Blood Harvest

Blood Harvest She s been watching us for a while nowNow you see herGillian is haunted by the disappearance of her little girl two years ago A devastating fire burned down their home but she remains convinced her d

  • Title: Blood Harvest
  • Author: Sharon J. Bolton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s been watching us for a while nowNow you see herGillian is haunted by the disappearance of her little girl two years ago A devastating fire burned down their home, but she remains convinced her daughter survived.Now you don tTen year old Tom lived by a neglected church Is he the only one who sees the strange, solitary child playing there And what is she trying tShe s been watching us for a while nowNow you see herGillian is haunted by the disappearance of her little girl two years ago A devastating fire burned down their home, but she remains convinced her daughter survived.Now you don tTen year old Tom lived by a neglected church Is he the only one who sees the strange, solitary child playing there And what is she trying to tell him Now you runThere s a new vicar in town Harry But menacing events suggest he isn t welcome What terrible secret is this town hiding Sometimes I wish that she d just leave me in peace.

    • ☆ Blood Harvest || ↠ PDF Read by · Sharon J. Bolton
      254 Sharon J. Bolton
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    1. Sharon s newest book Dead Woman Walking is now available for pre order and is out on the 20th April 2017 PLUS Pre order now and you will receive The Lacey Flint Wedding story for FREE see Sharon s website deadgoodbooks dead g Pre order here now Dead Woman WSharon J Bolton was born and brought up in Lancashire, the eldest of three daughters As a child, she dreamed of becoming an actress and a dancer, studying ballet, tap and jazz from a young age and reading drama at Loughborough University.She spent her early career in marketing and PR before returning to full time education to study for a Masters in Business Administration MBA at Warwick University, where she met her husband, Andrew They moved to London and Sharon held a number of PR posts in the City She left the City to work freelance, to start a family and to write.She and Andrew now live in a village in the Chiltern Hills, not far from Oxford, with their son and the latest addition to the family Lupe, the lop eared lurcher Her daily life revolves around the school run, walking the dog and those ever looming publishing deadlines.

    2. Five Shiny Stars and More if I CouldOne of Sharon Bolton's Best! A Winner This is easily one of my favorite books I've read this year. I just loved this book and went in blindly and didn't read the blurb. I suggest that you should do the same. I had a very hard time putting it down. I had no idea what was going on and right when I thought I had it all figured out the story turned differently and I was so wrong. It's got everything a good gothic horror story should have: creepy atmosphere, a stra [...]

    3. My first S.J Bolton novel but not my last! Absolutely fantastic read, gripped me from start to finish and every time I thought I'd worked out what was going on I was wrong, I love that.The book had so much atmosphere, it was spooky, had me on edge a few times, moved with a strong pace and I felt like I was right there in many scenes.I read it in 24 hours and didn't have a moment of boredom. It nicely combined being a gothic spooky book with a crime thriller with a touch of family anguish, all we [...]

    4. First the whispers were in a dream. And then they weren’t.What do you get if you take a strange town in the moors, Halloween, eerie rituals, psychiatric problems, a history of tragedy, ghostly sightings, and, well, one or two other things, and dump it in the smelting pot? ”We call it the Blood Harvest.”What you don’t necessarily get is a fast paced page turner. This is not a criticism. I happen to enjoy a slow burner that handles plot development well.This is a finely written, but fairly [...]

    5. Blood Sacrifice is not an action-packed thriller but it doesn’t need to be, considering Bolton’s remarkable ability to create an unsettling atmosphere and keep the reader continually off balance. I was not disappointed. I won’t lie, I was pretty creeped out the whole time. There’s a spooky old graveyard built over ancient church ruins. A scary-ass boogeyman who is everywhere and nowhere all at once, breathing down your neck, whispering chilling things in your ear. There are characters bo [...]

    6. Wow. This book is creepy, chilling, shocking, disturbing, intense. Voices in the graveyard, voices in the old church, the feeling of being watched, bizarre ancient rituals, missing little girls, eerie warnings, sinister secrets - this book made me shiver, made my heart pound. What a read. I loved it!SJ Bolton really knows how to crank up the tension. This is my second book by her (my first being Sacrifice, which I rated 4.5 stars), and she’s quickly become one of my favourite authors. I can’ [...]

    7. First Sentence: “She’s been watching us for a while now.” Reverend Harry Laycock has come to his new parish which includes Heptoncough in the Yorkshire Pennines. Here there is an old church, a very old church a village which still carries out the old traditions and where young girls have disappeared or died. One of the girls died in a house fire, but her mother, Gillian, never accepted her death and constantly roams the moors at night. Psychiatrist Evi Oliver is trying to help her put her [...]

