Rooftop Cousins Clay and Addison were like brothers growing up together in the projects until they were ripped apart by a family argument When they are reunited in a drug treatment program they try to work

  • Title: Rooftop
  • Author: Paul Volponi
  • ISBN: 9780142408445
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cousins Clay and Addison were like brothers, growing up together in the projects, until they were ripped apart by a family argument When they are reunited in a drug treatment program, they try to work out their issues like a family But one night, one wrong decision, leaves Clay shaken and Addison dead And in the rash of events that follow, the truth of what actually hapCousins Clay and Addison were like brothers, growing up together in the projects, until they were ripped apart by a family argument When they are reunited in a drug treatment program, they try to work out their issues like a family But one night, one wrong decision, leaves Clay shaken and Addison dead And in the rash of events that follow, the truth of what actually happened on the rooftop of the apartment building is caught up in a clash of politics and racial issues Will Clay be able to rise above the lies and face the truth

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    2 thoughts on “Rooftop

    1. Paul Volponi Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Rooftop book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Volponi author readers around the world.

    2. I’ve recently finished Rooftop by Paul Volponi. This book is about two cousins named Clay and Addison who are reunited in a drug-treatment program called Daytop, after being split up as kids due to an argument between Clay’s mother and Addison’s mother. Well, once they are reunited at this program despite Clay’s drug problem and Addison’s drug selling problem, they’re relationship becomes tight that they’re actually like brothers more than cousins. While in this program, attending [...]

    3. Volponi, author of Black and White, is back on the streets with another tale of teens caught up in drugs, crime, and a shot at redemption. Like in Black and White, the book spins on the central question of working up the nerve to tell the truth. Clay and his cousin Addison meet up in the same drug program. A disagreement about money with another teen (Clorox) leads Clay and Addison to the rooftop of a building where a tragedy occurs. Addison is accidentally shot by the police, and Clay must deci [...]

    4. I give this a 5 star because it didnt waite till the middle of the story to get good. write when you star reading it, it gets good. well I couldnt stop reading the book even during band class.

    5. I'm on page 52 of 199 of Rooftop: so far in the book it is pretty interesting its about how kids that struggle or struggled with a drug problem and there all going to a drug program but two of the boys while they where young but there moms had stopped talking to each other and when that happened the both boys stopped the two boys stopped talking but at the program which is called daytop the two boys but into each other and now are hanging out and the way it sound it might not end up well for ei [...]

    6. Rooftop by Paul Volponi was quite engaging to read, a little persuasive, and I kind of agree with it. Clay and Addison are cousins who were like brothers, growing up together, until they got separated by a family argument. This story starts off with the main character telling the story, but it doesn’t specify who is telling the story, so it is 1st person. Addison has been facing challenges like addiction to drugs and drinking, and selling crack to get money probably for more drugs. There are a [...]

    7. Rooftop by :Paul VolponiClay is a young, teenage boy who is growing up in New York City around lots of violence and drugs. He also has family members who are involved in lots drugs and gangs so Clay is placed in Daytop (a rehabilitation program to give teenagers a second chance in life) where he is trying to turn his life around and get his high school degree. I liked this book because it had a great storyline and was a good moral story to show how some environments can choose how your life will [...]

    8. This book is about a boy named Clay who grows up in New York City with a lot of crimes, violence and drugs. He also has family members who are involved with the drugs and violence in the city so Clay is placed in Daytop (a rehabilitation program it’s a program where they give teens second chances). Clay is not a bad person he wants to change his life around and get high school diploma. It’s hard to get that high school diploma when he has a lot of negative energy around him like family membe [...]

    9. It was a bit boring in the beginning but then got really interesting really fast.This is a great book and I recommend people to read it

    10. Imagine living in a neighborhood with drugs, drug dealing, and much more crime. Now think about how live people in those lifestyles. Crazy huh? Rooftop is a realistic fiction story. My opinion of this story is that it is very heartbreaking and inspiring.In the beginning of Rooftop, the main character Clay is introduced, and he is going to school at a drug program because he used to smoke marijuana a lot. As Clay is going up the stairs to his school, he hears a familiar voice, which he soon recog [...]

