The Wolf and the King

The Wolf and the King Kaleb is under pressure from his closest adviser Either choose a husband and take the throne of his people the shifters of the world or one will be chosen for him But Kaleb doesn t want just any hus

  • Title: The Wolf and the King
  • Author: Tami Veldura
  • ISBN: 9781941319161
  • Page: 453
  • Format: ebook
  • Kaleb is under pressure from his closest adviser Either choose a husband and take the throne of his people, the shifters of the world, or one will be chosen for him But Kaleb doesn t want just any husband He wants to find his mate, the one man that the gods put in this world specifically for him Richard thinks Kaleb is a fool to trust in myths, but Kaleb insists he s lKaleb is under pressure from his closest adviser Either choose a husband and take the throne of his people, the shifters of the world, or one will be chosen for him But Kaleb doesn t want just any husband He wants to find his mate, the one man that the gods put in this world specifically for him Richard thinks Kaleb is a fool to trust in myths, but Kaleb insists he s looking for a forever love and he s determined to find it.Parker is a lowborn wolf shifter and not interested in bowing to any tiger, that is, until Kaleb parades by and their eyes lock For a second nothing else exists, just the two of them and the knowledge that they are meant to be together It s fate But the advisor pushes Kaleb on, and it s up to Parker to find a way to reach his true mate.Wolves have been oppressed by the tiger royalty for generations, but it s Kaleb who fears the bond he and Parker share Something or someone is scaring Parker s mate into an arranged marriage he doesn t want Parker knows that Kaleb is his, but unless Kaleb can make a stand, they ll be apart forever.

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    2 thoughts on “The Wolf and the King

    1. Tami Veldura is an enby aro ace author of queer fiction Hir pronouns are sie hir Mx Sie loves romance, fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal stories that push genre limits Sie lives in California where sie writes full time which means procrastinating as often as possible with video games Dragons fascinate hir, a consistent schedule eludes hir, and sie makes a terrible housewife, just ask Mr Veldura.Website Failure To CommunicateTwitter handle tamivelduraEmail tamiveldura gmail

    2. I like the book cover, its beautiful but I am a little confused because one of the MCs is described as dark skinned and none of them on the cover are dark. Nevertheless, I volunteered to read the ARC of this book and am honestly reviewing it. Good things: I quite liked the story. The basic premise was great. The connection was described and presented quite beautifully. They ached when they were apart. The sizzle when they were together! I loved reading that.Not-so-good-things: The plot pace was [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading this. Tami is getting better and better, and I became comfortable with her writing style.This has a little D/s role play, not heavy but just mild. Guess who's the 's'? It's a fun read, not too sweet since we have this bad guy who's trying to called 'the mate' is just a myth.Yeah, in the shifter world, anything could happen, even a tiger and a wolf as mates.

    4. 3.5 starsA really short rushed read with not much world building. Kaleb is a tiger shifter, prince and next in line to be king. The only obligation he had to perform before taking the throne is marriage. He wants to marry for love and that means finding his true mate. The regent and head advisor is pushing Kaleb to mate with any high ranking noble. When Kaleb meets the eye a of his true mate during a procession in the kingdom he can't help but be drawn even though it turns out his mate is a low [...]

    5. I was really excited about this book. Shifters, crossing class lines, fated mates much could have gone so right here. Except when it was all put on paper it ended up being too much and too little. There was no background on either man at all so we have nothing to keep us interested in who these people are, why they should be or stay together, what motivates them, what will keep them in our minds beyond turning the last page, or why we should even like or be drawn to them in the first place. We h [...]

    6. Although very short, this is a complete story. Everything happens very fast, very compressed time line. You feel the connection between Kaleb and Parker. That said, I felt that it would have been much better with a bit more back story. And the world building could have been given more detail. I found Kaleb to be a bit wishy washy. He wants his true mate and his true mate only. Yet when he meets Parker, he’s torn and full of indecision.Parker is just there, showing up at a parade. Then catching [...]

    7. Kaleb is the prince who rules over tiger and wolf shifters. The tiger shifters are seen as better people and the wolves as lesser. Kaleb's adviser wants Kaleb to marry a handpicked tiger and take his place on the throne, but Kaleb wants his true mate. This story is short and fast-paced. I found the world to be intriguing, and wished there was more information on why the wolves were so oppressed. Kaleb was a contradiction. He wanted his true mate, but was afraid of his adviser and his punishments [...]

