Absolution Ricca You can t outrun your past a mistake I learned the hard way Stripped of the last piece of my innocence in the middle of the Californian desert I waited for death Then he appeared My vengeful a

  • Title: Absolution
  • Author: Avelyn Paige
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ricca You can t outrun your past, a mistake I learned the hard way Stripped of the last piece of my innocence in the middle of the Californian desert, I waited for death Then he appeared My vengeful angel He s everything I m not He s everything I want He s everything I can never have Ratchet I will not let my past define me Abandoned by my mother as a child, I woulRicca You can t outrun your past, a mistake I learned the hard way Stripped of the last piece of my innocence in the middle of the Californian desert, I waited for death Then he appeared My vengeful angel He s everything I m not He s everything I want He s everything I can never have Ratchet I will not let my past define me Abandoned by my mother as a child, I would be dead if it weren t for Jagger He took me into the Heaven s Rejects and saved my life Now I want to save hers The superficial cuts and bruises on her delicate skin, don t compare to the pain lurking in her heart The pain I want to save her from Somehow, I will find a way to get through to her Come hell or high water, she will be mine.

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    1. Avelyn Paige is an internationally bestselling author She resides in a sleepy little town in Indiana with her husband and three crazy pets While she may be a Hoosier by birth, she is a Boilermaker by choice Boiler Up Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist and her nights sipping moonshine while writing and book reviewing She loves everything paranormal, Cajun culture, and wants to try tornado chasing as a hobby when she finally grows up She just has to get over that pesky fear of thunderstorms first Avelyn also enjoys to travel and collecting voodoo dolls from her trips to New Orleans.

    2. Absolution was the third book in the Heaven's Rejects MC by Avelyn Paige.Jude "Ratchet" Azzo was the cleanup guy in the Heaven's Rejects MC. He was strong, dominant and a force not to mess with. He was protective and loyal to his Brotherhood at all costs.Erica "Ricca" Delmont was introduced to us as Dani's roommate in the first book, Heaven Sent. She had a rough upbringing and through a continuous string of poor decisions, her adult life wasn't much bettert.During the previous book, Angels and A [...]

    3. Firstly I want to say thank you to the author for writing such a great MC book. I went through a phase of reading a lot of MC reads and I think I got burnt out. Now after reading this I wanna read more MC books. This is Rachet and Riccas story. These two are oh so good together. I was so hoping they’d get their happy ever after. Like previous books by this author I found this to be well written with a brilliant storyline. If your looking for a gripping read with plenty of twists and turns then [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports. Absolution is the third book in the Heaven's Rejects MC Series from Avelyn Paige. I read this book without having read the first books in this series. Ricca can not outrun her past. A mistake she learned the hard way. Stripped of the last piece of her innocence in the middle of the Californian desert, I waited for death. Then Ratchet appeared. Her vengeful angel. He is everything she is not. Everything [...]

    5. Oh Avelyn how I have missed you. I have been waiting ever so patiently for this book and I am thrilled to finally be able to get it. The wait was worth it and Avelyn has once again delivered an wonderful book. I truly think this book is the best one yet. The story line while heartbreakingly sad is also one that will bring hope to many. Neither of these characters has had an easy life but Ricca has by far been dealt such an awful hand. Needless to say she has a ton of trauma to overcome and she h [...]

    6. These books just keep getting better! Ricca & Ratchet will keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t read it fast enough & then at the end I was by far not ready for it to be over. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for the next book! I’m totally hooked

    7. Absolution: Heaven's Rejects Book 3Wow What an ending!! Shocked!! Goodness!! Love them as a couple. They just fit together. Can't wait to see what happens next in the storyline. I recommend this series.

    8. AmazingWith everything that Ricca has been through, she finds love with Ratchet. Of course that's with everything happening in her life.

    9. This is the third book in the Heaven’s Rejects MC series and although it could be read as a standalone I would suggest reading the series in order.Rachet saved Ricca from a fate worse than hell and over time he became her constant, her safety. When they finally gave into their passion, Ricca misunderstands when Rachet is not there in the morning. When she receives some surprising news from back home, she takes off thinking there is nothing left for her at the MC. Fast forward six months and Ra [...]

    10. What a great readWow ive been waiting for this book for so long and it was well worth the wait. I love this series by avalyn paige and recommend it to everyone who loves MC books. I gotta say i didnt see that ending coming . I cant wait to see what happens next.

