And Then There Was One

And Then There Was One One is the loneliest number Nine years ago Katie and Scott Monroe were blessed beyond their wildest dreams with identical triplets Sammie Alex and Jackie Three beautiful daughters and two adoring

  • Title: And Then There Was One
  • Author: Patricia Gussin
  • ISBN: 9781933515816
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One is the loneliest number Nine years ago, Katie and Scott Monroe were blessed beyond their wildest dreams with identical triplets, Sammie, Alex, and Jackie Three beautiful daughters and two adoring parents formed the picture perfect party of five But this tight knit family unravels when the three little girls go to see a movie, but only one emerges from the darkness oOne is the loneliest number Nine years ago, Katie and Scott Monroe were blessed beyond their wildest dreams with identical triplets, Sammie, Alex, and Jackie Three beautiful daughters and two adoring parents formed the picture perfect party of five But this tight knit family unravels when the three little girls go to see a movie, but only one emerges from the darkness of the theatre How could Sammie and Alex vanish without a trace Plunged into the abyss of a parent s worst fear, Katie and Scott hang by a thread waiting, worrying, not knowing, and confronting the terrifying realization that the kidnapping may not have been a random act Who took Sammie and Alex Why Where are they When will they be found And what if they re never found, or not found alive When Jackie, the remaining triplet, crumbles under the weight of grief and survivor s guilt, Katie and Scott struggle to hold out hope and hold on to what remains of their family Until or unless Sammie and Alex are found safe, this picture perfect family can t be put back together again.

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    2 thoughts on “And Then There Was One

    1. Patricia Gussin is the NYT best selling author of The Florida Book Award Winner, After the Fall, Weapon if Choice, And Then There Was One, The Test , Twisted Justice , and Shadow of Death , all thrillers, and What s NextFor You , a non fiction book, co authored with her husband, Robert Gussin Her latest novel Come Home will be released in November, 2017 She is a physician, a former pharmaceutical executive, mother of seven, and Editor in Chief for Oceanview Publishing She lives in Longboat Key, FL and East Hampton, NY and she and her husband are vineyards owners in New Zealand, growing grapes for Villa Maria Estates Winery.

    2. In all my many years as an avid reader, I have never read anything as unprofessionally edited as this book. How can an author forget the name of her character, who was Keith Franklin until the end of the book and then is referred to as Ken Franklin? How can Sheila become Shiela. There were additional spelling and punctuation errors as well. The story was fine at the beginning but then quickly became contrived and ludicrous. I admit I jumped to the end to see "who did it". That name was misspelle [...]

    3. I had to check out the author's bio when I finished reading this book. The title was so captivating, the premise so interesting, the book so shallow. I couldn't wait to read this book since it was about a multi-ethnic family, a mysteryI could not recommend this book to anyone. The book needs an editor's help, it needs to class up a tad, it needs a lot of work. The idea is good. The book needs some work.

    4. Synopsis: Katie and Scott Monroe are a bi-racial couple who have nine-ear-old identical triplet girls. Scott used to catch for the Yankees and Katie is a child psychologist, often testifying in child abuse cases. The family is torn apart when two of their daughters are kidnapped from a movie theater leaving one sister behind. The book follows the search for clues and the search for their daughters.My Review: This book preys on a parent's fears. I enjoyed the book, but too much of it just feels f [...]

    5. In the mood for a mystery novel? Once upon a time, there were three girls that were identical triplets who had gone to the movies with their cousin. One of the girls Jackie had gone into one of the cinemas with her cousin and the other two girls Sammie and Alex had gone to see the movie right next door. Jackie and their cousin's movie had finished first, so they waited for them, but neither girl came out of the theater. We later learn that Sammie and Alex have been kidnapped and so begins a tale [...]

    6. Probably a 2.7 for me - it was a good, but seemed so disjointed. There were character introductions coming from everywhere and I kept re-reading thinking I must have missed something. The writing was ok, but not real tight and the ends tied up too easily, yet there were story lines about the triplets that were just information given, without a lot of background information. Being the mother of multiples, I know there's lots of studies done on the "psychic connection" between them and the author [...]

    7. And Then There Was One, is a good summer read- keeps your interest, engaging plot, etc. Great writing, finely developed characters, 100% plausible plot--not so much. Three identical 9 year old triplets go to the movies with their older cousin and decide to split up and see two different movies. The rub- two of the triplets don't come back out. So starts this fast moving story about a family dealing with this tragedy, the suspects, the remaining triplet's survivor's guilt, etc. The author handles [...]

    8. The actual story line was a good one to read. It kept me interested, I cared about the main characters, and I was anxious to see how it would turn out. But pleaseGET AN EDITOR!! The misspellings, punctuation errors, random quotation marks, changes in names, and incorrect dates had me so annoyed I could barely stand it!