    8. The Fletchers' beautiful new house is everything they dreamed it would be. Built between two churches in Heptonclough, a small village on the moors that time forgot, it ought to be paradise for this young family of five, but they barely have a chance to settle in before they find that they're anything but welcome. Someone seems to be trying to drive them away--at first with silly pranks but then with threats that become increasingly dangerous, especially to the oldest child, ten-year-old Tom Fle [...]

    9. I started out enjoying this book - it was all gothic and creepy - and I was excited to get into the "blood harvest". But two things sort of threw me off. The first was the silly developing relationship between Dr Oliver and Rev Laycock (fantastically ironic last name, btw). I don't have a problem with a love story thrown into another plot, but I just felt that this one was a bit too much. Every time the story got moving, it slowed back down for the romance. And, in the end, a sort of vague concl [...]

    10. SWEDISH REVIEWSharon Bolton har snabbt blivit en av mina favorit författare och Ond Skörd är definitivt en av de bästa böcker hon har skrivit. Från början är boken kuslig och mystisk och den behåller den tonen rakt igenom till det chockerade slutet. Men tursamt nog så har boken lite mer lättsamma ögonblick tack vare psykiatrikern Evi Oliver och kyrkoherden Harry Laycock. Det är definitivt attraktion mellan dem från första ögonblicket de träffas och sedan fortsätter det genom he [...]

    11. I've now read several of S.J. Bolton's novels, and while I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, none rated that 5th star until now.Blood Harvest was a treat. Part mystery, part ghost story, and local folklore aplenty, the story has a strong sense of place with lots of atmosphere. It's what Bolton does best.I also love her characters. Though told in multiple POVs, each voice is so strong and so distinct, you never feel lost or disoriented. I particularly loved the character of Harry, a vicar who is al [...]

    12. After a very slow start things speed up. But Evi, Harry and the children are so well depicted. A very absorbing read. With a surpise at the every end.

    13. Dear Reader,To say that I was utterly enthralled by this dark,scary,moody and somewhat disturbing read is an understatement!To say that I was impressed by the beautifully crafted sentences and the eerie, creepy atmosphere so lovingly and carefully constructed by Ms Bolton,one that enticed the reader in,called to them and refused to let go until story's end,serves to do an injustice to the overall hauntingly captivating framework into which this wonderful story is set. From the first sentence an [...]

    14. Gareth and Alice Fletcher had just moved with their three children, ten year old Tom, six year old Joe and little Millie, just a toddler, into their new home at Heptonclough. Their house was bordered by the church and graveyard, an area which would prove to be a tempting playground for the two boys. Harry was the new vicar to the church, which was just reopening, after being closed for ten years.why, Harry had yet to find out. He had a sense that something wasn’t quite right in the church, he [...]

    15. An excellent read. Really enjoyed this one. Kept me hooked from beginning to end. Fuller review to follow.

    16. Really enjoyed reading this one - a scary story complete with graveyards & scary things that go bump in the night.

    17. From the very first sentence “She’s been watching us for a while now” the hairs were up on the back of my neck and i had a good idea that this was going to be one audiobook i would whizz through and i was right.Heptonclough a small rural village is now the home to the Fletcher’s, Gareth, Alice and their three children Tom, Joe and little Millie. Setting up home in their newly built house which lies next to the old abandoned church and graveyard, this should be a happy time for them but [...]

    18. Heptonclough is a small village on the moors, and this is where Bolton‘s horrifying story is taking place. What I like about Bolton is that each of her crime novel is different from the others. The theme to start with. And the characters. This one, I loved! And the ending… oh my God! Bolton is so good that I read four of her novels in a row…A family with three young children has just moved to Heptonclough. Somehow, something tells them they are not welcome. They are driven away with pranks [...]

    19. 4.5 stars This book is so beautifully crafted - everything comes together so brilliantly that I can't imagine what it takes to put this together without it feeling forced or contrived.That is the skill of Bolton in ALL her books - excellent and quite complicated stories brought together through compelling characters - how does she do that so consistently?!? I'm so impressed.She captures all the different voices in the story and I was so absorbed.It's not perfect and the love story is very clumsy [...]

    20. Slow to start, but picked up very well. With the village traditions and new vicar, I had an idea, but it did not go in the direction I thought it would. I'm so glad it didn't.