    11. OMG, I just love this series. I was so excited to see another book being released in this series and then to top it off it was about Ratchet and Ricca. Ricca had been through so much. I am not just talking about what happen with the Twisted Tribe but even farther back then that. As you are reading the story and finding about her childhood your heart will break. Yes, she had a lot of fear but she was truly strong as well. There was so many favorite parts in the book but one of my favorite parts w [...]

    12. Multiple Reviews Below5StarsMy love of MC is coming back this book was everything I love in an MC read, it was dark, gritty with fiercely loyal MC members who protect their club with everything they have and are! Nothing comes between a member and the club and that was true for Ratchet until Ricca came along! A broken young lady with a tragic past, Ratchet, also had a tough and tragic upbringing, but he was her saviour the one person who could get close enough to be the light in her darkness; to [...]

    13. i869otobucket/albums/abAbsolution was a great 5 star read.We finally have Ratchet and Ricca’s story. These two had one night together, Ratchet had finally broke down Ricca’s walls and got to her heart. The next morning he had to leave for club business and Ricca didn’t realize this. Heartbroken she ends up leaving the club house and Ratchet has been searching for her. What do you do when the person that you care about the most leaves you behind? We jump ahead six months. We learn about Ric [...]

    14. Ricca learned the hard way that outrunning your past is pretty much impossible. In the middle of the California desert she waited for death until the vengeful Angel appeared. He was everything she couldn't have. Ratchet would be dead if it wasn't for for Jagger. He was abandoned by his mother and taken into the Heaven's Rejects life. He wants to save her from the pain that's inside her heart. He will stop at nothing to get through to her. Even if it's the last thing he does. If you have kept up [...]

    15. This novel was read and reviewed for My Timeout Book Blog by MelissaWell its about time! I have been waiting to get more from Rachet and Ricca since the last novel. And just as I hoped this novel not only didn't disappoint it was so much more then what I hoped it would be. We meet both of Rachet and Ricca in the other two novels in this series ( you can read as a stand alone, but I think you will enjoy it so much more with the whole story), there is so much that went on you can not help to wonde [...]

    16. The author states this was a difficult story to write. It was difficult to read--yet I could not put it down. Ricca and Ratchet are meant to be together. It isn't going to be easy and it isn't happening right away. When he rescued her from the torture chamber of a drug lord, he knew. Whatever it took he would be with her. She'd never completely heal but he'd take her broken and all. He knows broken. He lives it.He finally has her in his bed. Yet, she wakes alone she isn't waiting around. She can [...]

    17. Noyou can't do that to ME!!!OMG the ending.I seriously yelled NO!!! I even messaged and called Avelyn a not very nice name bahaha!! Freaking floved this addition to this series.Ricca has come such a long way from the girl whom was rescued from torture she went through. A phone call changes everything what will happen to her when she has to go back to where it all began?? Will she take responsibility or restart a downward spiral?? I love the person that Ricca ends up being during this series and [...]

    18. Ratchet may be the enforcer/clean up man, but he has a heart of gold! He opens up to Ricca and helps her tremendously through her battles, and helps grounds her. They are what the other one needs. ❤️❤️❤️Ricca has had a really cruddy life, so when Ratchet takes off to help the Heaven's Rejects she starts doubting their relationship. When out of the blue she gets phone call that her mother is dead, and she has a brother she never knew about. Ricca takes off home to Kentucky to try and [...]

    19. This is quite the page turner! Wonderfully exciting, hot and filled with enough action to keep you turning page after page to see what happens, who's behind the mess the female lead finds herself in and of course, to see how things will turn out in the end. And what an end!! Great lead into the next book that will have you chomping at the bit to get your hands on it. The characters are well developed and quite complex. Ricca (Erica), has a horrid past, and an even more horrid recent past as she [...]

    20. Absolution is the third book in the series Heavens Rejects MC by Avelyn Paige. Again this author has outdone herself, the way she brings the MC to life in this books is amazing! This book is about Ratchet and Ricca and that alone excited me! Lol Between the loyalty in the MC’s members to the off the charts brewing romance between those two characters! Ricci is from the previous book where Ratchet saves her, she is a broken soul who has had a very hard life. She was a strong character though es [...]

    21. If you are looking for something to keep you company this weekend then you need look no further because once you are introduced to the formidable force that is Ricca and Ratchet you won’t want to put them down.This had everything thrown into the mix and I honestly mean everything. It had enough angst and attitude to sink a whole fleet of battleships but all of that was tempered by the romance that refused to be tempered at any stage. While I loved the fact that the story was far from straight [...]

