to live with the General of the British armies. The stable boy, Caleb, becomes friends and they doing many things together.I thought this book was good. At times, I got bored but mostly it was very interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to know about that time period.

    21. This was an awesome book for me because i am a historical fiction fanatic and love anything to do with history. I loved how Hannah could imitate people, especially when she got mad. I also thought that adding the romance between Will and her was a fun thing to do. I also liked how meg thought she was meeting a sweetheart when she went through the tunnel, instead of a horse.

    22. Amazing. Awesome eatest book I read in history teacher made us read it ,but I thought I would hate it. I love the end when they got band from Boston . And when Catherine is going to marry Mr.Greensleve it is really sad when Caleb dies. :( if your going to read it you should make sure you understand about the revolutionary war.

    23. I feel let down by this book. I have always been a fan of historical fiction, and as a teacher of early American history and the revolution, I am always looking for supplemental texts for my classroom. I was really hoping for more adventure. This book seemed to drag quite a bit, and even the most exciting parts were actually rather dull. I can't see my students enjoying this one.

    24. Read this and currently reading it aloud for my fifth graders. It's a good read that the kids are loving and I know I would have really loved if I'd read it at age 10 or 11 as well. Really nice tie-in to what they just learned in social studies about the Revolutionary War, Boston Tea Party, etc. Good stuff.

    25. This is one of my favorite books along with the Mysterious Benedict Society and the Heartland Series. I love historical fiction books and especially ones that have romance that keep me going even if a few paragraph are boring. I have read this book 3 times now. Revolutionary War is my favorite time period besides World War II. I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. This was a great book that is historical fiction. A young girl named Hannah living during the Revolutionary war and she is a patriot but is sent to go live with a British General. She and her horse go on secret trips to warn other Patriots about future attacks from the British. I would recommend this to someone who likes historical fiction.

    27. Set right before the Revolutionary War began 14 year old Hannah Andrews must make a difficult decision and choose between loyalty to England or fighting for freedom. After being taken out of her home in Salem,Massachusetts and shoved into Boston her choices lead to her becoming the Midnight rider. Along the way she makes new friends both loyal to England and for the cause of freedom.

    28. This book was good because it was a historical fiction book. It was happening during the Revolutionary War and there is a girl who is always getting in trouble. She is always wanting to ride a horse but the people that she is living with doesn't want her to. I would recommend this book to people who like history books.

    29. The midnight rider was a great book with adventure and much more fun. This book might be great read for someone who loves historical fiction. The book is about a girl who is learning the truth about the revolutionary war. She must decide things for the better good and better place for her to live in.

    30. I loved this book! It was about a girl who's life is deeply effected by the small pox epidemic while growing up in the Colonies. (remember, that's what they called the US back in the old days) After the epidemic okay, I can't say anymore without giving it away so never mind.

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