    11. I rated my book, “Rooftop” by Paul Volponi a 7/10 because it has an extremely interesting plot that I believe will keep the reader coming back for more. This can be seen when Volponi writes, “You got to choose, Clay: your family or drugs,”(Volponi 12). From this quote the reader can see that this character is facing the hardships of drug addiction which is a problem faced by many teens today which can spark up interest on this topic and this book. Lastly, the reason why I rated my book a [...]

    12. ‘’Rooftop’’? Before reading this book I thought it was going to be so boring but boy was I wrong. This Story Is similar to a lot of situations that go on today In society. It’s about two cousins by the names of Clay and Addison who grew up together in the projects. An argument happened between both of the boy’s mothers which ripped them apart and messed up their close relationship. They rejoined each other in a drug-treatment program called Daytop, during this they try to work out th [...]

    13. When most people think of rehab they automatically think of celebrities such as Lindsney Lohan. But rehab is acutally for eveyone who needs it. Rehab isn't always fun, or pretty, or easy. Rather than exploring the issue by race and pretending it doesnt exist,this book does a fantastic job of illustrating that rehab isn't just about what race you are. Consequences for everyone can unfold and escalate in rapid-fire fashion. The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction. Events in this story could ha [...]

    14. You'd be surprised how far a roll of drug money could turn someones life around by reading this book that reflects some of our modern lives and hardships more than we would want to admit. "Rooftops" by Paul Volponi, author of Black and White is novel published in 2006 that gives a realistic view of growing up in the bad part of New York, and has very heavy, some even controversial subjects of racial profiling , prejudice , drug dealing, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, police brutality , [...]

    15. Clay and his cousin, Addison, are in a Day Program that helps young people get off drugs, form better habits, build community, and finish their education. On the night they are supposed to attend a party at the center, they wind up chasing a guy who owes Addison money onto a rooftop. Police follow them and somewhere in the darkness and confusion, they open fire on the boys. Addison, waving his wallet around in a threatening manner, is killed outright. Clay is pressured to describe the incident a [...]

    16. Ashlee LukasekMs. Parks English 212/11/13The novel "Rooftop" by Paul Volponi is about two cousins who are basically like brothers. These cousins were very close until they got themselves into a situation which tore them apart. Clay and Addison met again in the drug-treatment center where they tried to work out their issues like a real family members. I don't usually like to read but as soon as I started to read this book I couldn't stop so I would say this book had a lot of impact on me as a rea [...]

    17. Cousins Clay and Addison grew up in the projects and were like brothers. They even ended up in rehab together. Each has his own unique struggle, but when one bad decision causes a misunderstanding with tragic consequences, Clay is left to figure out how to move one. With characters that resonate and conflict that could be found in today's headlines, Rooftop is current and impactful.

    18. Clay and Addison were the best of cousins, but when something happens to Addison, it turns Clay's life upside down. Rooftop is a realistic fiction book that gives you an insight to the life of these two kids, Clay and Addison, who live in a very bad neighborhood. I really like the overall setting, plot, and characters of this book. ***Spoiler Alert***This book takes place in New York in a very bad neighborhood. All the people in the neighborhood and the event that happen influence the characters [...]

    19. Rooftop by Paul Volponi is the definition of a page turner, every page left me wanting to read more and more. The book was about two boy cousins by the name of Clay and Addison. they were separated at a young age due to an argument by their mothers. They later find each other in a drug rehab center and catch up on old times, they also grew a bond tighter than cousins could have. They were more like brothers to one another. As time goes on one of the two cousins is on the road to righteousness wh [...]

    20. Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooIn ROOFTOP, Clay, arrested for drug possession, is enrolled in a special program called Daytop. It's for teens on parole. Kids report to the Daytop Center during the day where counselors (recovering drug offenders themselves) run a strict program complete with a philosophy statement, chores and responsibilities, study time for the GED, and a sense of family most of the kids are missing. At Daytop, Clay runs into a cousin he hasn't seen [...]