    22. I was so excited when Absolution his my Kindle in the wee hours. And Holy Cow it did not disappoint!!!! What an amazing addition to the Heavens Rejects Series. Ms Paige has written a thrilling storyline and of course all the major characters from the series add present. The storyline will have you smiling, your toes curling and your heart in your throat at various times throughout the chapters.Ratchet is the MC’s enforcer and a typical alpha badass! Except when it comes to his woman. For Ricca [...]

    23. Review by: Melanie(5 stars)I really am enjoying this series. Yes it was a long wait for book 3 but, in my opinion, it was so worth the wait and a great opportunity to reread from the beginning. We saw what happened to Ricca in book one and now in book 3 we get to see even more of Ricca’s past as something happens to have her racing to the one place she vowed to never return to home! Ratchet returned home from some club business to find Ricca had left. No note, no message… just gone. After sp [...]

    24. Absolution by Avelyn Paige is the third book in the Heaven´s Rejects MC Series.Every book in the series can easily be read as a standalone. There are only a few cross-over.The other books in the series are Sins of the Father, book 0,5. Heaven Sent, Hero and Dani´s story. And Angels and Ashes, Raze and Darcy´s story.Absolution is Ratchet and Ricca´s story. Ricca is Dani´s former roommate and friend. She was kidnapped and tortured and is slowly healing. She´s strung out and had problems with [...]

    25. I absolutely love this series!! Ms. Paige has another hit on her hands. This series just keeps getting better. Loved the chemistry between Ratchet and Ricca. They are either fighting or getting it on. Ricca gets a phone call and it changes everything. Ratchet has a hero complex, because of have a tragedy in his past. He saves Ricca from torture in a previous book, and now he hunts her down and is coming to her rescue in this book. But she doesn't want his help and he has an unconventional way of [...]

    26. Absolution is the third installment in Heaven’s Rejects MC and my first time reading Avelyn Paige. This suspenseful story between Ricca and Ratchet will have you holding your breath to find out what will happen next in their journey.With being new to this series, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. However, Absolution was well written and Paige made the characters flowed. Behind every MC, the brotherhood is strong. They stand beside one another. And when the brother calls, the MC c [...]

    27. Absolution is a story about love conquering all. About trust. About believing there is good in another. Even though the water looks murky, wade through it and find your serenity.There seems to be a knight in shining armor, in Jude “Ratchet” Azzo. Even if he rode in on a white horse, Ratchet never knew he could be this man, because he never had a reason to be this man. Until HER.Erica “Ricca” Delmont was dealt a horrible hand in life. A mother who treated her like trash and then handed he [...]

    28. 4.5 STARSI absolutely loved this book for many reasons fist off the Character names Ricca and Ratchet those are fabulous names.But more importantly I loved these characters, broken dark souls that find the light. This truly was a fantastic read that left me with the feels. Ricca coming from a very dark place , along comes Ratchet who comes from a bad past just feels and sees her hurt. All he wants to do is fix her and give her a chance.These 2 characters are on fire and I just wanted to keep on [...]

    29. Absolution by Avelyn Paige is the 3rd book in the Heaven's Rejects MC. This is my first read by this author and it won't be the last. These books can be read as standalone's and after reading Absolution I definitely want to read the first two. Ricca has been through the kind of hell the Devil doesn't even deserve. This has got to be one of the strongest female characters I have read in a long time. Loved her. She's feisty and determined. I loved Ratchet, not only did he save Ricca from hell, but [...]

    30. Manda's 3.5 Star ReviewI am a huge fan of this series and have really enjoyed the writing style of this author. The characters are always well written and have engaging stories to tell. These two characters have devastating pasts that can easily break someone. I love the strength they show and the determination to do the right thing when faced with seemingly impossible obstacles. There are so many different twists in this book and lots of secrets to learn.While I enjoyed the writing, characters, [...]

    31. ~Tiffany☆☆☆☆1/2 starsRatchet is the enforcer for Heaven's Rejects MC. He knows what life is like without his brothers. They saved his life and now he needs to save someone else.Ricca knows what it's like to be used and abused, waiting to die. Saved by someone who helps her heal, she finds herself wanting him. When shocking news finds her, she knows she can never have what she wants with him. She has other responsibilities now.Ricca made mistakes in her past. She suffered greatly, kidnapp [...]

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