    9. The first half of the book really drew you into the way the family was feeling, and then it just died. Everything got more and more contrived. It felt like the author wasn't quite sure if she could handle the consequences of the world she'd set up, so she decided to rush through everything that was happening and get it over with. Overall, not a book I'd recommend.

    10. I feel like I just wasted precious time reading this book. There are so many "people" introduced in this book that did not need an introduction. Maybe the author felt it added to the "who done it"?? I can think of a million ways to make this story more interesting and the way it endedhorrible. Do not waste your time (or money).

    11. The premise was good. But my god! the editing was awful, everything seemed patched up, characters were in and out not really sure why. everything seemed so over the top and like the author was trying to cover too much.Too bad, I was really looking forward to reading this one.

    12. A GREAT READ I enjoyed this book very much. This book could have been written by JAMES PATTERSON . IT IS ONE OF THE BEST MYSTERIES I HAVE READ LATELY. I WILL LOOK FOR PATRICIA GUSSIN AGAIN VIRGO70 a definite five star read

    13. I was the only person in our mystery book group who didn't hate this book. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I enjoyed the first part of the book because you didn't know the identity or motivation of the bad guy. Once that was revealed, the book became predictable and less interesting.I think two things are noteworthy about the book. First, the main family is biracial and other than being presented as fact, the same way age or education is presented, race is never discussed and there are n [...]

    14. Exciting Fast Paced Kidnapping Mystery To The EndScott and Katie Monroe have triplet daughters one day. The next two are missing. Kidnapped by an overweight middle aged white woman according to Wittiness. Then two different ransom demands come in. Who has the girls? The FBI is working non stop trying to find them. Then one gets away but the bad guys still have one of the girls. Will they get her back or will she be harmed by the crazy people? Read the book. It's full of twists and turns. So many [...]

    15. I don't like giving up on books that I've started, but sometimes I just don't have the patience for these things. I feel like the 50 or so pages I read were just made up of more and more of the same words and situations, never introducing any leads to keep me interested despite being set up on a rather interesting premise from the start. I might try coming back to this later since I've overlooked a lot of favorites at first glance, but for now, I just did not finish or want to finish this book.

    16. Find them!A parents worse nightmare! This story was well written and showed that no matter what we never give up until WE KNOW. This story had it allenemies, delusional, pervert, siblings, parents, dedicated law enforcement, love, and most of all, A Happy Ending for a family🤗Thanks for writing this story and giving me a happy ending!Lynn

    17. Wow!This was a real "on the edge of your seat" book! I was sure it would end differently. It was SO good!!

    18. Very good story with interesting plot. Unnecessary sexual and racial references throughout. Ending was very neat and tidy.

    19. Immediately drew me inGreat read! The mystery drew me in from the first page. I will be checking out more work by this author.

    20. Three as oneGreat thriller keeps you wanting to get to the next part. Excellent very well done. Just the kind of book i enjoy. Thanks for your writing style.

    21. Excellent ReadThis was non stop action and heartbreak. I could't put it down! I do feel Obama could have been left out!!

    22. Well if your going to read my review, I am letting you know that there are spoilers. so here goes. 3 sisters who are triplets who decide on going to the movies, and 2 of the sisters want to see something different. Well the 2 got fooled by a lady that kidnapped them both and took them to her home. Well the kids belong to a world famous baseball player, who this guy happens to be white, and the wife happens to be brown, and why the writer would say this, I have no idea, because the whole story wa [...]

    23. Scott and Katie Monroe have a lot going for them. Both have successful careers, they have a lovely home in Florida and three beautiful daughters. Sammie, Alex and Jackie are identical triplets but with their own special personalities. However, when Sammie and Alex are kidnapped Scott and Katie’s world is crushed. While Katie and the triplets are visiting in Detroit, Danielle, Katie’s niece, took the three girls out to see a movie, the girls disagreed on what to see. Danielle and Jackie went [...]

    24. I really wanted to like this novel - the premise sounded intriguing. Nine year old triplets go to the movies, and only one leaves the Movieplex. These girls belong to Katie and Scott Monroe: THE Monroes. Scott is beloved within the Yankee Organization, while Katie is a renowned Forensic Child Psychiatrist. Who took the girls? Someone connected to Katie's work - putting away the bad guys that hurt children?Or someone close to Scott? Or is it racial, since the Monroe triplets are bi-racial?The 1st [...]

    25. I was intrigued with the cover description of this book telling me that two of three triplets had been abducted leaving their sister behind and their parents bereft and struggling to cope. I was quickly caught up in the story and read it rarely putting it down. As a parent myself I can only imagine how awful it would be to be the parents or the sister of these children.The author did a good job of making me feel right along with them as they dealt with the legal system which had to first rule th [...]

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