King's Shield

King s Shield In the third book of the Inda quartet Inda on the verge of adulthood is at last coming home His best friend from his academy days E vred is now king But instead of befriending and welcoming Inda

  • Title: King's Shield
  • Author: Sherwood Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the third book of the Inda quartet, Inda, on the verge of adulthood, is at last coming home His best friend from his academy days, E vred, is now king But instead of befriending and welcoming Inda, he puts him in charge of defending the kingdom In saving his homeland from attack, Inda must prove himself or lose everything he holds dear.

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    1. I am a writer, but I m here on to talk about books, as I ve been a passionate reader as long as I ve been a writer since early childhood.I m not going to rate books there are too many variables I d rather talk about the reading experience My reviews of my books are confined to the writing process.

    2. Dear Evred, Your douchiness in this volume is totally hindering my ability to ship you with Inda. Please look into this.Yours, Betty.

    3. Another great entry in this series. This really stirred up a broad range of emotions: plenty of happiness, plenty of sorrow, and a whole lot of tension.The book ended on an extremely satisfying note that left me really looking forward to #4, and also dreading the next shoe dropping (I have no idea how many shoes have dropped over the course of this trilogy. Lots of them.)

    4. It’s not fair, I know, to review just the third book in a series of four – especially when it’s a positive review! – but between one thing and another I never got around to posting reviews of the first two. Sorry about that. The good news is, they’re all still in print (I was actually able to pluck all the first three off the shelves in bookstores).These are long, dense novels that primarily follow the career of Indevan Algara-Vayir (known to friends as Inda) from early adolescence to [...]

    5. A great continuation of the story begun in Inda--I'm glad that she's now planning one more volume, because it seems like there's a lot still left to tie together. One of the things I like about Sherwood Smith's books is that you really get a sense of peeking into someone else's personal universe--although I'm sure the author cares about her readers, I often get the feeling of "this wasn't entirely written for you". Sometimes I think that's awesome, sometimes it drives me a little crazy.

    6. wawo I can almost see the smug face of the author on that last teaser chapter! This is one of those books that will stay in my mind and will always have fanfiction fantasies about certain characters that the author deliberately keeps teasing me with :/I'm going to take a short break before book four but I'm already dreading what yet to come

    7. Just released in paperback so I reread it.Its A good fantasy novel as Inda travels back to his homeland to take up his responsibilities as the new War Commander to the King. Can Inda, who is a great naval tactician and fighter aid his people to defeat the Venn. The story is told through various stories of all of Inda childhood friends who have grown up to be the leaders of their various homes. We lose Jeje early on and Fox on the water, but gain all of the other characters. I think the story bog [...]

    8. I thought this series was a trilogy, so I was a bit disappointed when I finished the third book and there was more to go. These books are fun, but have too much sexual content. They would be better if they were cleaner.

    9. Well, what to say. The characters are the best part of this and therefore a lot of the story is about their actions and interactions. Unfortunately, this gives this book a broken sort of reading where the overall storyline is sort of a hindrance for the character development, since all preparations are about war like in book 1. If that makes sense. Overall plot(view spoiler)[The book builds towards the big fight with the Venn. And it is big, though, the actually battle is quite a let down. The s [...]

    10. Several times while reading this book I had to take short breaks because I was afraid horrible things would happen to all my favorite characters. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as I feared. There were even some good things! Though the book did a good job never letting me forget that war is terrible and has a high cost.While not as gripping as book 2, I enjoyed this one too, especially the character interactions. They're all learning a lot and adjusting.

    11. I have never really fallen in love with this series. The first two books, I enjoyed - once I got into them, once I got past the writing I wasn't really a fan of, once I figured out who was who. They were a lot of fun. I liked them.Ilovedthis one. From the start, I was basically captivated. I loved it. I didn't notice anything that I hadn't liked before (namely, the writing - in previous installments that had taken away from the story, but in this one I didn't even notice.) I think it really says [...]

    12. These are really wonderful fantasy novels. Smith has created this world that is so thoroughly envisioned, a culture that is so complete and feels so real. The weird thing to me is the way she writes dialogue and the way that characters think They speak in halting sentences, don't always seem to know exactly what they want to say, don't always answer questions clearly - and this all makes the dialogue very "real", but sometimes frustratingly obscure. In this third book this seems to happen even m [...]

    13. The action and politics in this book dragged more than the others, but the emotional impact was pretty high. I do love how realistic the characters are, each different, each with inner turmoil. It was a little difficult to handle all of the shifts in POV because there were no markers indicating changes (I don't know if this is just for Kindle or what.) Overall I liked this book the least so far (though obviously still liked it enough to give it 4 stars), but am really ready for the final install [...]

    14. Up until now I thought this series was about Inda and his strugles. In this book there was a shift from Inda, to those obsessed with him. I found the characters that I liked before -Tau & Evered - became controlling, manipulative and wrong somehow. I also had a hard time believing that relationships were that open - it was like a big 60's revival - wrong on so many levels!With all that mess, Inda came away the hero (again) but it was not the same as in other books.

    15. My only complaint is that it ended. There is so much going on in this book and I loved every bit of it!

    16. This book covers Inda back in Morlova, fighting off the Venn invasion.(view spoiler)[Basically, Inda rides back to the capital with Signi, Jeje, and Tau in tow, where they are welcomed. There's a bit of time spent in the capital, Inda is acclaimed for his fighting prowess and replaces Barend as Harskialdna. (Inda is the only commander left - there's some speculation that the previous Harskialdna removed all other potential commanders as they could have been a threat to his leadership.) Inda, Evr [...]