    8. 3.5 Stars What an interesting book the writing was good. The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book. I found the story and characters appealing. The characters were well developed and thought out. Kaleb a tiger and the crown prince and Parker is a lower-class wolf they are the MC’s of this book and true mates. There was humor, wolves, tigers, a forest, a wedding, fighting, a cage, an advisor and so much more in this book.Here is a quote from the book, “Richard huffed. [...]

    9. I'm voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received from the author.Kaleb is to be king and is being forced to find a husband. Kaleb wants to find his true love, though, and it is causing frustration for his advisor. He comes across Parker, who is a wolf shifter, and although Kaleb knows he wants to (and should) be with Parker, he is confused about his feelings and about his duties. Fortunately, this is a short story, so the angst level is relatively low. I could see myself getting v [...]

    10. I'm not sure how I feel about this very short story. It wasn't long enough for me to get a feel for the characters. All I could get from them was Kaleb was weak and seemed immature or very young. Richard was a stone cold bastard and Parker was too forgiving even if Kaleb was his true mate. Kaleb grew somewhat of a backbone at the very end but I think I needed more time spent with the couple and to get to know them better to be satisfied, 2.5 stars. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy o [...]

    11. A short sweet fairy tale that wouldn’t be out of place amidst the well-known stories. Tiger shifter Kaleb is the crown prince who has to marry to rule over his kingdom. He finds his mate in Parker, a poor wolf shifter. And everyone knows tigers and wolfs don’t mix. It is a short story with all the elements I look for in a fairy tale. Two destined mates who are obstructed by the villain and some surprises. Well written with a flowing, smooth writing style that leads you through the pages. A g [...]

    12. Decent enough short story. Kaleb and Parker are on opposite ends of the social spectrum. Kaleb's pursuit of his true mate is honorable but he's a weak man. Easily manipulated and cowed by his advisor. Parker gets hot and cold from him at every turn. It gave me whiplash. It was nice to see Kaleb finally grew a bit of a spine there at the end, but it's obvious that he's going to need Parker to be an effective ruler.Adult read

    13. I received this story in exchange for an honest review.This was a nice short story. Kaleb wants to find his mate but when Parker goes to him he get scared by his reaction and then give Richard the go ahead to pick his husband. Parker knows that they are meant to be and will persist. What Kaleb needs is someone to take care of him, since his father’s death he has been living as his advisor sees fit and definitely not for himself. Parker continues to try and reach out to Kaleb even while he is b [...]

    14. From Magnolia Reviews: One PetalThe physical and emotional abuse of one of the characters was used as a plot-crutch, which was terrible, and overall the story lacked depth in plot, characterization, and world building. I therefore cannot recommend this book. Read the full review on Maggie's website: magnoliareviews.weebly/rev

    15. I felt that there was no real time for a connection between Kaleb and Parker. They are mates and Kaleb is searching for one, but he's not allowed to choose a wolf as one. I thought that Kaleb's advisor, Richard, while a great antagonist, took up far too much of the story, which left the love part a little thin for me. Although there was a promise of more, in the end, there wasn't much of a connection to believe in a HEA.

    16. This is an unusual shifter short story. Kaleb is a tiger shifter and the Crown Prince of his country. He is being pressurised by his advisor, Richard, to choose a husband and become king. Kaleb wants to marry for love and dismisses every shifter Richard shows him. When he comes across Parker, he knows he has found his mate but Parker is a wolf shifter and Richard will do anything to keep them apart.A well written story with a good plot and HEA.

    17. I like it but wished there was more. I felt like the character development was a bit rushed and the storyline could've been stretched out a bit more to fit with a more accurate development. I liked it I just wish again that there was more meat to the bones of the story. It has good groundwork to get better.

    18. A short and quick read. The storyline is good and flows well but could have been expanded a bit more. Kaleb and Parker are very interesting characters with incredible chemistry and a strong connection. I like watching Kaleb evolve and start standing up for himself throughout the story.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    19. An ok read. I just didn't get the king: how can you want to find your mate and fall in love with him, and then don't realise that you did actually find your mate and act like a spoiled brat?

    20. A great short story. Kane the prince tiger shifter has been raised to believe he should marry another tiger shifter till while visiting a town sees Parker a wolf shifter and low born. Kane is confused he feels the mate pull to Parker but is confused. The later meet in the forest in their animal forms and join physically for a time but Kane is confused and runs away. In fear from his advisor Richard he agrees to take another tiger as his husband and Parker is caught trying to enter the castle to [...]

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