    21. I almost gave this book 3 stars but when I went to write the review I realized that most of what I had to say was negative and that doesn't warrant a 3 star review. A gothic, psychological horror thriller is right up my alley which is what drew me to this book but almost from the beginning something didn't feel right with it. Interspersed among the thriller plot is the love story between the vicar and the psychiatrist and although I didn't have a problem with a love story being in there it was t [...]

    22. My second book by this author and I didn't like it as much as Little Black Lies. It was still very good and had my heart pounding in various spots. It is so difficult to review a book like this without giving things away. There is a new family in town and they have built their house on a small lot next to an old church and graveyard. Maybe they will have quiet neighbors, maybe not! Recommend for anyone looking for mystery, suspense and an extra dose of creepy. Bolton really can deliver a creepy [...]

    23. Sinceramente, dalla trama e dalle recensioni di questo thriller di Sharon Bolton, scoperto su Anobii, mi aspettavo qualcosa in più.La storia è quella dei coniugi Alice e Gareth Fletcher, i quali si trasferiscono coi tre figli in un oscuro villaggio dello Yorkshire, in una casa adiacente il cimiteroè proprio nel cimitero che Tom, il figlio maggiore, comincia ad avere visioni inquietanti, mentre nel villaggio accadono fatti inspiegabili e minacciosi, che sembrano collegarsi alla scomparsa di tr [...]

    24. I do enjoy S.J. Bolton's ability to set up a marvelous mystery and her plotting is excellent and seldom easy to predict.Like her other novels, although Blood Harvest might have been all about evil lurking beneath the sleepy and charming surface of a rural English village, it does have unexpected characters and some really good research.I love the fact that Bolton's heroines are always deeply scarred, either physically or mentally, but I do get a little tired of the sometimes hyperbolic extremes [...]

    25. Should the last page of a book influence your rating? I've struggled a bit with this one on that point, but in the end, I went with a 4 rather than a 4 1/2. I think she may have tried too hard to avoid a predictable end to it all. Having said that, I must state that Bolton certainly has captured my attention as an author. She is someone whose books are consistently well-written and steeped in complexly intriguing mystery with great twists and turns. While her subject matter may be a bit intense [...]

    26. S.J. Bolton is Good.An overly simplistic review sentence - definitely, but fans of Bolton's will surely agree that this is one new author who can write an atmospheric, creepy and entertaining story that will keep you turning the page long after you should be in bed asleep.A tale of village secrets, missing children, sexy vicars, a new young family living in (what may be) a haunted house, and some strange local rituals, Blood Harvest is a perfect successor to Bolton's other stand-alone novels of [...]

    27. I tried to read this book the other night at work, and after 2 chapters, opted to watch infomercials instead. And not because I was scared.

    28. What a horrifying book. It had me hooked from the first day, and I finished it in three days -- a speed that is unheard of for me. The most horrifying thing is that it does not stretch the imagination much to know that this story could very well happen in real life. Often, fiction takes turns that leave you thinking the tale is too far-fetched to ever truly happen. But that is not the case with this book. The characters are so well drawn and the tale unfolds so realistically, that you are horrif [...]

    29. I had anticipated to read this book for the longest. Unfortunately,the plot was rushed and did not have any build up. It was almost like the characters did not know what role they had. Lazy writing,weak character development and exhausting. I felt that the author failed to contribute a good story because of all the loopholes that consisted. It was one of those novels that I hate that I believed the hype about the reviews, not worth the time or the effort.Thrillers are my favorite genre of books, [...]

    30. ŞOK ŞOK ŞOK!Kitaba 3 yıldız verecektim. Ama o son yok mu o son Gel de ver şimdi 3 yıldızı! Vicdan azabından ölürüm!Bu yazarın tarzı, belli kuralları var kitaplarında.-Küçük bir kasaba-Fiziksel veya zihinsel sorunlu baş karakter-Doğaüstü süsü-Derinlemesine bir araştırmaBen kesinlikle çok yazarın tarzını çok seviyorum. Diğer kitaplarının çevrilmesi için de sabırsızlanıyorum ^^ Yazarın 3 kitabı yayınlandı şimdilik ve benim sıralamam;1-Zehir2-Kurban3-Ka [...]

    31. Hi,My third book in a row from S J Bolton. This was the slowest of the three to get going, I was never quite sure were the story was going, but when you get to just over half way, it builds.A strong and chilling story, which does have a hectic last few chapters.A talented writer, with a strong mind for strong stories.StronggardsSean

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