    17. This is another epic installment in the Inda fantasy series and I am once again on the fence about it. I enjoyed it a good bit and I'd like to give it four stars, but I don't think I liked it quite as well as the previous installment, The Fox and there are a few things I definitely wish were stronger. Once again, I am left wishing that provided the ability to rate books with half stars, as this one would probably land at three and a half.In any event, this book picks up where that second instal [...]

    18. This volume was so entertaining! I am not even irritated by the teaser - not cliff-hanger at the end :)

    19. The third book in the excellent Inda series. This book continues in the same vein of top-notch fantasy as the first two. This book focuses on war as the Venn have finally come for the Marlovans, now led by Inda's childhood best friend Evred. But Inda's home has changed in the years he's been away, while he maintains much of his childhood naivete and blind trust from when he was a boy. This trust comes into conflict with the harsh realities of war and politics, but much of this conflict between t [...]

    20. I finished the third book in the series somewhat late(Sherwood has posted to her LJ that it will become four books, and she's already finished writing the fourth one which can be bought), King's Shield, although I started it in the summer of 2008 when the hardback came out, mostly because the first major wave of war hit right at the moment of Inda's return to his homeland and after all the preparations all that was left was reading about the war itself - and Sherwood really gets me by the guts t [...]

    21. The third part of the Inda quartet following on from Inda and The Fox. A mighty book in many ways. Long, yes, all 687 ages of it. Complex in depth and far-reaching in scope this is still Inda's story, but the other characters aren't forgotten and we spend a lot of this book seeing Inda through other eyes When Inda returns home from the sea to warn his once best friend and now king, Evred, of an impending attack by the Venn he's accompanied by shipmates, the beautiful Tau and his (to her own thin [...]

    22. King's Shield is the third book in the Inda series from Sherwood Smith. I enjoyed the first two books, with some minor complaints about the sheer amount of titles for the various characters that were thrown at me. I couldn't remember them all and finally gave up, just reading for the story, and that worked well. I admire the depth of the world that Sherwood Smith has created. It's more than just a few simple countries vying for power on one continent. This is worldbuilding with an emphasis on "w [...]

    23. 3.5 stars rounded up. Greatly enjoyed this third novel in the Inda series.We get to see a more of Inda's old friends here (now grown up - in particular I enjoy Cama, Noddy and Tdor) as well as favourites such as Tau, Hadand and oh yes Evred. This entry contains quite a bit of build up and strategy and then a rollercoaster 2nd half full of tension and serious feels.r me the 2nd half and emotional impact made up for what I felt was a little bit too-much in the Evred relationship struggle departmen [...]

    24. The first book introduces the reader to a complex world - steeped brilliantly in as much history and diversity as our own - and to Inda, the title and main character of the quartet. He goes to military school as all aristocratic sons of the Marlovians do and build friendships with other boys his own age - ties that will last a lifetime. Here we see the beginnings of the military prodigy he becomes and get caught up in the tragedy that befalls him and the exile he must endure, while at the same t [...]

    25. Though not quite as good as the previous two books, King's Shield is still a compelling work that is a valued addition to the Inda Quartet. Boasting the best action scenes to date and Inda's long-awaited return home, it's impossible not to enjoy this if you enjoyed the previous books.

    26. I read King's Shield in a matter of days, racing through it after I finished The Fox. Smith is just as skilled a writer and worldbuilder, but I just didn't enjoy the third novel as much as the second or first. Problems I had with the second--namely, the time spent on characters I would not consider to be "main" characters, and in whom I had little to no interest--are only amplified in the third. (view spoiler)[I understood why Smith introduced the Venn perspective (as I read the books, she's try [...]

    27. I've already written about why I like this series, so instead I'll jot down some realizations I had:1) Inda is autistic or has Asperger's. He goes into "trances" where is mind is not on the here and now, but is often processing military information. He cannot read social clues; throughout the series, Inda is unable to read people's emotions on their face & takes things at face value. He has no notion of when he's hungry or what he eats. He is a military genius, but he has lost his aptitude a [...]

    28. After nearly a decade of exile, Inda returns to his homeland to warn them of a Venn invasion fleet. His old friends are thrilled to see him (not least the King, Evred, whose love for him has never died), but chilled by his news. They are all-too aware that the kingdom cannot defend itself against the overwhelming forces of the Venn. This is another great book in the Inda series. Smith did a lot of the heavy lifting part of world-building in Inda and The Fox, so this book can focus on the charact [...]

    29. After captaining a pirate-sacking fleet for more than 1000 pages, we finally get Inda back on land in this book. His name is cleared, and he comes home. He has an urgent reason for doing so, which results in his homeland going off to war.This book is quite good, though not as strong as the first two. Smith delves more deeply into the inter-personal relationships as folks love, love back, and sometimes don't. Evred, Inda's king and best friend is a very interesting character, and we get to know h [...]

    30. I felt like this book went very slowly for the first half. Things didn't really start happening, and I didn't really get interested, until Part 2. It was enjoyable, but I didn't like this book as much as I liked the first two. The flaws are becoming more obvious, and while I still think they're good and I'll read the last one, I can't really give my complete endorsement.All the little nitpicky things that bothered me before are still there (learning languages in a matter of months, desiring peop [...]

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