    21. This book is super good. I had to read it for an English assignment and so far it's my favorite one. I still feel bad that Clayton lost his cousin, they were really close. But over all it was an amazing book. And I recommend everyone should read it. I still don't understand why thy shot him on the rooftop tho. He didn't have a gun so that was completely unfair. And the fact that it was someone else's fault that he got shot, is just stupid. But he did. Read this book and see how awesome it really [...]

    22. Rocio Flores 5-10-12 Book review (#1 Rooftop)Two kids ages 17-18 lived in Long Island city and they go to high school. Here we have Addison he was only 16 years old he used to drink and sell drugs to different gangbangers. His cousin clay was 17 years old he used to do the same thing as Addison. They both ended up in a drug program for months. Addison never passed his classes in day top but he and his cousin clay always selled drugs to different gangbangers to get money. They were getting far ap [...]

    23. RoofTop By Paul Volponi Rooftop by Paul Volponi is about two black cousins named Addison and Clay gunned down on a rooftop by three white officers because accidently one officer mistakens a wallet for a gun. One night , one wrong decision leaves Addison dead and Clay scared for his life. This event angers the people but little do they know Clay has a secret he never told his family or anyone about what they were really doing on the rooftop that night. I recommend this book to everyone because th [...]

    24. Addison and Casey (I think is the other character) were 2 cousins that really liked each other, until their family got into a huge argument and they had to split apart

    25. Rooftop is a first person narrative from Paul Volponi, who formerly taught incarcerated youth on Riker's Island. The story is easy to read and holds the reader with up-to-the-minute realism through street slang and an inner-city perspective. Clay, the main character, is with his cousin Addison when Addison gets shot by the police. Who Addision and Clay are, why the cousins are on the roof, and what happens at the shooting put Clay in the middle of a complex twist of facts and politics- about rac [...]

    26. Once again Paul Volponi shows how he is the king of urban fiction. I dive into his books knowing that I'm going to meet unforgettable characters. The people in ROOFTOP are no exception. The events and characters may be completely fiction - but you'd never know it. Long after I shut this book and Volponi's other books I'm thinking about what his characters have experienced. I dare anyone to pick up this book or any other Volponi book and not find that you care - but even more important that you a [...]

    27. Written by a man who formerly taught incarcerated youth on Riker's Island to read and write, Volponi's Rooftop crackles with up-to-the-minute realism. The story of 17 year old Clay, who's been in a drug rehab program for the last four months and Clay's older cousin, Addison, who shows up at treatment one day. Addison deals crack and also has his own drug problems. The cousins reconcile after their families split over other issues months before, and begin to support each other to stay clean on th [...]

    28. Reunited after a family argument separated them, cousins Clay and Addison meet up at a drug rehabilitation center in New York. Clay seems to be following the center's rules of drug avoidance, but Addison isn't quite as sure about it. When fellow 'family' member, Clorox, of the center rips Addison off, he and Clay follow him to a New York project rooftop with the intention of getting his money back. However, the cops follow Addison and Clay and thinking Addison is armed and pointing a gun at them [...]

    29. This book is called Rooftop by Paul Volponi. It fits in the realistic fiction genre.I think the point of this book was to show the life of a addict and show that some people think they loose all feelings witch in fact they do. The book affected me by showing me what kind of genres i would like. A personal experience is my friend that went to a camp for anger and he says storys about stuff like kids getting into trouble.I would deffinatly reccomend this book to teenagers because i hate reading bu [...]

    30. Solid storyline and relevant to today. I didn't feel super connected to Addison, though, so it didn't shake me when he died. It read, true to its genre, as a younger adult book. I say it like this because there are some young adult books that are intended for a more mature audience and those are the ones I like. I don't like when stories move too quickly through the plot and I like characters to be DEEP. But, overall decent story since it's so relevant today.

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